Connor McDavid's Fitness Tests at the 2015 NHL Draft Combine 

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Connor McDavid doing some fitness tests at the 2015 NHL Draft Combine in Buffalo.
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Jeremy Nolan
Jeremy Nolan 13 tuntia sitten
Hm yeah idk. I doubt this kid will ever be able to score more than 100 points in under 56 games
Robert Alan
Robert Alan 11 päivää sitten
Caulfield 16 chin ups...killer since these chin-ups are not really chin-ups.... their chest ups much more difficult than a chin up.. extra five or six inches of lift just kills you.
Christian Zaragoza
Christian Zaragoza 28 päivää sitten
3:50 Almost breaks their stupid bike. Would be nice to see how fast they can skate...this whole thing was a dumb risk probably only happening so some partners can make a little $$.
Bryce Z
Bryce Z Uukausi sitten
6 pull ups wtf
Kujo Uukausi sitten
He certainly JUMPS like a hockey player! Lol About 4” off the ground
dumb dumber
dumb dumber Uukausi sitten
did they forget the hoops ? lol
Jack Scott
Jack Scott Uukausi sitten
He looks OK
Allen The Magic Goose
Allen The Magic Goose 2 kuukautta sitten
When Connor was doing pull ups, were they measuring his chirp effectiveness too? Fuck you Shoresy!
Hashtag ScooterSwag Yolo Swagy
why does the combine involve sprints, it’s not in the sport and embarrasses them
0123456789abc decghijklmn
0123456789abc decghijklmn 2 kuukautta sitten
"There are a lot of coaches in Europe right now who are probably better than some of the coaches currently in the NHL, myself included, Tortorella tells Ilta-Sanomat." Gotta start respecting Torto😐😮👌👍👏👏
Bicurious George
Bicurious George 2 kuukautta sitten
this is the dumbest shit ever! is this just meant to give these idiots a job or something?
canuckgloves 2 kuukautta sitten
And five years ago to now. He records his 500th point against my winnipeg jets
Cubbie Pulls
Cubbie Pulls 5 kuukautta sitten
Looks like his shoulders are a little off on the pull ups
Adam Janks
Adam Janks 5 kuukautta sitten
What’s hilarious he could have been like no thanks ain’t doing any and they’d still draft him number one
ian otto
ian otto 6 kuukautta sitten
See the look on that girls face when he was pushing watts on the bike? I think she was pretty impressed.
R.D Nutz
R.D Nutz 7 kuukautta sitten
What if,that day, Connor was like, after this bit,imma make myself a 100 mill within 10 years in the nhl, and be an mvp ... lol.... what if he was saying that during this combine that day 🤔🐊🤳👍
Riley Benson
Riley Benson 8 kuukautta sitten
How much were they benching? Looked like 110
James Lott
James Lott 8 kuukautta sitten
Doesn’t it look like Mitch Marner is number 82 right next to him when he sits down.
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 9 kuukautta sitten
Whats the point if he doesn't have skates on?
Оle Gunar
Оle Gunar 9 kuukautta sitten
Бля,Ротенберга не хватает им в меховой ушанке.
Major Carver
Major Carver 9 kuukautta sitten
Why is it so hard to admit that hockey players are just not as athletic as other sports and that's fine, its a different sport. I love how people get so insecure that their sport is not seen as manly enough . NOT ENOUGH TESTOSTERONE LOL. All these dudes on the internet who love to say hockey is the manliest sport bc it has fights and bodychecks, lol like who tf cares, that's just your insecurity speaking. All sports are different and they require different types of skill/body-type.
chris 10 kuukautta sitten
Was that 7 Chins wow...
MessiersElbow 11 kuukautta sitten
Boots and cats and boots and cats and...
Band-aid Vuosi sitten
If anyone is confused as to why they are getting recommended this in 2020 it’s because he is currently one of if not the best player in the league
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half of us are making fun of how skinny and weak he is but look at him now, one of the best players in the world.
ompavaikeeta 9 kuukautta sitten
The best
Aar Bar
Aar Bar Vuosi sitten
Ivan Drago has lost a lot of weight
Jessica LaRonde
Jessica LaRonde Vuosi sitten
Anyone watching in 2020 and McDavid is one of the best in the league😂
LBJ23 3 kuukautta sitten
@yawannatilly now way really?? Gretzky and Crosby have admitted that McDavid is the best hockey player ever?!!
Fraron Nagarwala
Fraron Nagarwala 3 kuukautta sitten
He is the best
yawannatilly 5 kuukautta sitten
@Energetik C but 100 percent he is lmao. Crosby and Gretzky have already admitted he is ... lmao who the fuck are you ?
yawannatilly 5 kuukautta sitten
@Energetik C “is one of the best” ...reading comprehension, man. Not hard.
McNair John
McNair John 7 kuukautta sitten
He is the best.
Christina Bailey
Christina Bailey Vuosi sitten
Anyone watching this in 2020 😂
IceYeti Gaming
IceYeti Gaming Vuosi sitten
lol in quarantine
Cade Littler
Cade Littler Vuosi sitten
Christina Bailey yes cutie
Expxnd Vuosi sitten
Christina Bailey yes
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Vuosi sitten
Christina Bailey Your not the only one
Pato Brot
Pato Brot Vuosi sitten
1500 watts sprint. Best tdf sprinter does 2000watts after 250km. 1500 Watt is very good
Froodogga Vuosi sitten
that bicycle test sucks...
Konkeror Vuosi sitten
6 pullups? this guy wouldn't qualify for the Canadian Army.
Josesito C
Josesito C 11 kuukautta sitten
He is not trying to
RoisinT2 Vuosi sitten
Looking at weight lifting, came to mind who is the strongest at NHL today?
iamrichrocker Vuosi sitten
guess they didn't have to measure his nut size..he will show them soon enough..
Qiet Vuosi sitten
Anyone else see mitch marner at the start?
Alex Farrell
Alex Farrell Vuosi sitten
This is now the best player in the world
Diablo III
Diablo III Vuosi sitten
Crosby, is considered or was considered, the best player in the NHL. he is 5'11, 182 pds lean... he isn't football thick and he isn't 6'2. if you think weight and height are key to forward players becoming greats in the NHL, then you don't understand hockey. The perfect weight and height allows you velocity, acceleration and lower hip center mass so no one can move you off the puck.
Trail N Error
Trail N Error Vuosi sitten
Just FYI....the purpose of the combine is, provide teams an idea on general athleticism of potential high-round draft picks. It's simply another metric they use to help determine if they want to select this person or not. Behind the scenes, there are countless interviews, personality tests, psychological tests, etc.... There is so much at stake when making their first round selection, they use all forms of data to really determine if this person is worthy of their selection. Kinda like what was said at the end of the movie Money Ball, you can analyze all the data you want, but at the end of the day, all that really matters what happens out on the ice, field, court, etc. and the players just need to play the game.
Trail N Error
Trail N Error Vuosi sitten
It's 2019. He's pretty much considered a bust now. I don't even know where he is playing. SPHL maybe? Europe?
Michael Cartier
Michael Cartier Vuosi sitten
Digital Dino r/woosh
Charles Groebner
Charles Groebner Vuosi sitten
Trail N Error He still with Edmonton. And he isn’t a bust, he is just on a shitty team.
XxStatic_ G0at
XxStatic_ G0at Vuosi sitten
God this guy sucks
Sulayman Aljaidi
Sulayman Aljaidi Vuosi sitten
only here because I won big off this game. just tailed www.sportsmodelanalytics.com picks
DamnUsernameTakenFU Vuosi sitten
McDavid looks like he doesn't belong there, BUT lace a skate and put a stick in his hand and throw him onto a frozen lake and he'll perform all kinds of miracle. For the love of God Oilers, win him some rings!
DS Vuosi sitten
Recently recommended anyone?
he can out bench kevin durant
AAP Vuosi sitten
The fitness gram pacer test
Biased Mashton
Biased Mashton Vuosi sitten
Probably will be a bust
T Meo
T Meo Vuosi sitten
I wonder how many careers were ruined, delayed or harmed in any way, doing these ridiculous drills. We all know the abilities of these guys on the ice, testing them off the ice is sort of dumb. You don't see the NFL combine testing on ice, they test on the same field they play on. Why not use ice for agility, shooting, etc. The FORCE PLATE, really? C'mon, this isn't basketball.If Conor can jump 4' off the ground, not very useful in hockey. Clearly he was #1 drafted and we all know what he has done since. This stuff is just risky, media created, garbage to fill lines of a newspaper or magazine.
kasd comoa
kasd comoa 6 päivää sitten
If you end your career before it even starts by doing a drill then you probably wouldn't last long in the NHL anyways lmao
1joshjosh1 Uukausi sitten
I am a new hockey fan and never played the game and was watching this randomly, at the beginning of the video they make a Connor McDavid jump really far. And that's exactly what entered my mind what if he hurt himself doing this? Thank you for confirming my thoughts to be true.
Nate Freedberg
Nate Freedberg Uukausi sitten
Best speech I’ve seen in a while
Dallas Biggz
Dallas Biggz Uukausi sitten
I completely agree and was thinking the same. To see if someone is a good golfer, why not test if they can swim across a river...like WTH...?
Harrison O
Harrison O 2 kuukautta sitten
It's measuring explosive power
iamgogi Vuosi sitten
Bench presses don't put pucks in net
Andrew Pawlack
Andrew Pawlack Vuosi sitten
3:32 that is a cool device! I have never seen that before
Josesito C
Josesito C 11 kuukautta sitten
I think its supposed to test how far he can stretch his leg to skate
8 Letter Lie
8 Letter Lie Vuosi sitten
Personality -0
ja maguire
ja maguire Vuosi sitten
Clqxzz Vuosi sitten
Fast forward 3 years
Ray Hoodoo
Ray Hoodoo 2 vuotta sitten
Omg that fucking ugly music
Joar Esberg
Joar Esberg 2 vuotta sitten
Someone 2019??
DonFisenkos 2 vuotta sitten
This is hilarious 😆 combine Something is definitely wrong !
P2floyd 2 vuotta sitten
This comment section is turning into the armchair quarterback combine.
Trevor Mcmillan
Trevor Mcmillan 2 vuotta sitten
Chris Mcshannock
Chris Mcshannock 2 vuotta sitten
Looking at Mcdavid now, That is a HUGE workout. Nice Job this season Mcdavid.
Max Voellmicke
Max Voellmicke 2 vuotta sitten
This is a joke
Freedomboy006 2 vuotta sitten
so stupid. if you want to judge talent, look how they play the game American football does this because their game is based on physicality rather than skill (except for QB position) hockey and all other team sports is based on skill. You can be the strongest and fastest but if you lack skill you wont go anywhere
the tallest penguin
the tallest penguin 2 vuotta sitten
Freedomboy006 you still need to see the physical aspect. Sure it’s not the most important part. But if you’re not in shape you’re likely to drop in draft rankings and can be the difference between two good players. Ofc Mcdavid was gonna be 1sr no matter what tho
Luke Parker
Luke Parker 2 vuotta sitten
Who was 109
BigRiGuy 2 vuotta sitten
It looks like he didn’t prepare for this at all lol
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 2 vuotta sitten
Wtf is the force plate for
Brian Boynton
Brian Boynton 2 vuotta sitten
Deez Nuts it measures how high they jump... How useful that is for hockey idk
C OG 2 vuotta sitten
Mr. Taxi mc t looking on. Do your 5 and get out Connor.
WC Gettings
WC Gettings 2 vuotta sitten
So if I didn't play hockey and showed up at this combine and killed it does this mean I get a hockey contract?
sethanddinosaurs 2 vuotta sitten
Bill Gettings the scouts don’t look at the athletic/strength combine as much, most of the time they are way more focused on skating, shooting, passing, etc if you were a god at the combine but literally can’t skate, good luck
HR PufnStuf
HR PufnStuf 2 vuotta sitten
he could have just punched everyone in the face and still went number 1
Based Digital
Based Digital 2 vuotta sitten
I’ve done all these at school
M K Vuosi sitten
So! ...What is you income now?
Brian Ferris
Brian Ferris 2 vuotta sitten
666th comment
Hailey Crossley
Hailey Crossley 2 vuotta sitten
Oh yeah 0:31 our boys Travis Dermott and Mitchy Marner on the screen in the background
Kaci Adam
Kaci Adam 2 vuotta sitten
Wow I was way more athletic then this guy when I was a senior 22 pull ups and would rep out at least 15 -20 on 50 on each side bench press
Josesito C
Josesito C 11 kuukautta sitten
Also hes a teen,a adult trashing on a teen
Josesito C
Josesito C 11 kuukautta sitten
Wow,so what pro league do you play for?
James Mac
James Mac Vuosi sitten
Maybe you were stronger, but clearly not more athletic.
NHL Fun Productions
NHL Fun Productions 2 vuotta sitten
I saw Michael marner to
Stacy Kramer
Stacy Kramer 2 vuotta sitten
I saw marner
Patriot1977 2 vuotta sitten
Бред какой то, какое это отношение имеет к хоккею?!?! Ну а результаты конечно странные, просто ещё не обожрался допинга...
Bri White
Bri White 2 vuotta sitten
I came here to see if I could see Adin, but I ended up with a whole lot of Nick Merkley... And sorry Connor but it's fucking Nicky.
Matt 2 vuotta sitten
All this....means nothing
Steve 2 vuotta sitten
lol, like a cattle or slave auction
Lawrence MacDonald
Lawrence MacDonald 2 vuotta sitten
Needs to be on a real hockey team
Cole Parsons 54 (STUDENT)
0:35 you can see that conners middle name is Kyle like if you saw it!
BrawlBro 2 vuotta sitten
All my stats are better and I’m only 15. IDK about the VO2 max tho. Edit: Don’t get triggered ik he’s better at hockey than me
Keeping it reel . . .
@Kyle Converse --- Not yet, he's only 15 : )
Kyle Converse
Kyle Converse 2 vuotta sitten
You must be the fucking man
Mobil Konto __Free__
Mobil Konto __Free__ 2 vuotta sitten
Awesome guy
Wgb8210 2 vuotta sitten
Seems like a pretty dumb way to evaluate hockey players.
M K Vuosi sitten
ok dumbass... what is your grip strength? Does it make you at least 2 million a year. I bet you don't even know what a toe drag is ...
JPOgs12 2 vuotta sitten
Milky Way
Milky Way 2 vuotta sitten
So getting into the NHL isn't only about skill. OOF. Lol
Jaden 2 vuotta sitten
1:14 Mitch marner is also there with McDavid
rolle -
rolle - Vuosi sitten
u can see him at 0:17 sitting there
M K Vuosi sitten
mitch who?
Jamal Kalaf
Jamal Kalaf 2 vuotta sitten
You gotta respect these players parents man they invested so much into getting them there on ice training like it’s so expensive, and for all the people saying basketball or football players are better athletes you have to realize that they are all completely different games and require different training and with hockey it’s mostly on ice training that excels players and with basketball and football you don’t have to pay to go on a court or a field cause they are plenty outdoors and outdoor hockey rinks only do so much for a players development compared to being on the ice
Zahven 2 vuotta sitten
I definitely counted nine pull ups
Fguito Fayh
Fguito Fayh Vuosi sitten
3 didn't count because of poor form
Patooty patooty
Patooty patooty 2 vuotta sitten
Idek anymore
Idek anymore 2 vuotta sitten
When I was 10 I did 8 pull-ups
Josesito C
Josesito C 11 kuukautta sitten
Yah but do you play in the nhl,NO
BluwZen 2 vuotta sitten
*cough* Mitch marner and Connor McDavid *bromance*
michael jai vincent
michael jai vincent 2 vuotta sitten
These hockey dudes really show their true colors off the ice. 😂😂😂😂
IISummy B
IISummy B 2 vuotta sitten
I’m 15 benching more than this shit
Johan Engström
Johan Engström 3 vuotta sitten
Du äger.nils,a.👍👍😘
ovsyanaya pechenka
ovsyanaya pechenka 3 vuotta sitten
дрищ какой -то !
Jack 3 vuotta sitten
Those "pro agility" drills had me dead lol
uz16 3 vuotta sitten
He looks so tiny heheh
John Sweeney
John Sweeney 3 vuotta sitten
He should have just told the powers that be to forget this crap. Watch me at the rink.
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson 3 vuotta sitten
Crosby is still better. Mcdavid needs to hit the gym.
floxy20 3 vuotta sitten
If I was a top prospect I would give this a pass and dare any knucklehead management to drop me down in the draft. I wouldn't want to play for an organization which gave any credence to this BS.
Michaelbos 3 vuotta sitten
In the old days a scouts word would be good enough. They just say the guy can do and that. It's like being a piece of meat on parade.
BigDug 101
BigDug 101 3 vuotta sitten
0:23 he's chilling right beside marner and Marner was drafted a year later
Twitch r3flEx
Twitch r3flEx Vuosi sitten
Emery Mckay6 both 2015 bud, same year
Habb Le
Habb Le 3 vuotta sitten
The incredible fabulous, stunning. Connor McDavid gigantic superstar go up
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