James Charles is in BIG TROUBLE right now... 

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This video is about Tana Mongeau, James Charles, Kenzie Ziegler and more! Enjoy :)
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Alliteration or something
Alliteration or something 21 päivä sitten
Isn't Addison a teenager, they're so gross for saying that.
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz 23 päivää sitten
Yea, uncomfortable laughter is really really common so idk how mad I'm supposed to be about the laughing. Everything else is gross to be sure.
Quxn Jay
Quxn Jay Uukausi sitten
The Kardashians are just so... ugh. James is just... like sir please get it together.
esmeme hreen
esmeme hreen Uukausi sitten
the kardashians ganging up on addison like that was kinda sus but tbh if addison and kourtney were hooking up that would be kind of iconic
esmeme hreen
esmeme hreen 28 päivää sitten
@Its Drea bye ur right i didn't realize just how old kourtney was 🤡🤡
Its Drea
Its Drea 28 päivää sitten
Not at all she’s too young.
Lucy An
Lucy An Uukausi sitten
im not even a fan of addison and that made me uncomfortable
The File
The File Uukausi sitten
That poor girl. How could they treat her like that. It's disgusting. Show you what kind of people they are.
Derek Tailor
Derek Tailor Uukausi sitten
I like the name Rae, I think it's a cute name.
Derek Tailor
Derek Tailor Uukausi sitten
James is in big trouble, indeed. He could have taken the opportunity to reach out to those "catfishes" and get their photos, use his earnings to fund to build a male to male dating service. A new enterprise alongside his make up FIplace channel and set those "catfishes" up with each other and extract the data and use it to find that "handsome" man he always wanted. He missed out, big time. He is in big, big trouble, indeed.
Heythere itsHolly
Heythere itsHolly Uukausi sitten
I really really think kenzie was compared so much to her sister and hidden by her sisters shadow that she kinda turned rebellious in return for the neglect from her mom and Abby and being in her sister shadow
S T Uukausi sitten
Why are all the youtubers who no one cares about anymore boxing like everybody wanna see Jake and Austin get there ass beat like all the sudden they apart of the mma
S T Uukausi sitten
I’m not a huge fan of Addison but when I saw that clip I was cringing so bad like just imagine ur at the Kardashian’s house and u get questioned about the most dumbest shit I felt how awkward Addison felt watching it
Irina Tanase
Irina Tanase Uukausi sitten
Except James Charles and pewdiepie idk any of these ppl
H H Uukausi sitten
It's so weird that they accused addison of maybe sleeping with the kardashian that's her friend... like.. that's their business, first of all. and second, she's significantly younger, right??? idk feels off
Ritchie Rosson
Ritchie Rosson Uukausi sitten
I just made a parody of the James Charles apology video on my channel.
julia Uukausi sitten
wasnt kenzie like 7 or 8 when she did the lesbian thing and all that? like i think we all might have done stuff like that at such a age, irresponsible and not knowing what is right and wrong.
Godspeed Ari
Godspeed Ari Uukausi sitten
addison looked so uncomfortable
Izzy Angeli
Izzy Angeli Uukausi sitten
The voice change on the Kardashian clips makes them sound like Spilly lol
BitchySarcastic Mom
BitchySarcastic Mom Uukausi sitten
I know you are NOT trying to give Shane and J* a redemption arc. They are ALL trash including Tati. So miss me with this BS video.
ariianx Uukausi sitten
Oh god i had the same thing that tommy had it was not bad it was actually funny-
Ashyo Sings
Ashyo Sings Uukausi sitten
I actually have to read the bible this year- demons are out in force
Mackenzie Robinson
Mackenzie Robinson Uukausi sitten
that clip of addison with the kardashians isn’t weird it’s GROSS. like why would you discuss stuff like that with a child??? like yeah she’s 19 but like y’all are more than twice her age???? and just made the poor girl uncomfortable
Linn Svensdotter
Linn Svensdotter Uukausi sitten
We need a video of the Jake Paul sexual assault allegations
Blue Glitterpanda
Blue Glitterpanda Uukausi sitten
Zee 23
Zee 23 Uukausi sitten
But, like, when James Charles is an old man...Is social media gonna be really _that_ important in his long-term partner🤨?
Conna Leslie
Conna Leslie Uukausi sitten
I think it's incredibly telling that that circle of people struggle to conceive of the value a young woman could bring to someone's life beyond being a sexual commodity lmao
E M Uukausi sitten
they did question Sophie the whole time haha
Marlene Rosina
Marlene Rosina Uukausi sitten
I can't tell if her mic is bad or if it's because of my phone but it sounds so metallic and bad and it doesn't on other videos
Marlene Rosina
Marlene Rosina Uukausi sitten
Like other videos of her sound the same but from other youtubers they don't
MAIINIIIAC Uukausi sitten
Okay Ima be honest w/ my obviously very unpopular opinion so warning before reading.. I have followed the makeup worlds drama since about 2017 ish so I have a good idea of the situation and the history for context, but I don't fully agree with a lot of the rational that people are using. Maybe I have a really terrible take on this situation (since I have agreed w/ or at least mostly agreed with the overall opinion of the community on most major drama issues over the last few years, except this one). James is still in the wrong here, but I have a lot of issues I have never stated before, and if this gets hate or ignored, I am just curious about everyone's thoughts. Also this might be kinda long so I can most accurately explain what I mean. Regarding the allegations: 1. I constantly hear from Spilly and others that the "boys" look young. Idk where you all went to school, but I know 8th graders that could pass for 18/19 years old, and I know seniors that could pass for 13/14 years old. And it's not even that uncommon. Blaming James for even believing them I think is absurd, but a lot of other people seem to think otherwise. Especially the last guy on TikTok that blew up, he 1000% could pass for 18 if he told he was 18. Absolutely no reason to even question it honestly. 2. People saying he needs to ID everyone he talks to. If this was anyone else BUT James, I would think you are trolling. Getting on an app looking for a relationship/date, you match with someone and you're trying to hit it off, and then you go "Oh BTW, can I see identification please". Like wtf? Way to kill the mood and any potential. Take this clip (not 100% the same situation, but asking for ID when trying to hit it off with someone is fucking weird to a lot of people) fiplace.info/loft/videot/oKSIdJSLmH22q34 (watch till 8:16). HOWEVER, with James, since it has happened now multiple times, it is sad that he might have to fucking ID people before even talking to any potential partner, which is so insane, yet you guys talk about it like "of course he should fucking ID people", which I just don't agree with. 3. Kinda going off #2, but since this has happened to James a lot at this point, after the first few, I really believe it became apparent to many guys that look like this (lets be honest, all these guys look the same; blond, attractive, in shape, etc.) that they can DM James and pretend to be interested, and he will engage in conversation with you. These guys know they are his type and a lot of them have nothing to lose messaging a celebrity with 20 million+ subs and trying to get their shot at blowing up. I'm NOT saying they are all doing this, but since James is so popular and these things are so public, 100% their are people that message him trying to get this type of outcome. 4. He's only 21. I don't think a 21 year old (and even when he was 20 for past allegations) trying to get in a relationship with an 18 year old is a big fucking deal. I know in the U.S. we are obsessed with this whole 17 vs 18 year old FINE line/cut off, but its absurd. The fact that you can get in trouble for a relationship within a few years is insane. 21 year old with a 15 year old, YES THATS NOT OKAY. But 21 and 18, or something like 19 and 17, and even 18 and 16, THESE are small differences. A 16/17 year old boy in highschool ISN'T A FUCKING child, period. They are NOT being "preyed" upon by James. 5. When he uploaded that TikTok looking for a date (or bachelor or whatever he said), you all saw it and had no problem with it back then. Stop bringing up shit from the past, that no one had a problem with, until the drama/hate train started. Then you all go look for anything you can spin in a negative way. HOWEVER, do I think it was fine to do, NO. You SHOULD NOT use your fan base as a dating app, as you all have said. That's a good take. The power imbalance is a massive problem. But saying nothing about it back then and just laughing it off as "haha he's so desperate" but now going ALL IN on the "how could you use your platform as a dating app, wtf James, etc. makes you look fucking stupid, since it obviously occurred to none of you back then. 6. Stop using the word predator and pedophile so loosely. Not even this James situation specifically, but the way some of you, especially kids on here, throw these words around is just crazy. 7. Stop comparing James to Jeffree and Shane. It's just not a fair comparison. Okay I'm ready for the hate, but at least consider some of my points, I don't care for James, he's just another makeup guy always in drama to me. Please change my mind, cus I am sick of being frustrated at the same points being talked about every video. All of which I think are really weak and mostly just trying to find things to hate on him for. I follow the makeup community and drama b/c I think its interesting, but i don't use it (I am a bisexual male). I consider myself more part of the gaming/Twitch community if anything (League of legends and Twitch), and the makeup world has SOOO much more drama and problems than ANY other BY FAR. A lot of you live for the drama and fire the flames every chance you get, and this is one of those times IMO. One of the biggest criticisms of him is that it has happened so many times now, but I think that can easily be explained by the fact (as I said in #3) everyone knows the kinda guy James likes (young looking, attractive, athletic, typical TikTok boy) and they know it's not hard to slide in the DM's and have their shot at trying to get James. *AGAIN, as I said, not all these guys are doing that, but 100% some are. Please I want to actually have a conversation about these point and I 100% am willing to have my mind changed. I love this community and will continue to follow it whether or not you all flame me into oblivion or not, it doesn't really matter this is anonymous anyway. I'm prob gonna post this around since I kinda would like someone who actually knows about the entire situation to read this all to actually respond. *BTW just wanted to add that even tho they are not the same, the train of hate on Tati was similar in the sense that even tho she did things that were wrong also, you drama lovers really love to flame the fire any chance you get and make it a bigger deal than it needed, and guess what, Tati is now prob gone for good. I'm sure some of you love that, but she didn't deserve everything that happened to her, and it's this kinda behavior from the biggest drama/problematic community on the internet that does this shit. And yes I have seen D'Angelo Wallace's vids.
CrumbBurger Uukausi sitten
I was here bc the tommyinnit stuff
miss hathaway
miss hathaway Uukausi sitten
When were all those problematic clips of Kenzie taken? I know that she’s a minor currently, but she looks so much younger than she is now in the clips
Salma Villa
Salma Villa Uukausi sitten
Love you so much🥰❤️
musicbite 22
musicbite 22 Uukausi sitten
Hey Angelika, Hope you're doing okay buddy, don't know why but felt your energy was a little low today. Or maybe I'm low who knows! But in any case, love your videos! Sending you lots of love!
Billy T
Billy T Uukausi sitten
that james charles clip is REALLY reaching. he said nothing weird. can we stop demonizing his every word and stick to the actual issue at hand?
Aaron Donohoe Ryan
Aaron Donohoe Ryan Uukausi sitten
engagement 🥰🐶
heaven garcia
heaven garcia Uukausi sitten
Why is Kendall acting like she’s too good for Addison like babe pls
Santana FitzPatrick
Santana FitzPatrick Uukausi sitten
Morgana Uukausi sitten
Can you talk about Kavos and Def Noodles? No one is really covering the situation, and how kavos went after Def in his latest video. Tbh I'm team no one but lol still curious to hear thoughts on it.
Clara Jimenez
Clara Jimenez Uukausi sitten
just found out today that scott is currently dating a 19 yr old and as a 20 yr old myself i am extremely disgusted
ImAcrackhead Heyyy
ImAcrackhead Heyyy Uukausi sitten
Kenzies following is literally little kids like my little cousin like 10 and 11-year-olds who aren’t on Twitter or active on social media’s. Who really only check these things to fan about their faves and it’s sad
Kyrsty P
Kyrsty P Uukausi sitten
Idk I feel like Scott gets ripped on Instagram about being a cradle snatcher 😅
PinkyChiChi Uukausi sitten
Not to prove they are adults. To prove they aren’t catfishing.
GoWon’s Mother
GoWon’s Mother Uukausi sitten
I feel that everyone has been jumping on the Addison hate train
Anja K.
Anja K. Uukausi sitten
To be fair Mackenzie Ziegler was like 10 in the first video. I mean she was a child. Still shouldn’t be said but those children are pretty much hearing those things every were:. Were I live u can’t pretty much be convicted for murder till your 14/15 years old and then ppl wanna „csncel“ and mock a girl for something like that. I mean she gets to an age were there should be consequences but I mean I wouldn’t judge someone for what they did when they were like 9-15. idk but that’s how I feel....
Foot Notes And Book Prose
I love cinnamontoastken omg 😂😂
Diana Salam
Diana Salam Uukausi sitten
Okay but why is no one talking about JAKE PAUL BEING ACCUSED OF SEXUAL ASSAULT?!
Red Eye Edits Ripoff
Red Eye Edits Ripoff Uukausi sitten
Who last got a Mr clean ad
Melina L
Melina L Uukausi sitten
Did anyone else realise that Angelika doesn’t look as happy as she used to in this video? I just came back to her channel after a few months and she seems more stressed and not really into what she’s doing anymore :/ Hope she just had a bad day tho
yuh Uukausi sitten
y’all freaking over the kuwtk clip as if reality tv is t scripted and heavily manipulated
Jing Uukausi sitten
Ironic that Jame's life is getting ruined by children who he considers as "hot guys". And he deserves it.
Ubiquitous_Star Uukausi sitten
Addison was so right when she said it was weird they thought that. She’s 19 and Kourtney is in her 40s and that’s the conclusion they get? She’s a literal teenager.
Dr. Bob Humfree
Dr. Bob Humfree Uukausi sitten
Holy shit this channel sucks
J X B Uukausi sitten
the kardashians are like the mean popular kids lol
Kat Minor
Kat Minor Uukausi sitten
Just looking into the Kenzie situation, I think why people let her slip through the cracks is because unlike any other influencer commonly talked about, a lot of us watched her when she was literally 6, and I think she was like 11 when she left the show, so I feel that most people still see her as a young child who doesn't't know any better, despite the reality that she should know now and it most certainly is not right.
Mars K
Mars K Uukausi sitten
bruh the bullying at that Kardashian table was so triggering like they're literally acting like the mean girls from my old high school 🥲
sparkysparky boomman
sparkysparky boomman Uukausi sitten
Kenzie Ziegler has fans because people are still racist and homophobic (insert dumb people gasping at the R and H word)
hellyeah Uukausi sitten
i can’t fathom how james still has his huge platforms?? if no legal action is taken against him and he comes back to the internet i’m gonna be so pissed and disappointed in this world.
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie Uukausi sitten
i don’t keep up with addison but she gets hate for no reason ?? her nails, her cringy “let me film this tiktok first” video, her clothes, her being “poor” ?? i dont know if she’s actually problematic because people make such a big deal out of stupid and mundane things that i don’t know if she’s actually a good person.
Hamsini Vijayakumar
Hamsini Vijayakumar Uukausi sitten
you're so pretty 😍
Dakota Rain
Dakota Rain Uukausi sitten
It’s so cringy how the Kardashian’s are dragging a girl 20 years younger than them.....
No, It’s me
No, It’s me Uukausi sitten
Wait didn’t know Maddie Ziegler is so problematic. I’m done supporting her.
Evelyn Coulonge
Evelyn Coulonge Uukausi sitten
Hey you’re pretty
fortunaflying Uukausi sitten
as someone who is a lesbian poc, i think i can say with confidence at this point that kenzie ziegler should have been canceled a long time ago :)
Da Mewi
Da Mewi Uukausi sitten
i dont know much about tommy but biased off what i know he isnt a person who would intentionally try to joke about a death like that
HARLEYWAYNE91 Uukausi sitten
I think Addison held herself together well during that. Everyone else were just bullies
Alexandria McAlpine
Alexandria McAlpine Uukausi sitten
I may not have got threatened but I'm still going to comment cause I'm scared
nonoke Uukausi sitten
Not Tana thinking it wasn't herself who made her look like a bad person... honey 😭😭
Leilah Archuleta
Leilah Archuleta Uukausi sitten
I don’t even think it’s that people think it’s OK what Kenzie is doing I really think she’s so irrelevant that that’s the thing she just has followers at this point I don’t even think people are paying attention to her anymore LOL
:3 :3
:3 :3 Uukausi sitten
Can we work together to stop supporting brands that still supporting predators?
lonelytoker _
lonelytoker _ Uukausi sitten
It's funny how everyone just looks for ways to talk bad about the KarJenners. Jesus
Wixked Latte
Wixked Latte Uukausi sitten
Ik he's married but like... CinnamonToastKen lookin like a real salt and pepper daddy nowadays god dayum
Ayumi Uukausi sitten
Where did you get your sweater????
bumble bea
bumble bea Uukausi sitten
kendall was so rude to addison lmao and i don’t even like her
Fátima Alarco
Fátima Alarco Uukausi sitten
My country is falling apart so ill distract myself watching dramaa
Julia Bedard
Julia Bedard Uukausi sitten
Waiting for Zane and Heath to address the fact that they’ve been brought up in the David drama but also now (kind of) the James situation by having him on their podcast.
Elaine Evans
Elaine Evans Uukausi sitten
Why are they even questioning addison and kourtney's friendship, I think it's clearly obvious that there both just friends nothing more so why are they trying to publicy embarss there friendship making people think it's something more, I've watched keeping up with the kardashians since forever and to me it always felt like kourtney was the odd one out, she was always left out and picked on and now that she's got a new friend there all jealous, make it make sense.
J B Uukausi sitten
I think it’s important to remember that the kardashians is scripted, if Addison was uncomfortable it wouldn’t have happened
GirlFromSantiago Uukausi sitten
Just subscribed. I love your calm but informative demeanor!
Nobody7102 Uukausi sitten
I feel like everyone in the Kardashian family always bashes on Kourtney, idk is that just me?
Jazlyn Roberts
Jazlyn Roberts Uukausi sitten
No, they definitely do its so sad. They constantly pick on her becauses she's taller and bigger than them
Kelsey on the Internet
Kelsey on the Internet Uukausi sitten
__ Uukausi sitten
correction: people were not believing what pewds said, they tried to correct him and push him to agree with tati. he never had real influence on this situation because his audience doesn't care.
Annabeth Uukausi sitten
Alyssa Noguera
Alyssa Noguera Uukausi sitten
GAML Aaron
GAML Aaron Uukausi sitten
Ok ok ok by N word people usually mean The hard r N word and not nigga But thats not what this is about
phoenix Uukausi sitten
why tf does age matter for boxing? who cares that austin has kids, connor mcgregor has kids? and he boxes, u shouldn't get an opinon to talk.
GAML Aaron
GAML Aaron Uukausi sitten
James Charles’s: i like guys that are basically almost legal Everybody: are you fucking kidding His fans: what he say?
Helen Kord
Helen Kord Uukausi sitten
Forever baffled as to why anyone watches the kardashians
Natalie Cepeda
Natalie Cepeda Uukausi sitten
I don’t like Addison Rae for obvious reasons but that was kinda messed up
Abby Alchemist
Abby Alchemist Uukausi sitten
I know you’re not actively stating support for defnoodles, but you really shouldn’t use his material as sources. He’s not a good commentator and uses “comedy” as an escape goat when he misrepresents a story or cuts clips to fit his narrative. I just don’t want you to get wrapped up in his problems 💕
mika k
mika k Uukausi sitten
james has such a big head like he always has but if he’s gonna do that then he shouldn’t mess up like he constantly does. like it bothers me how he has this huge ego when he’s j like every influencer and gets cancelled every few months. not to mention constantly sexting minors even if it’s on accident.
Tay's Tings
Tay's Tings Uukausi sitten
I think the thing with Kenzie is that she’s still a child. Like she’s what 16-17? But she was introduced to before she was in like 2nd grade. She was a baby. I think when it comes to kids that people are able to see as kids, there’s more understanding for their mistakes. If she got famous in the last year I think the conversations around her would be different.
VictoriaBethM24 Uukausi sitten
James keeps calling his fans and the people that want to talk to him stupid but he should really take a long look a himself...
Beatrice Uukausi sitten
Adina Uukausi sitten
To be fair Pewdiepie didn't "defend James with all his might" when the bye sister thing happened. He said he didn't condone to what James was doing, but he thought it was weird how Tati and the internet handled the situation
Horror Adorer
Horror Adorer Uukausi sitten
Humbly and lovingly starting a petition for some time stamps on these videos! That way we can skip the parts that we don’t want to see or that may trigger.
Mv llori
Mv llori Uukausi sitten
Why does James Charles always sound like he has a huge mucus clump in this throat?
Kari Ward
Kari Ward Uukausi sitten
I’m not even up on the drama and don’t usually comment on these things but my momma taught me two things I still remember... 1. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. 2. If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you.
Irene D
Irene D Uukausi sitten
oh god the tommyinit
Ami Marie
Ami Marie Uukausi sitten
This is a genuine question. Why can’t we say the N word in a song. If it’s in a song sung by a POC why can’t we sing along with it? It’s a song meant to be sung/rapped hence why they released the song. Why is it offensive to sing along with it? Literal genuine question.
Kasmira O'Brady
Kasmira O'Brady Uukausi sitten
Link that iPad case tho
No, It’s me
No, It’s me Uukausi sitten
Pretty sure Addison can easily just stop hanging out with them if she doesn’t feel comfortable but she doesn’t. The show is clearly scripted y’all...
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