Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION! 

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We play an offensive card game ..created by Dan and Phil viewers?? What could go wrong!
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Without Me
Without Me 6 minuuttia sitten
6:55 fVck *bark*
Devious Purrloin
Devious Purrloin 14 minuuttia sitten
Eleanor Humphries
Eleanor Humphries 33 minuuttia sitten
we've all grown up and i feel weirdly proud
Sad Saturn
Sad Saturn 36 minuuttia sitten
I love how they speak my mind in the beginning, idk how I got here but I'm here now
Phoenixon 52 minuuttia sitten
Dan calling out all the hentai artists out there. “Hey artists, If ya hentai isn’t violently crafted, are ya even passionate about it??”
Depresso X Espresso
Depresso X Espresso Tunti sitten
Bruh imagine these two on the dream smp..
李诺Erin 2 tuntia sitten
Ah I miss this duos
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 4 tuntia sitten
"Is this the content people want?" we just want content of you two together.
Eggers Cosplay
Eggers Cosplay 4 tuntia sitten
please make more it is so fufilling
nessa gripton
nessa gripton 5 tuntia sitten
mutt 5 tuntia sitten
good to see you gal pals in a video together
Alcidie Katipika
Alcidie Katipika 6 tuntia sitten
moths aren't horrendous :(
Freja 6 tuntia sitten
This is a comment specifically for Dan: stfu u beautiful atrocity, this is EXACTLY what we wanna see, just throw smth our way lmao
Tigrezz Artz
Tigrezz Artz 7 tuntia sitten
"I did that!" *thousands of fans proceed to die*
Pen Ken
Pen Ken 7 tuntia sitten
Lexi Lykos
Lexi Lykos 8 tuntia sitten
I havent seen you guys in three years???? Wtf?
mother war
mother war 8 tuntia sitten
i’ve been watching this on repeat, i miss them aA
Yes Brenda, I am still a Creepypasta fan
You could also say that they are Philling the Dans..! I'll close the door on my way out...
Gwen 9 tuntia sitten
7:20 Phil counting in German ein zwei drei funf vier Translation: One two three five four 🥺😂😭
Magic unicorn
Magic unicorn 10 tuntia sitten
I wish I could be with my best friends but I can't 😢☹️😟
Anya The Beauty
Anya The Beauty 10 tuntia sitten
Dan and phil Horcrux lol
Aashitha h.v
Aashitha h.v 10 tuntia sitten
Feels like I’m back in 2015 watching them on my family computer
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 11 tuntia sitten
I hope the girls who made this still watch you!! I’d love to see their reaction to this 🤭
Nyla Harris
Nyla Harris 11 tuntia sitten
Had to pause to cry after “hamster in a hat”
chyle 11 tuntia sitten
i have been summoned from the grave
phoebe jane fay
phoebe jane fay 11 tuntia sitten
we miss you suki
Demonic Sobbing
Demonic Sobbing 11 tuntia sitten
pls omg i will pay you to adopt me
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 11 tuntia sitten
ive missed u both together so much My lifes purpose has been restored
Avery Pineapple
Avery Pineapple 12 tuntia sitten
you know, maybe 2021 wont be so bad after all
Mozie Jinx
Mozie Jinx 12 tuntia sitten
Maquaela Adria
Maquaela Adria 12 tuntia sitten
Doodles and Designs
Doodles and Designs 12 tuntia sitten
Seeing them back together and so genuine about their true selves is honestly the most moving thing I have witnessed in MONTHS.
Doodles and Designs
Doodles and Designs 12 tuntia sitten
Seeing them back together and so genuine about their true selves is honestly the most moving thing I have witnessed in MONTHS.
Dragon Maiden
Dragon Maiden 12 tuntia sitten
Gotta watch every Dan and Phil vid 3 times. One time to watch them both, one-time to watch Dan, and one time to watch Phil (with occasional glances at the other one throughout the video).
Avani D.
Avani D. 12 tuntia sitten
i honestly haven't watched either of them in years but this video made me remember how much i like them and their dynamic and it's only gotten better since the time when i was a huge fan
Mikayla Kruger
Mikayla Kruger 12 tuntia sitten
I miss this content so much. It is exactly what my world needs. Watching Dan and Phil feels so nostalgic now.
maskedkid4201 12 tuntia sitten
The coke is hitting XD
maskedkid4201 13 tuntia sitten
Dan please i cant use sterio i messed up my age pls just use discord
maskedkid4201 13 tuntia sitten
I used to watch u from the age of 5 ima og fan
Steph Wood
Steph Wood 13 tuntia sitten
I made the mistake of watching this while drinking a cup of water
Aubrey Childs
Aubrey Childs 13 tuntia sitten
I miss this
PIGEONFEST 13 tuntia sitten
ive missed u both together so much My lifes purpose has been restored
dante 14 tuntia sitten
8:46 by the grace of god somehow i'd completely forgotten about that and dan has pulled it from the very depths of my memory, i feel violated
Feyza Onay
Feyza Onay 15 tuntia sitten
this unlocked so many forgotten memories
bigzube _
bigzube _ 15 tuntia sitten
just been catapulted back to middle school
Brooke Koenig
Brooke Koenig 15 tuntia sitten
This video cured my depression
V 1996
V 1996 15 tuntia sitten
I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE DAN AGAIN! Thank you for the funny/lovely video, Phil!
leah elena
leah elena 16 tuntia sitten
14:11 dan looks revolted
leah elena
leah elena 16 tuntia sitten
Who wrote the h*t f*c and how much do they regret it
Kat 16 tuntia sitten
what happened to sechs and sieben, philip
l. illine
l. illine 16 tuntia sitten
this felt like catching up with middle school friends who you haven't seen in years im kind emo rn : ,)
LN H 17 tuntia sitten
Love this
Feyrith doesn't like being tagged
Dan pronouncing it s yowie is giving me middle school flashbacks from before I learned how to pronounce it ajhjfdlghkkl
Vicky Likes This
Vicky Likes This 18 tuntia sitten
why didn't this show up in my subscriptions page?? OMG
An actual Frog
An actual Frog 18 tuntia sitten
16:52 Am I the only one who just really missed dans laugh? It genuinely made me feel so happy
Kristin Huata
Kristin Huata 18 tuntia sitten
We need you both now more than ever!!! We miss you
Melanie R
Melanie R 18 tuntia sitten
Oh my god I forgot about the hamster fic 😳🤢
Greys Chan
Greys Chan 18 tuntia sitten
Oh I wish I could be good at lap dancing, I tried but is not for me. :(
not_so_secret_ unicorns
not_so_secret_ unicorns 19 tuntia sitten
i’ve honestly missed Dans laugh
Wei Wuxian
Wei Wuxian 19 tuntia sitten
This literally made my day
Kelsey Kenny
Kelsey Kenny 19 tuntia sitten
Are you going to continue Danandphilgames
Ele Eline
Ele Eline 20 tuntia sitten
dans face in the thumpnail is sinister
Lizzieisweird 20 tuntia sitten
I've never had a community guideline breech I'm gonna say until now
Leah Peltz
Leah Peltz 20 tuntia sitten
I want the sloth sooo bad
ASMR Navina
ASMR Navina 21 tunti sitten
Don't mind my german ass just waching this video enjoing Dan's apperence and stuff and just casually spilling my drink all over myself when Phil suddenly starts counting in german. Also: HoW cOuLd I fOrGeT tHe SeChs✨
• Ελενα Τσιαμητα •
oml not the hamster fic i was traumatised 💀
sarah d'urbano
sarah d'urbano 21 tunti sitten
i’ve been watching y’all since i was 12 and now i’m 21 :,)
Jay 21 tunti sitten
I legit thought my dog barked at the beginning of the video XD
sarah d'urbano
sarah d'urbano 21 tunti sitten
god i didn’t realize how much i needed this
• Ελενα Τσιαμητα •
Omg you don't know how much I have missed these!!
LauraSophie 21 tunti sitten
This video just cheered me up after I deleted eleven pages of a graded paper. Luckily my bf could get a previous version back. Thanks for making me laugh after this mini breakdown. Really needed that!
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith 21 tunti sitten
Seeing them film together has made my 2021 so much better
Socruel Venuselya
Socruel Venuselya 21 tunti sitten
*Phil counting in German* : 1...2...3...5...4... *Me as a German* : ...Wait a minute...
sad_pancake 22 tuntia sitten
I love Phil's top. Abiior
Corpse Kid
Corpse Kid 22 tuntia sitten
They are just lucky they didn't lose all their subs
Hailey C
Hailey C 23 tuntia sitten
Guess it’s time to go back and spend the next three days rewatching Dan and Phil’s videos, this just takes me back to the good ole days
Twilight Clarke
Twilight Clarke 23 tuntia sitten
"Crawl inside your ears" 🤣🤣🤣
Royal Penguin
Royal Penguin 23 tuntia sitten
*Game:* Hamster in a hat *My brain:* This has awaken many buried memories
I not Toni
I not Toni 23 tuntia sitten
I knew Dan was doing competitive Videogames What is the gamer Tag
Inky Päivä sitten
phil: 1, 2, 3, 5, 4 me: you're doing amazing sweetie
CatieStorm XD
CatieStorm XD Päivä sitten
They have inspired so much creativity.... And dhmis has shown us how horribly weird that can be
eef Päivä sitten
The amount of serotonin I am receiving today due to the videos I'm catching up on might kill me.
Gracious Rosebud
Gracious Rosebud Päivä sitten
I needed this energy in my life again
cucu Päivä sitten
i was always just a casual viewer of dan and phil so that hamster hat fanfiction was not something i knew about and i wish i'd neevr known about it wtf
hopeworldletsgo Päivä sitten
Jojo Roman
Jojo Roman Päivä sitten
Gill R
Gill R Päivä sitten
Yes we want this. Yes this is content the world needs.
BumbleBeeGirl Päivä sitten
I actually thought you broke the cup for a second
wi1d.moonchild Päivä sitten
IT IS NOT OKAY HOW EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THESE BOYS I AM... when the video popped up and i saw dan, i thought i was seeing things but 10 seconds in my brain has finally caught up and i nearly cried. um... yeah.
Angelica Dela Cruz
Angelica Dela Cruz Päivä sitten
i cant believe i grew up with these dorks i love them sm and not the hamster fic resurfacing istg jskjisjoajoaja
Becky Iloghalum
Becky Iloghalum Päivä sitten
EVERYONE wants this dan don’t worry 😌
Johanna Skye
Johanna Skye Päivä sitten
I'm German and omg this counting in German is too funny 😂😅 also, you said 1 2 3 5 4 8
Ohnograceishere Päivä sitten
Jazmin Päivä sitten
9:54 PLEAsE 😭
oh hey
oh hey Päivä sitten
wow nostalgia is really hitting right now
tay_take Päivä sitten
Thank you🥺
yoonhwa Päivä sitten
this is exactly what i needed, thank you
yoonhwa Päivä sitten
this video is a serotonin boost, i missed you both
yoonhwa Päivä sitten
you guys make me so happy
Sky Louise
Sky Louise Päivä sitten
omg same
vic Päivä sitten
im emotional
Dylan Denyer
Dylan Denyer Päivä sitten
I miss Dan and Phil games :(
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