How to make rocker panels 

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replacing the rear rocker panel on Crusty. The rusty Toyota drag car project. building the inside rocker as well as the inner and outer rocker using basic tools

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Francisco Montes De Oca
Sir you are a master,nice job.
johan ruiter
johan ruiter 5 päivää sitten
I was thinkin i saw an irish man at work here by the talkin he does. Excellent work there, i watch and learn, thanks.
Jim Weisbeski
Jim Weisbeski 5 päivää sitten
Love these videos .... always learn something. For next videos can you try and show more of finished product from all sides. I had a bit of a hard time following what the inner panels were going to end up looking like , how outer surface tied in. Also you mentioned adding roll bar/cage, perhaps you could show the inside (structure behind the rocker) and point out any enhancements you made for strength as part of introduction to that video. Keep up the nice work.
Dwayne Lejeune
Dwayne Lejeune 6 päivää sitten
so luv watching you vids explaining how to!!!!! wish you would throw in a few sec. of cut&butt (just a few short takes) welds trying to keep that in my memory bank for when i start on my C-10 build
Billy Cameron
Billy Cameron 7 päivää sitten
Wow, amazing work!!
Jeff Hinds
Jeff Hinds 7 päivää sitten
What are those pins he's using. Klicko? pins
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications 7 päivää sitten
Björn B
Björn B 9 päivää sitten
This man is a hero.
Martin Playford
Martin Playford 10 päivää sitten
That Car Painter
That Car Painter 13 päivää sitten
You make top notch content dude
Michael Fowler
Michael Fowler 13 päivää sitten
I liked it, right after the intro!
Jim Philp
Jim Philp 13 päivää sitten
I love these videos, I always wonder if there ever was a video made of after the sheet metal. The prep for paint, body fillers or what have you? & Totally finished product. I would love to see this if anyone knows of it. Thanks.
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications 13 päivää sitten
This car will have all this. I plan on doing this car start to finsh on the channel
evolence detroit
evolence detroit 14 päivää sitten
What do you use to smooth the welds to the base metal to ensure you aren't thinning the material? (After initial grinding of welds)
evolence detroit
evolence detroit 14 päivää sitten
@Fitzee's Fabrications interesting. Thanks for the reply
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications 14 päivää sitten
I use 24 grit disks and watch the metal closely next to the weld.
LBS auto pinturas
LBS auto pinturas 14 päivää sitten
Men, Wat work!!!!
LDN Wholesale
LDN Wholesale 18 päivää sitten
That vice is salavage from Noah building the Ark?
AquaJet Racing
AquaJet Racing 19 päivää sitten
makin it look easy great work !
Gustavo Uribe
Gustavo Uribe 20 päivää sitten
You are the best nice work!
Robert Mcdonald
Robert Mcdonald 22 päivää sitten
I gota ask, I've had problems with body carts in the past. I bought the one from jegs(felt like it was going to break when I was trying to move) and returned it 2 days later. I just came across this video and like the simple design, and how it can be lifted up. Before I build one, how stable is it on the stands? Enough to hammer and dolly?I really don't have any friends to talk about this stuff. Their just repair people and don't actually like them or care enough to do work like this. Been working on cars for 20 plus years and times taking a toll. I can't crawl or weld on the ground anymore 🤣
Robert Mcdonald
Robert Mcdonald 21 päivä sitten
@Fitzee's Fabrications Thank you. You have a new sub BTW. And you have already showed me a different technique. P.s. the long videos are a must sometimes. You can't fit a technique into 5 min.
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications 22 päivää sitten
That was stable enough to do the work. I like to bring thr work up to me. I hate lying down .
Daveo Oldham
Daveo Oldham 24 päivää sitten
beautiful job Tony,whats the brand black primer your usin?
Daveo Oldham
Daveo Oldham 23 päivää sitten
@Fitzee's Fabrications You speak of international paints in one of your other videos,Whats your thoughts on the International PA10 vinyl etc primer for bare steel?
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications 24 päivää sitten
Just a rust paint I picked up on sale. Some off brand.
Dan Williamson
Dan Williamson 29 päivää sitten
Your teaching me the best ! Neat tricks and tips
Steve Vaught
Steve Vaught 29 päivää sitten
I guess new cars are hard to do patch panels on because nothing is straight on the whole body. Everything is rounded off.
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications 29 päivää sitten
It's more problems with the metal they use today. Not easy to weld. They come out with bronze welding now cause it burns at a lower heat then say a mig
Tim Newrick
Tim Newrick Uukausi sitten
I'm from pei a new viewer and fella body man is this fella from Newfoundland?
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
Dat I is!!
CanFire9 Uukausi sitten
Love the content sir.
Greg Theriault
Greg Theriault Uukausi sitten
Thank you for being so generous with your time and experience. I just bought a project truck and need to do some work, straight forward approach. No smoke and mirrors, you show that you can tackle complicated fab with a step by step approach. You took away some of my trepidation! Maritime strong!
Robert Remalia
Robert Remalia Uukausi sitten
Love your work I’m really learning a lot from watching you make panels , I currently have a 66 Pontiac tempest I’m restoring into a GTO and a few trucks I need to replace rockers watching your videos will help me Considerably
Justice Hockey Canada
Justice Hockey Canada Uukausi sitten
Love these videos. Fitzee is an artist!
Deborah n Blaine Aucoin
Hi from Nova Scotia. Great work. Enjoy watching your videos. What year is your Toyota. I am currently building a 33 Ford Tudor
Deborah n Blaine Aucoin
@Fitzee's Fabrications I have an early 70s Toyota door. Rust free. But it won’t Fit. Can’t wate to see yours finished
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
It is a 78. 30s bodys over here cost way too much.
Fon Hollohan
Fon Hollohan Uukausi sitten
what do you think of considering reversing the direction of that overlap? on the outside rocker, that way it won't be an area that will be susceptible to rust, like it has been.
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
Thr overlap continues on up inside the door.
paul bennett
paul bennett Uukausi sitten
Awesome work !!
Mickey Jordan
Mickey Jordan Uukausi sitten
Amazing - you ever get a burr in that finger?
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
Glynn Graham
Glynn Graham Uukausi sitten
Enjoyed this video good job.
Bob McNelis
Bob McNelis Uukausi sitten
Thank you for the education!!
irfanullah maingal
irfanullah maingal Uukausi sitten
Great job well done
Aлексей Cериков
James Paterson
James Paterson Uukausi sitten
amazing fitzee good job thank you
tbirdsteve1 Uukausi sitten
You're a clever man Fitzee, these are a joy to watch. Thanks.
Russell Snyder
Russell Snyder Uukausi sitten
Love your channel I was wonder when you cleared the hood and trunk deck for the mustang .how do you get clear over spray off your gauges thAt were on the floor
Russell Snyder
Russell Snyder 20 päivää sitten
@Fitzee's Fabrications hey Fitz hope all is well everyday I hurry up and look to see if you put a new video up .that's how much I learn and enjoy your teaching . Well take care will be waiting for another your pal Russ
Russell Snyder
Russell Snyder Uukausi sitten
@Fitzee's Fabrications well anyway I love the channel and wished I was in a better financial state to drop a few bucks I know filming and other things get expensive. Just wanted to say your channel is very very informational
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
Hahaha. Was waiting on that. They are old ones.there were two there is you look closely New one was in the house.
bill o'neil
bill o'neil Uukausi sitten
YOU ARE A MASTER FABRICATOR SIR!! fellow left handed canuck here
Jørgen Olsen
Jørgen Olsen Uukausi sitten
what is the thickness of your repair plates ?
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
18 gage
blatanttripod Uukausi sitten
Nice job sir. Very informative.
Richard Price
Richard Price Uukausi sitten
Great video Tony nice detail work!
greg l
greg l Uukausi sitten
Karen say's don't touch freshly cut metal without gloves, ha ha
porschmn Uukausi sitten
Like everyone else, I really like to hear the way you see and approach a problem (rusted areas) and break it down in to bite size pieces. I am hoping to learn from you your thought process for dealing with problem areas. Thanks for your videos and explanations.
Built Retro Garage
Built Retro Garage Uukausi sitten
Awesome tips! Definitely going to try your techniques! Thanks for sharing
D.j. B
D.j. B Uukausi sitten
I need new rocker panels on my 07 Pontiac G5. I am wondering just how far away from the Ohio Valley/Pittsburgh area, you are?
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
A long ways. I'm as far east as anybody can go in north American! Newfoundland
Beb's Music
Beb's Music Uukausi sitten
I like learning from you I'm adding to my skills, thanks. I have to ask where you got your accent from because I've never heard that kind of accent before from anyone.
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
Got it from living in Newfoundland
Tez Sullivan
Tez Sullivan Uukausi sitten
Thanks for your excellent videos and down to earth instructions, the world needs more people like you. Keep up the great work. "Rust never Sleeps".
CharlieMoDank14 Uukausi sitten
Very good detail. Thank you sir
Rob Hermanrude
Rob Hermanrude Uukausi sitten
facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10153197618801107&set=pob.642766106 you have inspired me to tackle this when I get my beastie in the shop
John Cox
John Cox Uukausi sitten
I know you mentioned it before but where do you source your metal panels? I think you said old roof skins. But what vintage gets you the thicker metals. Everything no a days is so thin.
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
I use old lockers.
Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell Uukausi sitten
Love your work Fitzee and the commentary.
Jim Knapper
Jim Knapper Uukausi sitten
Great channel, Going to use stuff I learned here when I restomod my pickup. Fitzee, what do you use as a rust treatment? that is if you use one. Thanks for the info!
Jim Knapper
Jim Knapper Uukausi sitten
@Fitzee's Fabrications Thanks!
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
I will paint as much as I can
Cam Reed
Cam Reed Uukausi sitten
nice job
Ty Kellerman
Ty Kellerman Uukausi sitten
That was a tough one ... turned out great 🤠👍
Scen Taley
Scen Taley Uukausi sitten
You are an artist, Fitzee! I learn something new every time I watch.
PowerOf One
PowerOf One Uukausi sitten
Good as new.
James Sutton
James Sutton Uukausi sitten
Fitzee.you are a (Genious) when it comes down to Fabrication, I wish i knew half of what you know..
Tastes Like Petrol
Tastes Like Petrol Uukausi sitten
Love your work, and you are a great teacher. Looking forward to using some of your tricks with my resto. Work smarter, not harder.
carlos montoya
carlos montoya Uukausi sitten
Always a pleasure to see you "at it again', Mr. Fitzee. I check a couple times a day down here in Virginia.
jorge fernandez
jorge fernandez Uukausi sitten
Those were great tips. Beautiful work!
jeff smith
jeff smith Uukausi sitten
Do you use any "special" type of paint on the inside of the panels?
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
Just rust paint. Spray bomb
kermets Uukausi sitten
Fitzee you are like the panelbeater ninja !!!!
Raul Mijares
Raul Mijares Uukausi sitten
You are the best bud!
Ray Gallegos
Ray Gallegos Uukausi sitten
I’m so thankful that I found your Website. I’m new to car fabrication and can honestly say that your an amazing Craftsman that does wonders with the most basic tools and the results are so impressive. I’m learning so much and very soon will start to repair the rusted out dog legs and rocker panels on my Datsun 240z. Everyone that I know that works on fabrication is told to go to your website and see the Master teacher and they love the videos and can’t wait to see another one. Love your accent and that adds to the success of your Website. Ray in California.
Gee Perry
Gee Perry Uukausi sitten
michael lecky
michael lecky Uukausi sitten
By the way in England we call them sills. The rocker panel sit on top of the engine covering the rockers that go up and down with the valves.
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
Lol. Over here they call those valve covers. We call them top pans. Lol. Cause they are on the top of the engine. Lol. My old bodywork book from school had all the different terms for each part of the car from our side and across the pond.
Luke37 Uukausi sitten
I watch them all Fitzee. Your number one in my book. I remember one of the first videos I watched of yours when you cut and welded a patch panel and dropped the rusty piece right out and then your butt welded it. LOL how Sweet it is 🏁👍😎
Keith Route
Keith Route Uukausi sitten
Awesome job
michael lecky
michael lecky Uukausi sitten
Nice job . i love the way you never buy a replacement panel and even the metal you fabricates from is scrap metal.
Eric P.
Eric P. Uukausi sitten
Fitz, quick question. What kind of paint are you using when you prime? Regular self etch in a rattle can? Or something specific? Thanks!
Eric P.
Eric P. Uukausi sitten
@Fitzee's Fabrications Thanks! BTW, guess what's next on my project: Rocker panels! So I appreciate this video so much.
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
Rust paint in a rattle can
Ain't Scared Garage
Ain't Scared Garage Uukausi sitten
I learn something evetime I watch, Thanks
CravingClassics Uukausi sitten
Well done !
JUAN MORENO Uukausi sitten
i dont have those big bending contraptions....
gatekeeper65 Uukausi sitten
Then watch his video on how to make one. Have fun.
105 Mania
105 Mania Uukausi sitten
Good vid.
P McCready
P McCready Uukausi sitten
My 620 has an old pop-up sunroof that the seal is rotted and I can't source a replacement. IF I were to fit up a patch panel for the hole & lap weld it in, am I just begging for the roof to warp? I don't have your skill so I'm already at a disadvantage.
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
Can't find a roof skin that is close to it. If you weld it out close to thr edges you will be fine. You will need a crown panel from another car or truck to do it right
nick fortier
nick fortier Uukausi sitten
Man metal work is way more tedious than I thought!
123suzukisamurai Uukausi sitten
Spectacular Fitzy
Patrick Veltri
Patrick Veltri Uukausi sitten
Gather around gents the Master is back in session sharing his wealth of knowledge and skill!
Theodore Bowers
Theodore Bowers Uukausi sitten
🙋 👍👍👍 Coooooool
Lou Tisch
Lou Tisch Uukausi sitten
I really enjoy watch you work the pieces to fit. Very cool. Impressive work.
A Petri
A Petri Uukausi sitten
Hey Big Shout out to you and yours... you do some awesome work... was this a project for demonstration or for a client...I hope he has deep pockets!
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
This is my own project
shawnbowring1 Uukausi sitten
Frans Tolsma
Frans Tolsma Uukausi sitten
Hi Fitzee, It’s magic. Great how you approach the problem and break it down to simple pieces and get it done. In mij opinion your a PhD in sheet metal body working.
Michael Pesce
Michael Pesce Uukausi sitten
Always an education watching you work! Thanks for sharing!!!
Azteca Hernandez
Azteca Hernandez Uukausi sitten
Thank you Tin Master for the Excellent clasess.
ALKUKES Uukausi sitten
Word professional is used to call mens like him at its job skills
lcar9871 Uukausi sitten
Making the rocker piece with the relieved/stepped edge the way you did - pure genius!
Hillbilly Garage
Hillbilly Garage Uukausi sitten
Fitzee you never cease to amaze with The amount of talent you have in metal work. Thanks so much for teaching us
Nicks Daddy
Nicks Daddy Uukausi sitten
Thanks Fitzee
Quinn Adamarczuk
Quinn Adamarczuk Uukausi sitten
Mr .Fritzees... you sure make it come together... love the sharing of your life... and how you do it!... thank you!
UncleMarks DIY Automotive Fix it channel
Another great job. I'm learning something every time I watch! My old Park Ave needs a bit of rocker work done. You gave me some good ideas!
Mike Howerton
Mike Howerton Uukausi sitten
Sam's Upholstery
Sam's Upholstery Uukausi sitten
Wow great tips!
MicTheGreaseMonkey Uukausi sitten
Man being an x spray painter if i lived next door 2u , u would never get rid of me ! Luv your work !
MicTheGreaseMonkey Uukausi sitten
That accent of yours its origial id say southen states u.s. with a hint of irish ?
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
Renwick Conolly
Renwick Conolly Uukausi sitten
Awesome work..Thanks for sharing!!
rocketstutorials Uukausi sitten
Thanks for sharing this project with us. So many valuable techniques to use on our projects!
Michael Oickle
Michael Oickle Uukausi sitten
Closed captioning with funny results at 22:02 min of this video "i've got a lot of these zombie ears" ,great video ,many helpful things to help me when I build rocker and floor for my 46/40 Pontiac
XX X Uukausi sitten
Half way thru the vid and he said it again, “Nudding fancy, seedatdare?” No just throwing it together, 15 pieces inside an out, not fancy at all!! Imagine Fitzees fancy work??????!!
Dhamendra Nath
Dhamendra Nath Uukausi sitten
I just found your channel a week ago. Wish I would have found you sooner. I bought aftermarket quarter panels for my car and regret it. The fit is terrible. No matter how much I try to move these around. The gaps go from to wide to nonexistent. After watching your videos I believe I could have fixed what I had. Now that I have watched your videos I will be able to fix these new panels. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and techniques!
Hans-Jørgen Mathisen
Hans-Jørgen Mathisen Uukausi sitten
is it 2mm sheetmetal you are using seems pretty thick?
Fitzee's Fabrications
Fitzee's Fabrications Uukausi sitten
It is 16 gage
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