22 Days to Build a 900hp Porsche 911 For Pikes Peak. Will We Make it? 

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Welcome to the Anatomy of a Pikes Peak racecar build! Where we go full nerd on a racecar build that's - let's be honest - something that's way too over our own heads. Thankfully our buddy Betim is well versed in Porsche Motorsport technology, so he takes us on a geared spirit journey to building a ridiculously fast twin turbo Porsche 911 GT3 Pikes Peak special. Enjoy.

Thanks to Pegasus Auto Racing for making this project possible! www.pegasusautoracing.com

Also a special thanks to BBI's build partners:

Optima Batteries @optimabatteries

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Khristian Gillespie
Khristian Gillespie 2 kuukautta sitten
Rave Racer Music is better the music you have in your back ground of this Vedio can really do anything about music select guy or gal.
Brad Hale
Brad Hale 2 kuukautta sitten
Why not just but a gt2rs? Wouldn't have that been easier?
Lil☆Pocky 2 kuukautta sitten
I really love the Porsche 911 and I want to buy a classic Porsche 911 and build it into a drift car. What year and model of Porsche 911 is best for drifting? Preferably any Porsche 911 from Early 90s and older.
CRiVEN 3 kuukautta sitten
22 days to build a Porsche and .22 seconds for the snap oversteer to make it all worthless
Dr. Cryptox
Dr. Cryptox 4 kuukautta sitten
15:31 racecar shit. Love it
Dr. Cryptox
Dr. Cryptox 4 kuukautta sitten
That fuel line is fucking massive
Dr. Cryptox
Dr. Cryptox 4 kuukautta sitten
The wavelength of that blue laser can cause eye damage just looking at it. You should really be careful that shit lol
Dr. Cryptox
Dr. Cryptox 4 kuukautta sitten
There is nothing like building a car an driving it the first time
Charlie Wolf
Charlie Wolf 4 kuukautta sitten
I've bought parts from BBI Autosport. They shipped to Australia. Thanks for sharing.
Guitarwrist 5 kuukautta sitten
Wow though a year old that 3D scanning deal is awesome I bet there’s an even better one now.
yong jian ren
yong jian ren 7 kuukautta sitten
what should i add add on for power on 2005 3.6L regular carrera ?
Brother Bryan
Brother Bryan Vuosi sitten
What is the displacement? Or information on the motor belt would be nice. Thank you
bo matt
bo matt Vuosi sitten
Yo that 3D scanner is badass.
l Lucifer l
l Lucifer l Vuosi sitten
Albert Baaren
Albert Baaren Vuosi sitten
watching this..... knowing... ill never get this kinda tools.... car. or opportunity... . slowly walks back to my Mk3 VR6 project.. hoping it works out xD
Jetbill007 Vuosi sitten
Tim is a true engineer.
Top Automotive Inc
Top Automotive Inc Vuosi sitten
great job guys!
E M'den
E M'den Vuosi sitten
Maybo Vlogs
Maybo Vlogs Vuosi sitten
GOALS I want to just build Porsches all day
mynameisrits Vuosi sitten
Damn 20 years in the business and barely looking 28 lol
cfcreative Vuosi sitten
Stop wasting gas and ruining the environment just hike up Pikes peak.
jonas Vuosi sitten
420 blaze it
K-Anator™ Vuosi sitten
[Show Name] - [Episode #] - Episode Title or Episode Title - [Show Name] - [Episode #] For the love of fuck, please.
Joe Legion
Joe Legion Vuosi sitten
That dude is a genius..
Hoonigan Project Cars
He’s a Genius, and also the owner of fastest Time Attack car that’s ever been up Pikes. #legendstuff
BjoernDaniels Vuosi sitten
I like this garage... no body is working there...
🔥🔥 amazing 🔥🔥
Caffers Vuosi sitten
Cavitation is much more than what was described here. Air and fuel are sucked into the pump, the air is compressed and create void which collapse. When they collapse there is a shockwave and it can blow chunks out of metal quite easily.
Travis Gomes
Travis Gomes Vuosi sitten
Porsche 911: Call 911. Oh. I forgot. I am 911.
Surveillance Dimensions
Awesome show Guys!
DriftKr6l Vuosi sitten
Awesome and educational video! Love Porsche. MOAR PLS!
Julian potatoe
Julian potatoe Vuosi sitten
Just incase anyone is wondering, that hand scanner costs $50k.
Marcus Meurich
Marcus Meurich Vuosi sitten
16:55 who else got distracted and stopped listening for a moment when the dog appeard? :D:D:D
Geo 717
Geo 717 Vuosi sitten
I love this build ,amazing and playfully complexing
vivaSchumi7 Vuosi sitten
So BBI build a Pikes car in under a month, but take north of a year to rebuild a client's race engine after the "100hr guarantee" blows 27hrs in? Interesting...
atg Vuosi sitten
Please put all episodes in the series together somewhere to make them easier to find. Also please have Betim talk more about water to air vs air to air and why they bailed out on the former; I think it is just a delta T thing across two heat exchangers vs one. And weight out. But would be cool to hear how they went so far down that road and when they realized they needed to bin the water setup.
SnowRider TV
SnowRider TV Vuosi sitten
Sweet build 🙌🏻
LVRGD_AssetS23 Vuosi sitten
That 3D laser scanner just blew my brains WOW
ZE_GERMAN Vuosi sitten
I once converted a diesel fuel tank on my 86 chevy 3/4 truck to fi for my 5.3 LS swap. It was a pain in the ass to get it done. I ended up welding a stainless cooking potin the bottom as my surge tank. I can appreciate the engineering that goes into the 911 fuel tank.
Jack fruit
Jack fruit 2 vuotta sitten
I should get to work
Marcmagmagerquark 2 vuotta sitten
At 18:16 somebody in the background is driving the Porsche 911 RSR in iRacing :D
Christoffer Salomonsson
Christoffer Salomonsson 2 vuotta sitten
feels sorry for dimitry, have to do all that work in fusion 360.. that can not be fun..
I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you.
16:56 No fucks given.
John Guler
John Guler 2 vuotta sitten
Go get your teeth cleaned, damn.
Ryan Hoffmann
Ryan Hoffmann 2 vuotta sitten
The only reason this car got built is that Scotto had absolutely nothing to do with it outside of the filming.
Aleksandr Dryha
Aleksandr Dryha 2 vuotta sitten
Hallo! What 3dscaner do you use?? Thks! Nice work, guys!
West Coast Supercars and Classics
Now THIS is a proper build show. Professionals doing expert level work.
Mike Ernsting
Mike Ernsting 2 vuotta sitten
that scanner is the coolest thing I've ever seen
Eric Lizotte
Eric Lizotte 2 vuotta sitten
This is awesome guys... thanks for doing this show! Can’t wait to see more!
Kohene Moore
Kohene Moore 2 vuotta sitten
Besides the fact that "WE" dont seem to be doing anything but recording just fix somthing!
JC 2 vuotta sitten
I have to say that I think the production quality and sound for the 911 build is awesome. I wish the Porsche shop would do their own YT series as the attention to detail and fantastic looking cars is enough to hook me. I'm making my way through all the videos in this series … really great stuff.
MAD MIKE 2 vuotta sitten
Cool video, thanks for sharing with us...But daamn that Bmw e30 in the back round
Eduardo Fraire
Eduardo Fraire 2 vuotta sitten
MAD MIKE same thing what I was thinking
gOtze1337 2 vuotta sitten
how does this "laser-messuring-pistol-thing" knows its own position?
ATL TRD PROJECT 2 vuotta sitten
I would do a mechanical fuel pump 100% pressure at all time
Logan Suffredini
Logan Suffredini 2 vuotta sitten
Please tell me the engine Scotto dropped off is a 5 cylinder
Logan Suffredini
Logan Suffredini 2 vuotta sitten
Oooooo it is
Vat Worm Industries
Vat Worm Industries 2 vuotta sitten
that's a pretty coool car... for a BEETLE! hahahaa
Timothy Lien
Timothy Lien 2 vuotta sitten
I don't think that explanation of cavitation is quite right. I think cavitation happens when fluid moves between extreme cross sections and essentially boils. Fluid has enough energy at that point to actually remove bits of material from the system.
Michelle Mennella
Michelle Mennella 2 vuotta sitten
Timothy Lien Hey! I just uploaded a vlog of the entire Montreal, Canada IMSA Porsche gt3 cup race. You should check it out on my channel, you would love it
King of Baja
King of Baja 2 vuotta sitten
ramço. bi dişlerini fırçalıyaydın beh. en azından. o kadar bak gevursun.
Adam Blaknovski
Adam Blaknovski 2 vuotta sitten
Surely the water to air intercooler tank and lines would make a great surge tank and fuel system? Lol nevermind..
Michelle Mennella
Michelle Mennella 2 vuotta sitten
Adam Blaknovski Hey! I just uploaded a vlog of the entire Montreal, Canada IMSA Porsche gt3 cup race. You should check it out on my channel, you would love it
Max Gee
Max Gee 2 vuotta sitten
I am impressed with BBI owner. 👍🏽
Michelle Mennella
Michelle Mennella 2 vuotta sitten
Max Germain Hey! I just uploaded a vlog of the entire Montreal, Canada IMSA Porsche gt3 cup race. You should check it out on my channel, you would love it
The Rhins Ranger
The Rhins Ranger 2 vuotta sitten
You better design those fingers onto the new rear cover vents lol
PrimiusLovin 2 vuotta sitten
Interesting build, 9:50 but I don't think they can complain about too much work for nothing considering they're going to Pikes Peak, which as far as I know doesn't make anyone rich by participating or even winning the class or overall.
Brandon Wise
Brandon Wise 2 vuotta sitten
Scumbags wiith a 150000$ car
Barry Farese
Barry Farese 2 vuotta sitten
lol who is on IRacing in the background
Michelle Mennella
Michelle Mennella 2 vuotta sitten
Barry Farese Hey! I just uploaded a vlog of the entire Montreal, Canada IMSA Porsche gt3 cup race from a behind the scenes perspective (my dad is a driver). You should check it out on my channel, you would love it
SMIFFY 2 vuotta sitten
It doesn matter what video, tv show or what garage the people all wear the same style clothes.
Michelle Mennella
Michelle Mennella 2 vuotta sitten
SMIFFY Hey! I just uploaded a vlog of the entire Montreal, Canada IMSA Porsche gt3 cup race from a behind the scenes perspective (my dad is a driver). You should check it out on my channel, you would love it
lit boys
lit boys 2 vuotta sitten
Wtf are doing watching people finish shit when you should be finishing shit scotto
Michelle Mennella
Michelle Mennella 2 vuotta sitten
lit boys Hey! I just uploaded a vlog of the entire Montreal, Canada IMSA Porsche gt3 cup race from a behind the scenes perspective (my dad is a driver). You should check it out on my channel, you would love it
John Crazy
John Crazy 2 vuotta sitten
cool car stuff!!
Michelle Mennella
Michelle Mennella 2 vuotta sitten
John Crazy Hey! I just uploaded a vlog of the entire Montreal, Canada IMSA Porsche gt3 cup race from a behind the scenes perspective (my dad is a driver). You should check it out on my channel, you would love it
Dustin Morehouse
Dustin Morehouse 2 vuotta sitten
Nobody: Hoonigan: hey guys, we're gonna start another mini series
James Rooke
James Rooke 2 vuotta sitten
22 days and they will be getting a car done before scotto. I reckon they could do next years race before he even gets one done. #scottothecarturtle #gettoworkscotto
Adam K
Adam K 2 vuotta sitten
It's great to listen to somebody who knows what they are talking about!
Archi 2 vuotta sitten
builds race cars, talks about thermal management... yup, legit build
NyckLP 2 vuotta sitten
That's what i thought. I knew Betim was kind of a genius... Today i confirmed it, i wish more people worked on cars with the amount of passion and engineering this guy does.
haroot pashayan
haroot pashayan 2 vuotta sitten
Boxer engines in Subarus and Porsches were invented by Carl Benz, yes Mercedes Benz
haroot pashayan
haroot pashayan 2 vuotta sitten
Guy is an idiot. Fluid can be compressed. pV = NRT hence pressure can turn Fluids aka T = pV/NR into gasses, persay water into steam
eel1331 2 vuotta sitten
Joseph Flores
Joseph Flores 2 vuotta sitten
How does Brian have the audacity to show off his only running car while the rest are being neglected everyday #gettoworkscotto
Derek Goudreau
Derek Goudreau 2 vuotta sitten
Don't even lie Scotto, even in 22 days you wouldn't have that seat mounted #GETTOWORKSCOTTO
MrJef06 2 vuotta sitten
That 3D scanner is seriously cool :-)
mick coomer
mick coomer 2 vuotta sitten
That 3D laser scanner. I need one to replace my tape rule.
gonda 2 vuotta sitten
meglio la 75
Maarten Rood
Maarten Rood 2 vuotta sitten
ledgend says he is still talking about his fuel system
truckrodhoodlum 2 vuotta sitten
No it's called old VW guys vw is the first not subajunk. Subashit is a slap in the face. Jab crooks
Sam Monteiro
Sam Monteiro 2 vuotta sitten
Whens part 2 drop !!!
Quartermaster bambooii
Quartermaster bambooii 2 vuotta sitten
Tim was wrong about cavitation, i’m not trying to be a dick I’m just saying.
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee 2 vuotta sitten
Dig it...!
Craig Sudhoff
Craig Sudhoff 2 vuotta sitten
Always enjoy the BBi stuff. IMO these guys are the closest thing to PM in the US. Remind me of Andial days... Also digging the hammered M3P @ 14:21
Bug Tussel
Bug Tussel 2 vuotta sitten
What modeling software are you using?
Andrew Fawcett
Andrew Fawcett 2 vuotta sitten
I hear someone running the Porsche Cup car on a sim in the background. Sounds like iRacing, maybe Assetto Corsa.
Space Rain
Space Rain 2 vuotta sitten
Is it just me that see that he looks like Damon from DDE ...
Fourth Arzadon
Fourth Arzadon 2 vuotta sitten
That garage is actually a Laboratory That porche is actually a horse They are making that Horse as buff as possible, That number of stages of steroids(petrol) going inside the heart of that horse(porche) is insane!!!
Dame Frances Yates Fan Club
That Creaform 3D Scan Black is probably over $100,000.00 according to the price check I did. 22 simultaneous lasers painting the body, but the quality of the scans are out of this world. That is such an amazing work flow.
Lars Müller
Lars Müller 2 vuotta sitten
PURE LOVE - GREAT BUILD - THAT IDEA&SCAN²BUILD TECH CATCHES MY HEART^BRAIN - AWESOME PROJECT - can't wait for next video - PORSCHE&HOONIGAN PROJECT CARS receives my personal FIplace award - i love this
Dorian 2 vuotta sitten
Chris Green
Chris Green 2 vuotta sitten
If I was shit rich with a 911 i wanted tuned I would absolutely let you have your way with it as long as you cover the labor id buy the parts. Then yall can race it or whatever for a few months
Eh Codes
Eh Codes 2 vuotta sitten
He was kinda correct about cavitation, if the suction pressure drops low enough, bubbles of evaporated fuel are formed behind the impeller and implode causing damage
guy wheeler
guy wheeler 2 vuotta sitten
I’d like to put all the people who dislike this video on another planet.
Cpt Swoopty
Cpt Swoopty 2 vuotta sitten
Eric Banner makes a nice porsche!
xF4LC0NxPUNCHx 2 vuotta sitten
What's the music starting at 9:59 ?
Brucie Longnose
Brucie Longnose 2 vuotta sitten
14:42 I believe that's called aeration. Cavitation is when pressure differential is too high and the gasses trapped in the fluid create small voids that collapse in on themselves. Aeration is where is sucks in air through seals and seams which sounds closer to this. I may be wrong tho.
Mattias Andersson
Mattias Andersson 2 vuotta sitten
Dont let Ken drive cause he crashes always when he competes. Rent in a better driver that can compete without crash the car.
Aron Bennett
Aron Bennett 2 vuotta sitten
Scotto, Buy a FUCKING headliner for Christ sake.
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars 2 vuotta sitten
Meh, doesn’t make it faster.
Kyle LaJoye
Kyle LaJoye 2 vuotta sitten
Boys.... I dont think you could have picked a cooler fuggin series. Porsche, the nastiest race cars in the game, BBI the dudes of THE Porche game, and PP the craziest race of them all. Hhahaha! So hyped for this! - Thank you!
Life Advice w OnlyJayus - #Shorts
Awkward moment! 😳😅 #prank
Life Advice w OnlyJayus - #Shorts
Awkward moment! 😳😅 #prank
OMG! 😂 #shorts
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