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Steve walks you through the process of undercoating the HEMI CUDA. TONY and I get the DEMO CUDAS CUMMINS Diesel moved back into its final spot. Ready for Matt to pick it up and have it rebuilt.
muscle cars, hemi, cuda, cummins, mopar, demo, demolition ranch
Intro- Forget the Whale - Suburban Outlaw
ES_NY 2 LA (Instrumental Version) - Nbhd Nick.mp3
ES_Art of Self - Ballpoint.mp3
ES_Marauder - Tigerblood Jewel.mp3
ES_Back2Life - Ballpoint.mp3

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Douglas Dailey
Douglas Dailey Uukausi sitten
Oh yeah, yellow cuda.
RailgunKDA Uukausi sitten
HA..!!! That MGS referance tho..!!
The Okayest Guy
The Okayest Guy Uukausi sitten
America! 🇺🇸
Todd King
Todd King Uukausi sitten
Love the Snake Plissken reference.
Qsaws Uukausi sitten
Tony always cracks me up
Im plode
Im plode Uukausi sitten
Y’all know 80 ain’t hot. Over 100 is hot
Python Opsec
Python Opsec Uukausi sitten
great Job, exciting builds. Really enjoying the demo build... the frankin Build :)
CtrAlt Del
CtrAlt Del Uukausi sitten
I got tinnitus pretty bad, love seeing this noise canceling work being done. Makes the build such a higher caliber. 👍
Lamont Cranston
Lamont Cranston Uukausi sitten
Can’t wait till my ‘Cuda goes in for paint. Love this car. Great work!
02cents Uukausi sitten
I really wish someone would speak up and trash the idea of the duallys. I would be 100% behind this if were going to have singles.
Papa Grim
Papa Grim Uukausi sitten
Watching tony smack a transfer punch like a center punch had me wincing a bit. Lol. Love the channel though, keep it up! You guys do awesome work!
Jay King
Jay King Uukausi sitten
Great job on the new channel you guys are going places
Clayton Woodward
Clayton Woodward Uukausi sitten
Setup? Doesn't everyone keep their fresh built motor in the paint bay?
pfow2006 Uukausi sitten
came for the demo cuda, but liking the other content as well, never knew there was such thing as spray on sound damp. good content and editing for new channel.
Hunter Charaba
Hunter Charaba Uukausi sitten
That painting setup looks like such a pain to work with
BearKlaaw Uukausi sitten
best birthday present ever
CaneAtvse Uukausi sitten
To all the northerners that laughed about texas gettin hit with snow an ice and sayin it wasnt that cold obviously didnt realize how hot it gets same thing with oklahoma... shit goes from below freezing and snow to sunny and 85 within a days time... that and the pines and cedars pollen is stupid high now that its warm to
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
YA, we don't take 0 temps well. We have no equipment for that. It was 5 degrees on a Thursday and by Tuesday it was 75-80 degrees..... TEXAS.
Don't know how new your camera or gopro is you're using but maybe find a stabilization mode. Just a little jittery. Other than that. I can't wait to see Matt's build done
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
Just bought a new sony zv-1
Simon r
Simon r Uukausi sitten
Why is your shop not building the Demo Cuda car ? Surely it's more logical for a shop that does these builds all the time to do the whole thing!!!
Simon r
Simon r Uukausi sitten
@MuscleRodShop cheers for the update just thought reading the description on the video that he was taking the whole thing elsewhere hence had to ask! 💯% 👍🇬🇧.
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
@Simon r Matt is coming to pick up the engine to have the engine rebuilt.
Simon r
Simon r Uukausi sitten
@MuscleRodShop not according to what you wrote in the description of this video. It clearly states ..Tony and I get the Demo Cudas Cummins Diesel moved back into its final spot. Ready for MATT to pick it up and have it rebuilt. You're word's not mine!!!
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
Muscle Rod Shop IS building the entire DEMO CUDA.
Layne Anderson
Layne Anderson Uukausi sitten
are you filling those big factory frame holes and then redrill for the engine mounts to the frame?
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
That is the plan. Every hole not in use gets welded up.
Steve Flight
Steve Flight Uukausi sitten
Love how Tony is taking this new role of a FIplacer 😂
Randy Phillips
Randy Phillips Uukausi sitten
"Snake PlisSkin" Nice! The eyepatch was epic!
Owstannn Bowssannn
Owstannn Bowssannn Uukausi sitten
Some people may not like it, but I actually love that they throw in little tips, tricks, and info about what they’re doing.
Jim MacDonald
Jim MacDonald Uukausi sitten
no mention of the true undercoat pro-tip... keep that feed hose SHORT!!!
Owstannn Bowssannn
Owstannn Bowssannn Uukausi sitten
That undercoat application was ASMIR to us OCDer’s
Alexander Uukausi sitten
Not long in the game and your video quality is amazing, Keep it up!
PolarBear Uukausi sitten
Scott Bloxsom
Scott Bloxsom Uukausi sitten
10:57 "door skieieienns" hahha i kid, i kid!!!
Scott Bloxsom
Scott Bloxsom Uukausi sitten
canary yellow?.....
Alex _
Alex _ Uukausi sitten
Definetly good tips and tricks for when i want to restore my 70 roadrunner and 82 D150.
Rick Steinbauer
Rick Steinbauer Uukausi sitten
I’m loving the little text comments scattered throughout the video
southwest Detroit rob
southwest Detroit rob Uukausi sitten
Dust mask,not respirator
Chuckuns Uukausi sitten
So a little analytics here... Y'all have 130K subs and have 12K likes. Not too shabby for a budding channel! Can't wait to watch it grow!
Chuckuns Uukausi sitten
You guys are doing great. Glad I got in towards the start. Editing is really coming along, quality is awesome as well. Only constructive criticism I have is some anti-shake when using the selfie stick and maybe some external mics, but audio still isn't bad, so don't get me wrong. Can't wait to see this channel grow!
Josh Se
Josh Se Uukausi sitten
Iffy on that bumble bee poo color whew way to bright
Josh Se
Josh Se Uukausi sitten
Finally dont have to wait on demo to post it
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown Uukausi sitten
What a wild project! Love the 💡
Brian Riggs
Brian Riggs Uukausi sitten
Why not just cut and shorten the frame behind the trans cross member then all mounts stay stock and you don't have all the extra room up front?
scarmenl Uukausi sitten
It is so good to see people that like working together.
Lalofelix73 Uukausi sitten
Awesome work
Ryan Lowry
Ryan Lowry Uukausi sitten
Escape From Muscle Rod Shop
Clay Scarborough
Clay Scarborough Uukausi sitten
Hey guys y’all should try a wireless mike so you can hear y’all better when Tony wants to beat on stuff just a suggestion love the videos
Wylon Parker
Wylon Parker Uukausi sitten
I think I missed one but will go back and catch it love the videos
Scott Jewett
Scott Jewett Uukausi sitten
Tony has mad skills in the shop not so good in front of a camera yet but i am thinking he will be a star here coming soon .I Love whats yall are doing and love the work yall are doing on matts beast.
Mike Benedetto
Mike Benedetto Uukausi sitten
I want to see a black guy test drive it
Goose Gaming
Goose Gaming Uukausi sitten
Selfie stick is kinda shaky.
Streamergamer 69
Streamergamer 69 Uukausi sitten
Never thought about how much work goes into the sound of the car. Very interesting video segment
Streamergamer 69
Streamergamer 69 Uukausi sitten
Justin Canal
Justin Canal Uukausi sitten
Why not 4-link the front and rear axles instead of using the leaf springs? It'll be stronger to handle the increased horsepower
Z Ack
Z Ack Uukausi sitten
Always wanted to sound deaden a car from. Bare bones up to personally hear the difference in sounds but never had the chance with a car to do it.. either dont wanna put the money into it or sell it before get too much tinker time with it..
The Undertaker
The Undertaker Uukausi sitten
Got to love the local talent . You guys rock !
lonny self
lonny self Uukausi sitten
is it fire retardant, I would make that hood tip forward or even slide out Russo garage a few years ago did one it was nice
Rasmus Winther Mathorne
Missing some sound.
Eric Goodrich
Eric Goodrich Uukausi sitten
Just wanted to say thank You! Loving the content, and enjoying the opportunity to see these creations take shape! Also, I put this video on for my 22 month old nephew, and as he sat in my lap, he instantly calmed down while watching the underbody and sound dampening spraying. Looks like you got 2 fans for the price of one!
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
lol, teaching them young!
fin gerrs
fin gerrs Uukausi sitten
Awesome shit guys 🏋️‍♂️ Plz tell me that motor is goung to be detailed 🇦🇺
Brap 69HD
Brap 69HD Uukausi sitten
Build a 4 link up front at least
Brap 69HD
Brap 69HD Uukausi sitten
I hope you bead roll the firwall an floor
Brap 69HD
Brap 69HD Uukausi sitten
I hope you don't do all this work and leave it leaf springs
tony scott
tony scott Uukausi sitten
Love it, great content and good vibes from the team, loving the funny additions and the personalities. What is that intro music, it's outstanding!
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
Suburban Outlaw - Forget the Whale. Great music.
Andrew Frew
Andrew Frew Uukausi sitten
Just a word for improvement, you would be better holding the camera with your hand with out the camera extender as it makes the video shake 👍
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
Thanks for the tip
87xfute Uukausi sitten
Don't forget to fix the KDP before you start it !! Seeya Rob.................KDP Killer Dowel Pin.....it's in the front of the engine behind the timing cover !!
ZBegay Uukausi sitten
froggyhopper1 Uukausi sitten
Loving your work.
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
Thank you.
Andy Crowley
Andy Crowley Uukausi sitten
Holy smokes you guys are doing an insane amount of fabrication on the demo cuda. Its incredible that you found enough guys with the skills required to do these complex, down to a few thousandths of an inch modifications to a 50 year old car body. You guys earned that new lift for sure even though you clearly dont need any financial help with anything. If you can pump out jobs like this it puts you in the highest level ofmetal fabrication available to the general public and thats not a cheap hourly rate. Im glued.
Bill Klement
Bill Klement Uukausi sitten
You all had me at Snake Plissken! I appreciate the info in the sound treatment. I had put a very good stereo (mostly the home grade speakers which I designed) in my 2003 tundra (insert joke here). I wanted it Cadillac quiet. I did a lot of research, but never got around to installing anything. That's pretty much what I was going to install. Looking forward to seeing Matt's Cummins Cuda! There's something so wrong about that! 😁
Andy Crowley
Andy Crowley Uukausi sitten
The amount of thought and time you put into the acoustics inside your builds makes me really want to take a ride in one just to hear what a properly sound deadened classic muscle cafr sounds like. They always sound so rattley and clunky compared to a 2015 challenger.
Blindby joy
Blindby joy Uukausi sitten
I get to learn as well as watch some sweet car being built. I like the direction the channel is taking.
Andy Crowley
Andy Crowley Uukausi sitten
How to build a successful youtube channel. 1: Do epic awesome shit. 2: put it on the interwebs. 3: Get Matts phone number. 4:$$$$$$$
Anthony Paynter
Anthony Paynter Uukausi sitten
It’s crazy how much goes into a car that no one ever sees and it’s so interesting
Abed Abuhatab
Abed Abuhatab Uukausi sitten
Man you are killing it on the content!
Gearhead 6971
Gearhead 6971 Uukausi sitten
426 Crate??
ThiccBrz YT
ThiccBrz YT Uukausi sitten
I’m new CUDA 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mark Caldwell
Mark Caldwell Uukausi sitten
Snake Plissken that rocks, awesome movie and the Cuda is nice too.
Camping with Homer
Camping with Homer Uukausi sitten
I really enjoy watching the dually build just because it's so different. Keep filming your doing great!
Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens Uukausi sitten
So.. I'm curious ..The Vibro Solutions stuff they put on the roof inside.. How well does the adhesive work sitting in the hot hot Texas, or anywhere, sun??
Paul Mantei
Paul Mantei Uukausi sitten
As long as the surface is clean it sticks very well.
Tennessee Tony
Tennessee Tony Uukausi sitten
Y’all are doing a great job. I really enjoy your channel it’s relaxing. Awesome job. Thanks
Aaron Hodges
Aaron Hodges Uukausi sitten
Thanks for teaching and entertaining
David Windsor
David Windsor Uukausi sitten
Looking good and staring to get everything where it needs to be.👍
Nelson Beaumont
Nelson Beaumont Uukausi sitten
you forgot to turn off the shake cam setting lol
TheDeafMonkeyof89 Uukausi sitten
When you take pride in your work it doesn't matter if you're doing FIplace videos or building cars you're going to do a good job.
TheDeafMonkeyof89 Uukausi sitten
You should use a different car for the opening burnout every episode.
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
Exactly what I've been thinking.
Jeremy G
Jeremy G Uukausi sitten
Maybe you guys should do Matt's bronco to lol 🤷‍♂️
The Radio Weyr
The Radio Weyr Uukausi sitten
We move forward or back?
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
Tony says forward for some reason when we're moving back....
MaKaPaLa Trace
MaKaPaLa Trace Uukausi sitten
Lookin good
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus Uukausi sitten
It needs to be called CREEPY CUDA!! Been suggesting it since the first video.
SpectroGProductions Uukausi sitten
Tony: "Don't mind me, just punchin hoes..."
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
James Witte
James Witte Uukausi sitten
I wonder what Matt would think if you gave him twin turbos off a semi ???
280zone Uukausi sitten
Don't let the body guy see you using that body hammer on a center punch:)
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
He already knows...
CoMMunalBrrute43 Gaming
Just a little input on the video I don’t know if you’re using the go Pro’s but The GoPro eight has a mode that helps with the shaky footage
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
SONY ZV-1. Getting a gimble
rabid_1 Uukausi sitten
Don't tell Mere abouts Matt's "Trans Crossmember".
VikingBeard 1970
VikingBeard 1970 Uukausi sitten
So are all those MOST AWSOME muscle cars ever the shops or customers. Either way some rare beautiful muscle.
VikingBeard 1970
VikingBeard 1970 Uukausi sitten
@MuscleRodShop Beautiful work all over that shop.
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
Mostly all customers. The grey Vette is Steve's.
Jason Gauden
Jason Gauden Uukausi sitten
How long would a build like demos be expected to take?
UnitD77 Uukausi sitten
stabilization tech is a very nice technology advancement. I'm shaking in my chair here watching this. kinda painful to watch.
Jason Lechler
Jason Lechler Uukausi sitten
Great video,that under coating is slicker than owl shit
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
Yep, this is true till it's dry. Better not get any on your hands. It's a pain to wash off.
Philip Brewer
Philip Brewer Uukausi sitten
This is car porn if I've ever seen it! Yall are doing great work in the shop and on this channel. Thanks Demo Matt, for pointing us towards this channel!
Chuck Logan
Chuck Logan Uukausi sitten
Was that motor for Demo Cuda rebuilt?
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
It will be in a few episodes.
The florida Life
The florida Life Uukausi sitten
I love how he dumbs it down for ppl that don’t know anything abt cars, so he puts easer it names in the subtitles
Jeremiah Truman
Jeremiah Truman Uukausi sitten
🐍5:20 Snake Bliskin
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
Hahaha It worked out well
Rommel Castaneda
Rommel Castaneda Uukausi sitten
I've heard that rubberized undercoating holds moisture and accelerates the rust process on the frame. How do you avoid this?
MuscleRodShop Uukausi sitten
If the surface that is being coated is clear coated and scuffed it'll be fine. Cars that we've done 15 years ago are still doing fine with no flaking or peeling. The under coating is up to the customer.
Caden Korzan
Caden Korzan Uukausi sitten
use Precision Turbos. aint no better turbos then them. Approved by ole Cleetur Mcskeeter himself
Quick DEMO CUDA update.
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