How to make KISSEL like babushka (кисель) - Russian Kissel cooking with Boris 

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Goes well with syrnik: fiplace.info/loft/videot/brF8ZJCero-0eaA
Similar to kompot: fiplace.info/loft/videot/cpmNm2etuXmwd5I
More cooking videos: fiplace.info/loft/videot/joKZnYOex6usbKA
fresh, frozen or dried fruits and berries. Boris uses frozen strawberries and blackcurrants.
potato starch
for topping: milk, ice cream or whipped cream. or mayonnaise if Boris.
For every cup (250ml) of berries add 2 cups (500ml) water.
Sugar amount depends on sweetness of berries, so try yourself. Usually 8-16 tablespoons needed.
For every 4 cups (1 liter) of water use 3 tablespoons (without heap) of starch.
Boris makes the legendary babushka recipe - Russian kissel. Very easy to make even on budget. This dessert is very easy to make even for beginner.
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uamee Uukausi sitten
Boris knows no one has mastered potato 🥔 quite like Latvians have 😂
Connor L
Connor L 2 päivää sitten
*stares in Irish*
irish man
irish man 3 päivää sitten
Twenty One Cubers
Twenty One Cubers 4 päivää sitten
• сука х гнеиz •
@1iLLnoize1 western spy, whiskey is made on states of united america
Aryansh Sharma
Aryansh Sharma 10 päivää sitten
@Poop Diearheason isnt that just vodka
Okami Amaterasu
Okami Amaterasu 13 tuntia sitten
Man, Boris is the kinda of homie I always wanted.
Jeremy Morrison
Jeremy Morrison 18 tuntia sitten
You may be a very strange man But damn if you're not entertaining
Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd
Chrome PhugboiThe 3rd Päivä sitten
Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin Päivä sitten
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmi liked the old intro betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
pedro augusto
pedro augusto Päivä sitten
What can I use instead of Berries?
SkyBrigidRain Päivä sitten
They don't sell potato starch in my area!!!
Тюлень 2 päivää sitten
Угарный контент)))
Wawan 56
Wawan 56 2 päivää sitten
idk why i'm smiling while watching this
Tadeas Hirs
Tadeas Hirs 3 päivää sitten
What do you call anatoli? Doesnt matter when he is in the army again
Lucas Berezovsky
Lucas Berezovsky 3 päivää sitten
Кисель is kinda like juice but more thick and less flavor
CapitainTV 5 päivää sitten
That reminds me of my babushkas secret super slavic recipe: it is sort of like Syrnik but with fried bacon there is also sort of potato flour goo and it is served with sugar (Yes u have heard it right with sugar when I was eating it for first time i thought blyat bacon and cheese with sugar???) but it is delecious but unfortenetly my babushka took the recipe to her grave
Jeffy Stevens
Jeffy Stevens 5 päivää sitten
2:56 *SUGAR*
LJB animations :p
LJB animations :p 5 päivää sitten
Ahh yes the babci kisiel It reminds me of my babcia's special sousage that i was making with her its cold kolbusy good ass sausage i must say the water after them is so dense and Salty that you used to eate it with bread it was like rosół and you culd eate it only on christmas Necessarily with chrzan ahh babuszkas kiełbasa
Mark Eynsher
Mark Eynsher 5 päivää sitten
Впервые слышу,чтобы кисель ели да и тем более со сливками
KuguX HTML 6 päivää sitten
Delicous strawberry motor oil.
Ajaxx 6 päivää sitten
I know this is Russian recipe, but would a German potato masher work?
Lūkass Dimitrijevs
Lūkass Dimitrijevs 6 päivää sitten
Boris, I really enjoy your videos since day about 300, but blad move those subtitres couple pixels up, zayebal to not being able to see them fully while watching fullscreen. -.-
Jaylen Moreno
Jaylen Moreno 7 päivää sitten
hello boris pls make russkiy shchi on camera thanks bye
TYLER hyundai
TYLER hyundai 8 päivää sitten
My fav sounds 0:03 0:56 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Weaver 8 päivää sitten
Boris made me want to learn Russian, BUT
Yablonya 9 päivää sitten
Его киселя боялись выпить даже чеченцы..
Goda Pla
Goda Pla 9 päivää sitten
In the baltic lands of Lithuania, kissiel is made like a drink, a thick kompot almost. Mostly drinken on christmas eve. No berries, usually no sugar. Just berries, water and starch.
Korpus69 10 päivää sitten
koolbambino 10 päivää sitten
Oppo Oppo
Oppo Oppo 11 päivää sitten
Is it weird that I hate sugar
cricutcrazy2010 11 päivää sitten
And they say that Americans are fat, Dude that's alot of sugar
Pedro Mendes
Pedro Mendes 11 päivää sitten
Cat VonDee
Cat VonDee 13 päivää sitten
Kissel is Kiisseli in Finnish, I can see where we stole than from
Макс Иванов
Макс Иванов 13 päivää sitten
Братан тыж русский)))))))
moosejuice216 14 päivää sitten
2:54 he sounded southern 😂
Portugal Amino
Portugal Amino 14 päivää sitten
Бабушкин Кисель?Класс,спс, Борис
cristal_marino20 16 päivää sitten
1:00 and mayonese
Eddy Marquez
Eddy Marquez 16 päivää sitten
I just finished making some and lemme tel you my family loved it!!! Love from El Paso🇺🇸🇲🇽
Soviet Union Productions
Soviet Union Productions 16 päivää sitten
Boris help me I accidentally put an amount of sugar in a small bag into the Kissel
ArchArturo 16 päivää sitten
Wait... The idea of Kissel Shots does not anger Babushka, but the salt does?.
E A 18 päivää sitten
Instructions unclear I accidentally reestablish the Soviet Union
kitty burger
kitty burger 18 päivää sitten
0:19 thought you said diesel for a sec lmao
Vfreek 4ever
Vfreek 4ever 19 päivää sitten
Finally catching up on your videos! Love the new opening!
JIUNnF 19 päivää sitten
4:48 взаржал. 5:38 не научила бабушка что наливать нужно над кастрюлей.
K. Iniyan
K. Iniyan 19 päivää sitten
Cook food on a CPU next , please
Manuel Gómez de Membrillera Pérez
Kumikuler 20 päivää sitten
Name of the intro song
Kossolax the Foresworn
Kossolax the Foresworn 20 päivää sitten
also kiisseli is not to be mixed, just wait till it gives a bubble and once it gives a bubble it means its done. if it bubbles lots, you just boiled your kiisseli and done fucked up. this is how I remember it being made. it needs to be really thick and if it boils it looses its thickness.
Kossolax the Foresworn
Kossolax the Foresworn 20 päivää sitten
kiisseli time
buffalo1236B 21 päivä sitten
well... Kissel? more like... “kiss el” Edit: Slavs *dislikes the name Kissel* except *the flavor*
Iguaani Pilvessä
Iguaani Pilvessä 21 päivä sitten
”Your favourite grandson Boris” Anatoli: Silence You know....... because he doesnt talk much
good song
good song 21 päivä sitten
100% accent
phish 21 päivä sitten
2:56 😳
Danny Yoroi
Danny Yoroi 22 päivää sitten
Boris it terrifies me at the thought that if Vadim becomes a father and has kids who will get kids they will call him *GRANDIM* and RESPECTIVELY
Natalie Nat
Natalie Nat 22 päivää sitten
Can't wait to become babushka myself!
Ivana2361 px
Ivana2361 px 22 päivää sitten
As a woman i cant watch these
Niler Рог
Niler Рог 22 päivää sitten
У меня так компот готовят
Enclave 23 päivää sitten
What Russian subtirs
Erwin 23 päivää sitten
whats this?! no mayonez on the strawberry jam? what has 2021 done to our boris!
Virgil 23 päivää sitten
This is варенье, but not кисель.
Глеб Руссайев
Глеб Руссайев 23 päivää sitten
Masterchef Boris👌😂
SCP- 096
SCP- 096 24 päivää sitten
instructions unclear, burnt house down again twice
CJ 24 päivää sitten
Дай субтитры сука блядь
KHYLE KHYLE 24 päivää sitten
" Thx boris ”
A man with no sense of humor
A man with no sense of humor 24 päivää sitten
When he said sugar it sounded like how western spy would say it, Boris spent too long spying on them in the KGB.
Kamga Althafa Ekapraya Cahyadi
Kamga Althafa Ekapraya Cahyadi 25 päivää sitten
“if you have burned the house down, start again” me : did you mean start your life all over again?
Jāzeps 26 päivää sitten
Boris used Latvian potato starch sohemust be living close to Latvia
true slave gopnic
true slave gopnic 27 päivää sitten
my mama says kissel is made out of juce fucking westren spy
COBI WW2 27 päivää sitten
Dear Boris I'm from Latvia and back when I was really young, I loved when my mum would make me this desert. When I went to Riga my babushka would make it for me and I loved it. I think u did a very good job 10/10 gopnik points
CleanWaterBottle 27 päivää sitten
My babushka was so proud of me after i made this
artos 28 päivää sitten
in Poland we have kisiel but we don't make it from fruits, sugar or anything like that, in Poland if you want kisiel you go to the shop and you buy kisiel in powder and mix it with boiling water, but I'll try babushka's recipe of kisiel :)
*kreatywna nazwa*
*kreatywna nazwa* 28 päivää sitten
Just like we do in Poland, yummy kisiel
*kreatywna nazwa*
*kreatywna nazwa* 24 päivää sitten
Yeah it is, I recommend it!
RAMIN nurahmedov
RAMIN nurahmedov 24 päivää sitten
Ella Ström
Ella Ström 28 päivää sitten
Boris no! No sugar in the whipped cream! 😂
Pizza Ham
Pizza Ham 28 päivää sitten
Gonna go make all your food now, starting with this.
Martin 28 päivää sitten
Wee say ķīselis
idk surfing
idk surfing 29 päivää sitten
Boris *talking* Me: sees kartupeļu ciete O_O BORIS IS LATVIAN JDBDHSBJSNAJA
Марк Постольный
Марк Постольный 29 päivää sitten
Борис ты русский??
samuel prescott
samuel prescott Uukausi sitten
Omfg i tought only Finland had kiisseli
bigpeepee_energy Uukausi sitten
3:40 Boris has discovered the magic of Jello shots
Altamiz Muhammad Marsudi
wjdskawdmsawoi wdsjjwlsdwfr aswkwla ssaswbwisuiu
Altamiz Muhammad Marsudi
Дима Горбань
Знаете как сделать русский акцент ? Нужно говорить Рр а не Rr
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Uukausi sitten
I swear his accent gets harder and harder to understand over time. I love it.
Martin Daskalov
Martin Daskalov Uukausi sitten
Компот с крем, ебай! O_O
MrFringe100 Uukausi sitten
I just tried making kissel, made about 5 litres, enough for my whole family
JABA ZorGan KLAVA Uukausi sitten
Boris go vi poidete v Ukraine ot Rasia ne daleko :) ( i Ukraine )
иван ебёных
иван ебёных Uukausi sitten
goddamn this russian auto-subtitles are sick пиздец ору
TYLER hyundai
TYLER hyundai Uukausi sitten
I watch this with grandfather and gradmother and they are D E D U S H K A И B A B U S H K A
Pranjali Pethkar
Pranjali Pethkar Uukausi sitten
this is the most babushka-esque recipe you've made, Boris! can't wait to try at home. p.s. why does it have to be potato starch? won't corn starch work? or does it mess with the transparency/consistency?
Jānis Jaunais
Jānis Jaunais Uukausi sitten
omg im Latvian and latvians acualy eat a lot of potato 1:09 Ja tu šo izlasi Boris tu esi latvietis un ceru ka šo neielīmēji google translate
Zhandos Kabylgazizov
Zhandos Kabylgazizov Uukausi sitten
3:06 I Putin
Gadha Number One
Gadha Number One Uukausi sitten
*babushka dies from 2 heart attacks* 4:25 5:30
WingaMan01 Uukausi sitten
Hey Boris, make some Dvorog. Or curd, as it is called in English. Varškė, as it is called in Lithuanian.
Stormcaller06 Uukausi sitten
4:54 Tactical reload
astartes fanboy
astartes fanboy Uukausi sitten
i literally just noticed how his mixer is a whisk attached to a power drill. nice
あかつきレヴィ Uukausi sitten
I literally didn't liked cooking. I started watching Boris And here i am, learning to do Kissel
mrhs Uukausi sitten
Hey Boris, do another video where you ferment something!
Arisha Chan
Arisha Chan Uukausi sitten
the most Russian youtuber on english youtube!
qwer09op qwman
qwer09op qwman Uukausi sitten
Лукс соу факинг делишс!
redjellyhearts Uukausi sitten
Boris, I like chocolate pudding on ice cream
Gray Spark1
Gray Spark1 Uukausi sitten
where can i buy the drill whisk attachment
AWACS Motif Uukausi sitten
6:08 Communism music stops
Myname Has3Ns
Myname Has3Ns Uukausi sitten
Welp, time to ruin my mom's kitchen. Sorry, mom.
John Smith
John Smith Uukausi sitten
Gosh, now I miss my babushka! RIP
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