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Woke liberals want alternatives to policing, and yeah, one is worse than the other. We also expose BOTH critical race theory AND the communist pope. Biden has another Biden moment in a speech. And Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced. So sad!

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StevenCrowder Uukausi sitten
At what point will Republicans and just rational people stand up for what they know is right? How many more cities will burn and schools be overtaken before that happens?
Markus Chelios
Markus Chelios Päivä sitten
@Levi Bradley Crowder and Trump embody zero traits of Christ, and they never will.
Galations 2:20
Galations 2:20 8 päivää sitten
I've been asking myself the same exact thing. I think we may be facing the tyrannical government we have our guns for...
Kevin H
Kevin H 10 päivää sitten
@Mclovin420blazn agreed. But we seem to be living in a world of utter stupidity and stupid takes longer to change
Mclovin420blazn 10 päivää sitten
@Kevin H it shouldn’t have taken a year
Kevin H
Kevin H 10 päivää sitten
The church was the biggest soul crushers since it's inception. Nothing would make the Pope happier than making the people their subjects under thumb. We broke that power when we separated ourselves from Europe.
zimmox 21 tunti sitten
"Did Garth eat Wayne " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
zimmox 21 tunti sitten
You guys are hilarious 🤣😆😂
jm123456789101112 23 tuntia sitten
Steven Crowder, the man too chicken to debate Sam Seder, or ANY serious thinker on the left, calls Americans "cowards"? Hmm....
Markus Chelios
Markus Chelios Päivä sitten
Speaking of cowards, Crowder ran away from Sam Seder like a teen girl trying to get to the bathroom to change a tampon.
Dylan The Sea
Dylan The Sea Päivä sitten
Coward Crowder is American in fact.
SteamrollerUSA Päivä sitten
STEVEN COWERRD (the biggest coward)
Sniggih 2 päivää sitten
It takes one to know one lmao
Alexander The Based
Alexander The Based 2 päivää sitten
Collin Oneil
Collin Oneil 2 päivää sitten
Father crowder
The CourtOfPublicOpinion
The CourtOfPublicOpinion 2 päivää sitten
My analysis of the recent H3/crowder fiasco... Ethan Klein pulled out his rigid member and softly beat it against Crowders beard before waving his new friend Sam Seder over to join him. Ethan looked Sam in his dark brown eyes and with the upmost of anticipation he whispered “I think it’s time”... With a confirming nod Sam pulled Crowder up off of his grass-stained knees and pushed his back down, bending him over at the waist like Crowders daddy did when he was in grade school. The memory of this childhood pain cause Crowders eyes to well up like grass in the morning dew. “Oh no! Please guys, I just wanted to look like a tough guy on the Internet... I know I’m nothing but a coward!” cried Crowder, but his plea fell on def ears. Ethan grabbed Crowder by the hair and said “so you wanna be tough... boy”? He then motioned to Sam with a wave of his wrist. Sam shuffled behind Crowder in response, unzipped his pants and with the precision of an Olympic archer he aimed his meat sheath into Crowders exposed anal cavity. Sam moaned in delight... Crowder moaned in anguish. Sam grasped Crowders gun holster straps with alarming ferocity; controlling him and tossing his limp body to and fro. In that moment Sam looked like a bull rider riding a broken beast of burden. It was glorious!!! He came to conquer and boy did he conquer. Ethan smiled at the sight for he knew his turn to ride the bull was next.
Brendan Drislane
Brendan Drislane 2 päivää sitten
How come my comments keep disappearing?
RobbeRobb 2 päivää sitten
That woman sounds like she’s on drugs
RobbeRobb 2 päivää sitten
Everyone needs to arm themselves, and just shoot the nefarious types. Bring back the wild Wild West.
Tommy D
Tommy D 2 päivää sitten
We home school. I will teach my children. I do not need a radical teacher to destroy my children’s minds. They do not control us.
Carl Carlson
Carl Carlson 2 päivää sitten
Now you know why Golf Club came to so many garages
Carl Carlson
Carl Carlson 2 päivää sitten
I have a good swing
Daniel Roos
Daniel Roos 2 päivää sitten
Daniel Roos
Daniel Roos 2 päivää sitten
Daniel Roos
Daniel Roos 2 päivää sitten
Jason Van Stone
Jason Van Stone 2 päivää sitten
LMFAO @ the "No Cops" video surveillance 🤣🤣🤣
J Perry
J Perry 3 päivää sitten
Less than why are you admitting to messing with a child’s mind
J Perry
J Perry 3 päivää sitten
Social workers uh ohhhh I see mental facilities opening again ph my so evil
J Perry
J Perry 3 päivää sitten
Never have to call a cop if you have a riffle at the door and a handgun in your back. We make our own law in Montana. Knowing this people are really nice and lowest gun crimes ever but everyone has a gun even kids
Bad Dog
Bad Dog 3 päivää sitten
Saudi Arabia has cheap oil because of slavery. Americans, before Biden made good wages producing petroleum. There was no shortage of labor to produce petroleum. Now the Chinese agents of the Biden family has nearly detroyed production of petroleum. They aren't alone since the Democratic party has plenty of Chinese agents.
The Moist But Droopy Long Crotch
Holy shit Dave go back to compound you are so fucking unfunny here
Paul Haskin
Paul Haskin 6 päivää sitten
And another comment!
Spire 7 päivää sitten
Remember guys happiness can’t be shot
M S 8 päivää sitten
The do not call cops thing is awesome - works for me - should reduce certain people as they are murdered by the criminals the only thing I hate is that I do hope the criminals take care of the retards that ate advocating this bullshit
thesquirrelherder 8 päivää sitten
Francis is a heretic and I can't wait for colored smoke over the basilica.
Rohan Magee
Rohan Magee 10 päivää sitten
I've always stood against bullies from young age actually especially when watching it happened to other people and for some reason I have never been in a fight my life that's a combination of strong will power and diplomatic ability a and strong self-control and also being recently told and well built I also have ADHD like you Crowder
Rohan Magee
Rohan Magee 10 päivää sitten
Don't take this the wrong way but the strange animal intro really is cringe I think you should lose it
Derek Mcdowall
Derek Mcdowall 10 päivää sitten
She’s calling him a murderer but if she really thought he was a murderer she wouldn’t of pulled over.SHE DOESN’T EVEN BELIEVE HER OWN LIES
Kevin H
Kevin H 10 päivää sitten
I thought slaves were bought in Africa from Africans they weren't taken they were SOLD.
Kevin H
Kevin H 10 päivää sitten
All that's needed for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing ..
Kevin H
Kevin H 10 päivää sitten
Robbed at gunpoint a few times and have learned that I'm the type that says Im not getting on the ground or handing you my wallet. You want it you can take it from me or shoot me. I don't kneel to anyone. I'd would rather die than to submit. A part of me wanted to live and comply but I couldn't.
Kevin H
Kevin H 10 päivää sitten
Favorite response to "how you doing today". Me "I woke up"
Kevin H
Kevin H 10 päivää sitten
White boy here who had a knee to the neck. I've had three cervical spine surgeries and one shoulder repair and forever in pain. I chose to go out and drive without a license after 11 pm and I'm the one who was doing 3 over the speed limit. Ten years ago and still not rioting over it. Grow up stop breaking laws and you'll be fine
Ronaldo Zevách
Ronaldo Zevách 11 päivää sitten
That wasn't a chevy ISSA dodge
Martin Rogers
Martin Rogers 11 päivää sitten
That woman was F'ing despicable
Jesse Gray
Jesse Gray 11 päivää sitten
Among the great things said on this show…that Howard impression was spot-on!
Fake American
Fake American 12 päivää sitten
That racist chick was off her meds.
GrayStar1 12 päivää sitten
Your a murderer cause you want to keep the neighborhood safe
Kylee Hockaday
Kylee Hockaday 13 päivää sitten
My university (VCU, in the middle of downtown Richmond VA), and others in the state, have come out and stated that all students will be required to receive a covid vaccine in order to return to campus, even though the flu vaccination is not mandatory. In what way could we, as students, change that policy?
Xander999 Fleischmann
Xander999 Fleischmann 14 päivää sitten
41:50 😭😂☠😂😭☠
Ray Feltz
Ray Feltz 14 päivää sitten
J Ecker
J Ecker 15 päivää sitten
@ 22:00 why did they blur that video of AOC?
KosmosKatten 15 päivää sitten
James May
James May 15 päivää sitten
!!! Hey, your "kamala told immigrants to leave" post/video is private and unwatchable. Did you or ytube do that?
Rhiannon Bittle
Rhiannon Bittle 15 päivää sitten
Now, you know why children in America is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid. And brainwashed.
Rhiannon Bittle
Rhiannon Bittle 15 päivää sitten
This is not what I created. This is what the absolute vile and Godless and evil democrats have created.
Scott Newsham
Scott Newsham 16 päivää sitten
As a Cstholic I don't approve of this pope. He's a tool.
Whosyodaddeh Twitch Clips
Whosyodaddeh Twitch Clips 16 päivää sitten
The "GUN!" joke by Gerald is the only funny thing he has ever done on this show lmao
James Stiles
James Stiles 16 päivää sitten
All hail FREE SPEECH!!
Derek 16 päivää sitten
America ain't shit.
Kristin McBride
Kristin McBride 17 päivää sitten
Anti-racism isn’t a thing. It’s all racism when everything is seen ONLY through the lens of race.
Fred Nugent
Fred Nugent 17 päivää sitten
Good job!
John Pilgrim
John Pilgrim 17 päivää sitten
That lady is such an despicable idiot. You’re so scared of that cop that you are attacking and insulting him? Makes perfect sense to me
N Mead
N Mead 17 päivää sitten
York’s YouTube channel
York’s YouTube channel 18 päivää sitten
Another great show
Cool Cat
Cool Cat 18 päivää sitten
Video the teachers promoting CRT
Kyle Rust
Kyle Rust 18 päivää sitten
That was so damn funny he says "I just wanted to yell gun" as he jogs by the woman harassing the cop.
Kyle Rust
Kyle Rust 18 päivää sitten
jc agunos
jc agunos 19 päivää sitten
martin luther king is on his shirt, but they judge people by thier character and skin color which contrary to martin luther king's principle. How ironic is that.
The Memory Hole
The Memory Hole 19 päivää sitten
You guys did an amazing job with that Mug Club intro. Props to whomever edited that.
Christina Hanna
Christina Hanna 19 päivää sitten
Omg. What to do instead of calling the cops.. bang
Aaron 19 päivää sitten
I can't be the only one that finds it kind of ironic that Steven Crowder of all people has the audacity to call anybody a coward when he wouldn't even debate Sam seder at politi-con because his father thought it would be a bad idea for him to be embarrassed publicly in a debate. True story 🤣🤣😆 his own father doesn't have any faith in him and must really suck to be Steven Crowder & never being able to live up to daddy's expectations lol
Corbin Wilson
Corbin Wilson 18 päivää sitten
And how does that contribute to society in any way? Crowder has the right to decide if he wants to debate someone or not. The difference is America is falling apart, and he’s telling people that we need to do something or it’s going to collapse. Little different then a debate bud.
Tina Carson
Tina Carson 19 päivää sitten
At 38:00 and on, notice everyone talking giving advice, sound like they’re children. 🤔
Casey Hartsock
Casey Hartsock 20 päivää sitten
Jesus is The One True God... The Catholic Church is a blasphemic cult full of heretics. Catholicism is NOT Christianity!
Casey Hartsock
Casey Hartsock 20 päivää sitten
Serpentkatana 20 päivää sitten
I'm offended my last name Garcia was used in this show...😂 I always said it my entire life, THE MOST RACIST PEOPLE TO ME AS A MEXICAN AMERICAN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN BLACKS no way around it.
Karl 20 päivää sitten
Crowders the biggest coward on youtube lmfao debate sam seder scaredy cat
Katy Fussell
Katy Fussell 20 päivää sitten
I don't like the people in the video; not because I am racist, it is their character!
Justin Raymond
Justin Raymond 20 päivää sitten
ConsultantMasamune 20 päivää sitten
@34:00. It all becomes clear who you are as a person. I, too, was bullied at 125 lbs and 5'8" in high school. At 23, I grew to 5'11" and 170 lbs. Now I am 210 lbs, rebellious, lost 2/3s of my friends because I spoke out against masking, lockdowns, and followed the science. Standing up for what's right is not easy and you'll only have a few friends, but those choice friends are much more valuable than several useful idiots...
Michael Atherton
Michael Atherton 21 päivä sitten
Man those are the type of Karen that should be eliminated from the gene pool
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 21 päivä sitten
Great show
Juan Manuel Calderon III
Juan Manuel Calderon III 21 päivä sitten
Why do incels love this guy so much
Magdalena Reyes
Magdalena Reyes 21 päivä sitten
Biden rambles on like Grandpa Simpson .🙄
D Carts
D Carts 21 päivä sitten
The same anti cop rat bastards who say 250 cop involved black American deaths is a systemic hardship worth upending also say that COVID-19 vaccine deaths that are about the same, is negligible and we should INCREASE funding to help force the vaccine. Sigh. African American deaths by cop annually is about 250 = .000000625% deaths in approximately 385,000,000 interactions between police and civilians in America. Now you do the math on how many unarmed/not resisting African Americans die by cop each year. THIS is why they don’t want us teaching our kids correct math so they can’t call out the liars when they lie about things like “ACAB” and “police be out hunting black peoples”.
karen stone
karen stone 21 päivä sitten
America will soon be full of dunce!
Dylan cossette
Dylan cossette 21 päivä sitten
“Flip the switch and stand up” Couldn’t be said better. 🙏🏼
R Z 21 päivä sitten
Funny how cops treated me with respect even when I was drunk 🤣🤣😂 these people are delusional.
Vic 21 päivä sitten
The gal that got pulled over.... Wow
Maureen Beck
Maureen Beck 22 päivää sitten
SPINELESS = Crowder not debating Sam Seder 😆 Crowder is a coward!
Songburde Chat whisper ASMR
Songburde Chat whisper ASMR 22 päivää sitten
Fuq you, FIplace Algorithm!
Joel Rudey
Joel Rudey 22 päivää sitten
You can't have bravery without fear
Truth WillOut
Truth WillOut 22 päivää sitten
One of the best shows on FIplace, keep up the great work guys 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 23 päivää sitten
Coming on here to show you support, love your content ❤️
RheesTheBeast 23 päivää sitten
You look like Ritchie valans
Charlie Rolf
Charlie Rolf 23 päivää sitten
Imaging having to wear a gun holster to hide your insecurities. Like bro... it’s your podcast why do you need a gun?
David Vaughn
David Vaughn 23 päivää sitten
"Oh, Lerd" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sn1pEr3o8 24 päivää sitten
So if someone breaks into my house I should just shoot them and dump the body in the street? Don t call the police
G G 24 päivää sitten
Come baaaaack!
Giles Hubbard
Giles Hubbard 24 päivää sitten
why does this dude wear a shoulder holster 24/7?? Those are for concealed carry when you're wearing a jacket so this dude either dumb af or just trying to look cool in which case it's cringy af and radiates extremely large amounts of small dick energy.
Jennifer Nolan
Jennifer Nolan 24 päivää sitten
This is what happens when you take GOD out of everything. Especially schools
Bryan Calabrese
Bryan Calabrese 24 päivää sitten
I don't care if the whole jury was blm that cop killed this man period . Doesn't take a tainted jury to figure that out we should be thanking god he was convicted if he wasn't there would be huge problems riots murders and we all know the liberals in office wouldn't do a thing about it
Hayden Barber
Hayden Barber 24 päivää sitten
You think teachers let kids talk back? lmfao go to the office with your opinions
Brenda Stevens
Brenda Stevens 24 päivää sitten
She’s a great poster child homeschooling!
robert clark
robert clark 24 päivää sitten
This is what’s teaching your children.
5050 ODDZ PROSPECTING 24 päivää sitten
Not Cowards, CONTENT ASSES. WE'RE STILL COMFORTABLE. WHEN THAT CHANGES. TRUST ME.... These people going into these houses just haven't hit the right house yet. We making the news when they come to this place right here. 😉
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