How a 3D TV works in Super Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys 

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3D glasses are surprisingly fast! Gav whacks out the phantom to show you how on earth a Plasma 3D TV and glasses complete the rather complex task of showing 3D content on a 2D screen. Check out KiwiCo.com/SlowMoGuys50 for 50% off your first month on any crate.
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Filmed at 2000fps using a Phantom Flex 4K and 20,000fps using the
How a 3D TV works in Super Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys








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Braa_Di 7 tuntia sitten
I was always thinking how that feature is working, but I’ve never imagined that it’s working that way! Such an amazing tech. Thank you 🙏🏻
Elijahdoesmine9 2nd channel
Thank goodness I'm not epileptic
Yusuf Alfiansyah
Yusuf Alfiansyah Päivä sitten
7:03 lol
Kit kun
Kit kun Päivä sitten
I always tried to wink really fast but never quite could do it several times per second lol
Kit kun
Kit kun Päivä sitten
Unknown 82
Unknown 82 Päivä sitten
So does that mean Plasma screens actually fully light up all pixels at once 8 times per frame? While others just never fully light up and are constantly being re-updated from top to bottom the old way?
Rad AF
Rad AF Päivä sitten
What about a 3ds?
Ben Verdel
Ben Verdel 2 päivää sitten
I have an LCD-3D tv. With a 3D DVD player 5+1 surround.. It's not like looking at a film in a box, but more like through a window as the 3D reaches behind as well as in front of the screen. My favorite s are Avatar and Hugo. I have a 40 inch tv, which is about the absolut minimum to enjoy your "window"-view.
Ankeger NSK
Ankeger NSK 2 päivää sitten
at LG, everything is implemented more successfully, there is passive 3D
James Harris
James Harris 2 päivää sitten
I suspect when 3D came along, one of the reasons it wasn't adopted because many old laser disc customers had become suspicious of new technology dumped on the market before it was perfected. I wonder how many unplayable Pioneer lasers are still out there collecting dust in basements @ around $30.00 per movie.
Ca7iburn 3 päivää sitten
Awesome! I will be adding another of your videos to my list for teaching CS :)
TheUnswatableMidge 3 päivää sitten
If you look very closely the glasses also flash commands like OBEY and CONSUME in front of your eyes. It's AMAZING!
Henry Beck
Henry Beck 3 päivää sitten
Where is Dan??
Coltography 3 päivää sitten
well that blew my mind
Vladimir Smorodinov
Vladimir Smorodinov 3 päivää sitten
why we don't have TV's/smartphones with tehnology like in a nintendo 3ds screen?
Châu Tuấn Lạc
Châu Tuấn Lạc 3 päivää sitten
funny way, im searching any youtuber of any contents that have subtitle for me to learn english ^^
Genius 3 päivää sitten
I want a 3d tv so bad
NegativeZero 6 päivää sitten
Why is Murphy doind slow mo now
salty stoner
salty stoner 6 päivää sitten
what happened to dan?
monstercolorfun co
monstercolorfun co 9 päivää sitten
any 120fps tv can do the same thing these days afaik, using the right timing.
L Liddle
L Liddle 10 päivää sitten
7:05 that was hilarious
Risha's Healthy Recipes
Risha's Healthy Recipes 11 päivää sitten
Just wow
Mike F
Mike F 13 päivää sitten
Any chance I can buy those glasses off you? I have a 3D Plasma that I have never been able to use because I never got the glasses with it.. :)
Bag of Chips
Bag of Chips 15 päivää sitten
know what might be interesting, stsnding in a room of mirrors including ceiling n floor with the only light being a flash light or lazer pen, then turn off said light and watch the residual light bounce away.
Magic Rock
Magic Rock 15 päivää sitten
on and then off just like eye blinking is that actually 3D we called
its.alexander.p 1
its.alexander.p 1 15 päivää sitten
wheres dan?
fart cloud
fart cloud 15 päivää sitten
That's cool
Tom Hewitt
Tom Hewitt 16 päivää sitten
Those 3d lenses at 0:49 had uncanny, Johnny-5 hangover vibes
Gonzalo Marsilli
Gonzalo Marsilli 16 päivää sitten
our poor brains have to stand this?
Jake Brown
Jake Brown 17 päivää sitten
i wish 3d tvs took off
malevolent NTT
malevolent NTT 17 päivää sitten
I see they freed the hobitziz from isenhorn
Alexworld 18 päivää sitten
In case anyone is wondering where Dan is, and somehow has not put the pieces together; Him and Gav live in different parts of the world. They've been unable to meet up to do a Slow Mo Guys video together for a while due to [CURRENT WORLD EVENTS]. So Dan did not leave.
Cracked Noodles
Cracked Noodles 19 päivää sitten
Rizqian Nur
Rizqian Nur 20 päivää sitten
Orang Indonesia hadir
Zandréa Lange
Zandréa Lange 20 päivää sitten
No wonder you get a headache after watching a 3D movie - the flashing really gets your brain wrecked..
Akshay Madan
Akshay Madan 22 päivää sitten
This is such a great video. Thanks for the super cool explanation through slow Motion. Fantastic
DJTINNIO 22 päivää sitten
Hey Slow Mo Guys, can you please tell this person, that he is horribly wrong ? He claims, that measuring the speed of light did not happen. Channel : Veritasium Video title : Why No One Has Measured The Speed Of Light His take is, that it is measured using a mirror, and that we can't know , if the reflecting on a mirror, changes the light's speed. He claims, it could be, that the one way towards the mirror is the speed we know, and the way back could be instantanious. Wtf ? I say, his take is already destroyed, by imagining using a 4 mirror setup for the same distance of travel that gets measured, instead of a one mirror setup, and see the same result of measured time the light needs to travel that distance. Yet we film light, and he still has his video up. Like, come on.
John Revill
John Revill 22 päivää sitten
Great Video. You should do a test on the "NEW" 3D projectors. 3D TV might be dead, but 3D Projectors rock. Most projector manufacturers settled on a 3D standard called DLP-Link. and brought down the cost of the glasses. If only the TV manufacturers had done the same thing, maybe we'd still have 3D TV's.
STaR • GLaCER 22 päivää sitten
3:01 why im scared
General Ghost
General Ghost 22 päivää sitten
iPhone ಠಗಠ
MuscleCarModeler 24 päivää sitten
Another amazing video! Would love to see a woodpecker knocking on something. This would be very difficult since the bird is so random. You guys are fantastic. Thanks for sharing your passion!!!
3 루수tv
3 루수tv 25 päivää sitten
Kevin Matano
Kevin Matano 25 päivää sitten
wheres DAN 😓
Moshe the Zealot
Moshe the Zealot 25 päivää sitten
Where's Dan?
Andreas Lindqvist
Andreas Lindqvist 25 päivää sitten
its weird how thing like these tvs once upon a time just a couple of years ago feelt so new and would be the new groundbreaking thing. and then it just dissapeared and never became a thing. and now its just an old plasma tv from the late 2000s
CLICKS 25 päivää sitten
couldnt you just use the same footage from one camera and duplicate it ? 1:20
blackmorserose1 26 päivää sitten
Can you show how a Nintendo 3Ds shows us 3D without glasses in slowmo?
Cobra-Z Gaming
Cobra-Z Gaming 26 päivää sitten
He is alone except his partner
Ron G
Ron G 27 päivää sitten
I’m sad that 3D TV never saw its full potential.
Angie Kyle
Angie Kyle 27 päivää sitten
What about movies that do not have battery operated glasses? Like at the movie theaters?
renz joseph remo
renz joseph remo 27 päivää sitten
Can you fire the M2 Browning machine gun its 50 bmg its like a barret but more effective
Bang Gw Ganteng
Bang Gw Ganteng 28 päivää sitten
Finally now i can sleep
swami karthi
swami karthi 28 päivää sitten
Where is dan ?
High voltage
High voltage 28 päivää sitten
I want 1 million frames per second
Mohammad Dawoud
Mohammad Dawoud 28 päivää sitten
Where is daaaaan
KALL 01_
KALL 01_ 28 päivää sitten
Is that pelita in the dustbin at 2:26 ??..pelita was so many in malaysia😁..love from Malaysia ❤️
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall 29 päivää sitten
I see why 3D causes headaches cause jeesh that’s a lot going on!
Bruce Ewart
Bruce Ewart 29 päivää sitten
Is pimple popping an option? Asking for a friend.
Adrianpro143 29 päivää sitten
It is amazing how many things we see happen so fast, but in slow motion, it is mind blowing, really satisfying 😯
Sergei Antonov
Sergei Antonov 29 päivää sitten
Thanks a lot! btw is there a chance you've made a video showing the difference between a new and old strings on the guitars which will show us finally why they sound terrible with a time?
macronencer Uukausi sitten
Fascinating stuff... although if I'm honest, the biggest surprise in this video for me was discovering that 3D TVs aren't sold any more. I have a 40-inch (2D) TV I bought in about 2006, but I don't watch TV, only DVDs and FIplace, so I'm really out of touch with the tech. It's a shame! Are they really just unavailable now?
Daniel Barusz
Daniel Barusz Uukausi sitten
I have 10 of these who wants them???
Ernie Z
Ernie Z Uukausi sitten
Anyone notice that Shade towards Apple not having a cord jack. Much deserved. Quite sly.
Can't Decide a Name
Can't Decide a Name Uukausi sitten
3:28 That thing will haunt my dreams forever
Cloud VII
Cloud VII Uukausi sitten
People with epilepsy trigger
SMArTwo Uukausi sitten
In fact, 3D TVs disappear because big companies are lame, they didn't care about consumer, they cared only about profit. They didn;'t came for an agreement about just ONE 3D tech, everyone choose they one way, even by purpose. Even more, just for one company., new 3D tech was released, so the old tech became obstolete, or more adaptors...... So...too many incompatibilities, too many options, too many customer complains...like those old times with non-tochscreen cellphones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson , Siemens, Sagem who didn't want to share the same cable connections like nowadays MicroUSB or Type C.... $croolthem all, i brought a 100% chinese 4K 3D DLP Projector ...they loose, hahaha
Daniel Alonzo Cital
Daniel Alonzo Cital Uukausi sitten
I've always wanted a 3D tv, but they were so expensive.
Daniel Alonzo Cital
Daniel Alonzo Cital 20 tuntia sitten
@GraveUypo how much was it?
GraveUypo 22 tuntia sitten
what? no they were not. back in 2010 i bought a 40" 3D tv that was at the bottom end of the price range. really cheap.
Lilwrld Uukausi sitten
where is Dan ?
Mohammed Fazil
Mohammed Fazil Uukausi sitten
Where is DAN ?
B R Uukausi sitten
No wonder 3d movies give me such a headache lol
joko tri
joko tri Uukausi sitten
Everybody can thank James Cameron for that 3d method
Aditya Khetarpal
Aditya Khetarpal Uukausi sitten
You should put an epilepsy warning.
Jaqen Uukausi sitten
Just watched some 3D stuff on my projector tonight. It’s fun when it works but some media just isn’t made well enough for it and there’s so little to pick from in the first place.
Inquisitor Ruk
Inquisitor Ruk Uukausi sitten
So that's why 3d movies gave me migraines. Interesting.
BillyBadasssssss Uukausi sitten
now that nobody uses the tvs
D. Charles
D. Charles Uukausi sitten
Lool why that dark music started to play...had me feeling spooked💀
Cafeína Digital
Cafeína Digital Uukausi sitten
I think their plan is to perform a huge price leap on the next 3d leap. Huge.
Conkr CsTf
Conkr CsTf Uukausi sitten
Thought he was gonna say "they're relics of the past... Today we're sponsored by 3d TVs"
Xaniss Uukausi sitten
3d was a gimic a decade ago lol, nobody needs that. Except for in VR.
GraveUypo 22 tuntia sitten
it was actually neat, but they used it all wrong.
MLP Shawn
MLP Shawn 28 päivää sitten
This. I remember all the craze about 3d around 2010 lol
Delta MS
Delta MS Uukausi sitten
Honestly thanks for the flashing images warning. Love your videos but I have to skip this one. It’s crazy how something so simple can make you so sick.
NillaBeatSamples Uukausi sitten
I love how you pitch the background music down when you slow it down the video more
Domoguy Uukausi sitten
3:06 that's quite disturbing lol
Poozenooze The poo
Poozenooze The poo Uukausi sitten
You know the name would be better if it was called the “Slow mo bros.”
Naruto usumaki
Naruto usumaki Uukausi sitten
Wher is Dan ??
Love my 3D tv will never get rid of it. Shame it all never took on.
Chris Wong
Chris Wong Uukausi sitten
We still have our 3D tv from around the time they came out and it was our main tv until the start of last year. We only ever used the 3D mode for about a month after we got it though.
Papi johnny
Papi johnny Uukausi sitten
Where is dan ?
Weeb Slime
Weeb Slime Uukausi sitten
is there ever happen when the supposed to see right eye but the glasses turn off the right eye? like, it switching the correct eyes is that happen?
Daniel McIntyre
Daniel McIntyre Uukausi sitten
That was wacky to learn
Extraneus Uukausi sitten
my 3d tv is kinda meh but the 3d monitor is like playing in a diorama
Arica Liptak
Arica Liptak Uukausi sitten
The angry buzzard coherently bless because plastic astonishingly cheat alongside a boring hygienic. slippery, defective cell
TulpechaidoplaysMC Uukausi sitten
Seeing the warning at the beginning: I’m sure it’s not that bad. I’ve seen plenty of vids with similar warnings and it was fine After seeing the slowmo plasma Tv: my brain hurts
Hisui Ryu
Hisui Ryu Uukausi sitten
Nintendo 3DS also the same, but how they manage to show 3D images without glasses?
Rimas Haji
Rimas Haji Uukausi sitten
Where is another guy?
King James
King James Uukausi sitten
I luv my 3d TV 📺 and I'm still buying 3d movies to add to my collection. Everyone is missing out on great technology
Roland Uukausi sitten
I have a 3D TV by LG. I love it! It's passive 3D.
Richard Isecke
Richard Isecke Uukausi sitten
What if I tell you that I'm watching this video in one of those TVs, and I still have one of those 3D glasses too?? Both perfectly working!
Kobra Editing
Kobra Editing Uukausi sitten
I really hope something revives this tech soon. Mine's not going to survive forever.
John Smith
John Smith Uukausi sitten
So you did a CRT, LCD, and a Plasma TV in slow motion. Now you just have to do a DLP projector with sequential color to finish it.
Vishnu.P.R .Nellimoodu
Vishnu.P.R .Nellimoodu Uukausi sitten
Somebody give me an eye solution, it hurys😳😳
Saif1YT Uukausi sitten
I still have a 3d tv and recently started watching some old movies on it
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