John Barnes on who Liverpool should sign this summer, Mo Salah's future and more | Bettingodds.com 

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John Barnes joined us for an exclusive chat on Liverpool transfer targets, Salah, Mane & Firmino's futures, van Dijk, Gomez, Euro 2020 + much more | Bettingodds.com

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seyned89 8 päivää sitten
He predicted Nuno and Sancho. Fair play
Steve Mathews
Steve Mathews 28 päivää sitten
He predicted nuno
DQF Uukausi sitten
this dude actually understands football. there is a difference knowing football and understanding football
Thomas Quirk
Thomas Quirk Uukausi sitten
John you’re the best pundit on TV you should be on BBC and ITV without a shadow of a doubt straight talking no messing
Ruuko G Chase
Ruuko G Chase Uukausi sitten
Damnnn!!! That is one healthy aloevera beside Barnes ♥️
Sihle Vinni
Sihle Vinni Uukausi sitten
Great Good Guy...
Stan Uukausi sitten
Really enjoyed the interview. Like to see him as a pundit.
Tony Celestino
Tony Celestino Uukausi sitten
Pandemic ???? They re branded flu John .... I thought it was obvious
anotida muvuti
anotida muvuti Uukausi sitten
Salah will never fit in Barcelona squad. I mean he cant even pass the ball, let alone keep it
rollercoaster478 Uukausi sitten
All very good and smart points from Barnes. 1 thing I dont totally agree is Brendan Rodgers going to Spurs, they are a mess and if he fails there, which is a high chance given the team and club overall, then what? So I wouldnt be surprised if Rodgers stayed at Leicester.
Prasad Amberkar
Prasad Amberkar Uukausi sitten
Great ❤️❤️
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes Uukausi sitten
I watched Barnes playing for Liverpool and believe me no one could get near him when he dropped into the midfield with Jan Molby unstoppable
pmas27 Uukausi sitten
Don’t forget Ronnie Whelan and Ray Houghton, a cracking midfield, Jan was a rock though good at pens too.
Frank McElhill
Frank McElhill Uukausi sitten
JB knows his stuff!
JEFF NAIDOO Uukausi sitten
When is john barnes gonna manage liverpool. He can join the blues side if he wants Im an Evertonian but enjoyed this mans football
Zingisa Mahlasela
Zingisa Mahlasela Uukausi sitten
One of the few people in football you just love listening to
Richard Torres
Richard Torres Uukausi sitten
His argument on thiago was spot on
Handy Manny
Handy Manny Uukausi sitten
John Barnes wasn't world class, he was above that
Micheal Caseres
Micheal Caseres Uukausi sitten
Loved watching the Great John Barnes and screamed his name, a lot of times, when playing 10 half time, 20 the winner. Best times of my life. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿✌️
Ndzalama Ngobeni
Ndzalama Ngobeni Uukausi sitten
Smart man
thoughtfuldog Uukausi sitten
Total legend, great interview
Gail Thorpe
Gail Thorpe Uukausi sitten
As long as it's not Everton
Jt we go all
Jt we go all Uukausi sitten
Fast talking. Fast brain. Probably be great for football. Wait um.......... 🤪
Re Incarnate
Re Incarnate Uukausi sitten
Liverpool should recruit him to join the scouting department
Rully Tri Febrianto
Rully Tri Febrianto Uukausi sitten
Spot on mate
Sagr Alroomy
Sagr Alroomy Uukausi sitten
The comparison between salah and the torres suarez is wrong in every way. 1 has his footprint on a pl and uefa. The others didn't. Also all time PL goals in a season.
Sagr Alroomy
Sagr Alroomy Uukausi sitten
Legit talk, only disagree with the part when he said salah wont be able to do what hes doing in Liverpool in any of the top teams.
Rayrulesohye Uukausi sitten
Raphina is made for liverpool, Barella would be fantastic too.
Terry Hall
Terry Hall Uukausi sitten
We talk about players like grealish and foden English players of today being world class, look back at videos of this fella this is world class
Adam McHugh
Adam McHugh Uukausi sitten
Hahahaha john is a dunce, nice work lad, encouraging kids who look up to you to get into gambling bellend.
MALI Mathari
MALI Mathari Uukausi sitten
Keita was brought in to do the job that Thiago does
JD Uukausi sitten
Absolute Legend! Met him too real nice guy.
Kevin Harding
Kevin Harding Uukausi sitten
Love Barnsie and an excellent interview. But FFS sort out the sound !
Just Jay
Just Jay Uukausi sitten
Reason I support LFC this man. When my Grandad wanted me to support Man Poo I went against grain/Gran, just to be like Barnsey 👊🏾
Mark Herron
Mark Herron Uukausi sitten
When was this recorded? Talking about Ancelotti at Everton but he's been gone for what feels like ages!
Glen Aitken
Glen Aitken Uukausi sitten
Love Barnesy!
Matt Deadman
Matt Deadman Uukausi sitten
Loved Digger as a Player and love him as a Man! Really Good Guy and speaks absolute sense!
Terry Newman
Terry Newman Uukausi sitten
Liverpool's problem and the rest of the world is not the players but the defensive style of play the managers have adopted. The ball is played by a team more in their own half than trying to go and score
Chamat Spray Art
Chamat Spray Art Uukausi sitten
One word: LEGEND!
Burns Tennis
Burns Tennis Uukausi sitten
Anyone for Youri Tielemans?
Tony Boswell
Tony Boswell Uukausi sitten
Dembele would be an excellent fit for liverpool everyone bangs on about his injury but he played 32games last season🤔 has one year left on contract!?shirt sales alone would pay for him and then resale value is there,better him than origi,malen and daka are a good shout as well as ikone,don't forget acon,no mane salah kieta for 3weeks jota fills a spot firmino possibly elliot,
Mandi V.
Mandi V. Uukausi sitten
0:75 velocity like a normal person !
Gerrard Kop
Gerrard Kop Uukausi sitten
John Barnes my hero thru Liverpool career then you were in charge of league 2 coming down penultimate game in charge to Exeter city and you gave me a kiss . I didn’t wash my cheek for 24 hrs but u r a definite Black Lives Matter man who took so much stick playing and managing. Your my No1. Gerrard, I’m a 55 yrs old female covered in Liverpool Tattoos and will have reached 50 yrs supporting Liverpool FC but have less than 2yrs to live and Liverpool till I die. YNWA
Shailendra Mani
Shailendra Mani Uukausi sitten
No doubt he was an excellent player, but watching this interview he seems like an arrogant cocky person in real life, I dont see any form of humbleness exerting .
Lindy Lou
Lindy Lou Uukausi sitten
Just think he’s intelligent, educated, articulate, knowledgeable, confidant and has great experience of football overall. How many pundits can have this type of well-informed, spontaneous, insightful conversation? Very few.
able miller
able miller Uukausi sitten
Much Love Mr Barns.
Mohamed Abdelkader
Mohamed Abdelkader Uukausi sitten
Get Raheem back from ManC.
Gail Thorpe
Gail Thorpe Uukausi sitten
No way
Burns Tennis
Burns Tennis Uukausi sitten
hahahah 10
hahahah 10 Uukausi sitten
wow, all my opinion about liverpool came out from this guy's mouth. respect
Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards Uukausi sitten
Dembele is not what we need or want.
Ciaran Uukausi sitten
@Tony Edwards 🤦‍♂️
Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards Uukausi sitten
@Ciaran are you a bit slow? Special needs maybe? It’s my opinion, football is about opinions soft lad.
Ciaran Uukausi sitten
@Tony Edwards what a weak response after thinking you could speak for everyone
Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards Uukausi sitten
@simba machafa his attitude isn’t right, hasn’t played that much because he’s very disruptive, comes to training late and sometimes he just doesn’t turn up, unsettles the dressing room. At the moment we have really good players with the right attitude and Dembele would be a huge gamble.
Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards Uukausi sitten
@Ciaran well done for working out that it’s up to Klopp you knob head 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
D FACE Uukausi sitten
great insight from BARNSEY ynwa 🙂
word2mother Uukausi sitten
john first of all barnes
Arthur Chakanyuka
Arthur Chakanyuka Uukausi sitten
I personally think John Barnes should be in the legal world, his reasoning is absolutely exceptional
Jwamer Jalal
Jwamer Jalal Uukausi sitten
love you forever Barnsy! YNWA
muhammed rahman
muhammed rahman Uukausi sitten
The Man The Myth The Legend, Hero of The Kop, Legend of ANFIELD Forever! YNWA John Never!
R G Uukausi sitten
John is a genuine Liverpool legend. What a complete player he was, even the Brazilian fans and players rated him as the best English player of his generation. In terms of midfield players, I really believe that Fulham’s Harrison Reed would be a great signing for Liverpool, he’s talented, creative and an attack minded player, and Klopp would make him an even better player.
Raskalman RAGS
Raskalman RAGS Uukausi sitten
trolling with the Harrison Reed shout :) lol
WinterBird Uukausi sitten
Dembele is a great player but he is too injury prone. We cannot have injury prone players on high salaries if we are to compete in the top.
pmas27 Uukausi sitten
That’s why Gini was ideal
Jerome S
Jerome S Uukausi sitten
So it will make sense to put them on low salaries and take a gamble on us instead?
Ciro DiMarzio
Ciro DiMarzio Uukausi sitten
He seems far more knowledgeable then most pundits at the moment IMO
David Henderson
David Henderson Uukausi sitten
Pundits only interests are sensationalism, Barnesy sticks to the truth backed up by facts
Leonardo Andwelio
Leonardo Andwelio Uukausi sitten
You have to hold then give, but do it at the right time... ahead of his time of was. And he could kick a Lucozade can into the bin.
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth Uukausi sitten
Eventually, Steven Gerrard will be the manager of Liverpool FC, and bring EPL and UCL or several to our trophy cabinet. I bet he´ll go through three club before Liverpool, two of which go very well, and one disappointment. If I had to guess, I´d say Gerrard will come about for the season 2029-30.
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth Uukausi sitten
@Jerome S Could be. Certain contracts end just thereabouts :)
Jerome S
Jerome S Uukausi sitten
Much earlier than that. I reckon 24/25.
Mr Holmes
Mr Holmes Uukausi sitten
He was the difference to England nearly clawing back Argentina in 86 he was majestic when he came on they couldn't handle him at all.
GAMEBREAKER700 Uukausi sitten
Agree. Injuries aside he had the misfortune of being managed by England managers that were amongst the most cautious and mistrusting of players in world football. I include the great Bobby Robson in that too respectfully. Players like Barnes, Waddle, Hoddle, Bowles, Marsh, Currie, Hilaire (the latter four from earlier periods obviously), rarely got a look in because England wanted workhorses. Venables broke that mode of thinking.
Hisham Hassan
Hisham Hassan Uukausi sitten
He's a legend
Digger 87
Digger 87 Uukausi sitten
He comes from Jamaica, his name is John Barn-ez and when he did his thing the crowd went bananas! A true legend. Met him in the flesh: eloquent, charismatic, humble, engaging ..... I could go on!
Glenford Green
Glenford Green Uukausi sitten
In the 1980's early 1990's John Barnes was a incredible Player, he was good at Watford, but when he signed for Liverpool him and Peter Beardsley were out of this world , what a partnership,
Itz LZB Uukausi sitten
This mans football IQ is out of this world, need more John Barnes content
Simon Purvis
Simon Purvis Uukausi sitten
Need John Barnes football night back lol
Steph Ewing
Steph Ewing Uukausi sitten
@Trevor Jones No he overthinks in club football also you don’t have to ask if he has aspirations to manage in the prem. However he need to coach in those countries Scotland,Sweden,Switzerland etc.. in order to build his CV as a manager so big clubs can see what he has to offer. Yea he had good stints at Celtic as a coach but that was 2000 so let see what he can do in modern times .
Steph Ewing
Steph Ewing Uukausi sitten
@Trevor Jones Well I think we’d have been to a third place match if we got those players.But the football system in Jamaica is poor thus causing investors not want to take a risk on them. They don’t have understand football outside of Jamaica. John Barnes tried to show them but the politics damaged football in JA.
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones Uukausi sitten
​@Steph Ewing Also John Barnes is a prime example of where Jamaica's best players have ended up "internationally". If all of England's players declared themselves for Jamaica earlier The Reggae Boyz (NOT The Three Lions) would also feature: - Kyle Walker - Chris Smalling - Danny Rose - Mason Holgate - Kalvin Phillips - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - Raheem Sterling - Michail Antonio - Mason Greenwood It just seems slightly condescending to imply Barnes' tactical nous and managerial achievement for Jamaica would typically be his level and should receive more credence than what happened at Celtic. Club and National football dynamics differ.
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones Uukausi sitten
@Steph Ewing I disagree here. Barnes is not "better suited for international management", he would be good at club level given context (*and a chance, not many black managers around these days?*). Barnes arrived at the end of Celtic’s worst era: 1 title in their past 10 years, 1 cup in 11 years and 1 league cup in 15 years. If that is not misfortune, Barnes' first 5 signings (Tebily, Petrov, Berkovic, Kharine & Petta) became his best players once Henrik Larsson (arguably Celtic’s best player for decades) got a season-ending broken leg. Even with Viduka, it's not enough to win big. I just feel in 2008, Jamaica had a larger pool of talented players who were “eligible” compared to the talented players who "could join" Celtic in 1999. Here is a shortlist of Premier League registered players who could have played for Jamaica back in 2010: Raheem Sterling, Junior Hoilett, Daniel Sturridge, Jermaine Pennant, Karl Henry, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, Danny Simpson, Kyle Bartley and Ravel Morrison A decade later who is eligible to play for Jamaica in 2021? Andre Gray, Demarai Gray, Isaac Hayden, Mason Holgate, Liam Moore, Nathan Redmond, Kemar Roofe, Ivan Toney, Michail Antonio and Max Aarons. My point here is Jamaica's eligible players in 2010 get in Celtic's 2010 team and their eligible players in 2021 get in Celtic's 2021 team. J.A.'s most valuable player now is: *Leon Bailey (J.A. international) - Leverkusen (£30m according to Transfermark.com)* Celtic's most valuable player at the time of writing, just to compare levels of entry is: *Odsonne Edouard (£13.5m according to Transfermarkt.com)* So, I would summarize Barnes' Celtic job was a much harder feat than the Jamaica one you cited (Caribbean Cup), especially when the CONACAF Gold Cup and World Cup qualification are much more prestigious and much harder to attain for Jamaica.
Itz LZB Uukausi sitten
This man is soo smart, love listening to him, what a man...
Ballakick90 Uukausi sitten
Johnny Barnes the legend himself
Bullshot Uukausi sitten
JB - legend. Good to see him looking so well. And Candace Owens on his bookshelf too - he gets even more respect from me.
Kieron Johnson
Kieron Johnson Uukausi sitten
Candace Owens is a disgrace, merely a Trumpette with nothing but warmed over racial-clichés to offer. Famous for five minutes. Just because it's on Barnsey's bookshelf doesn't speak to anything other than one black person wanting to hear another black person's viewpoint. As an educated middle class black person from a a background she supposedly has sympathy with, she has nothing to offer me. For the majority of black Americans who are nervous walking the streets of their own country she's simply a sell-out. Agreed, Barnes is a legend. Eloquent on the pitch and off it.
Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira Uukausi sitten
Dembele wold be a huge gamble, high risk high reward type of deal
an08p Uukausi sitten
Wise words from John Barnes. Klopp sees things differently. Thiago is already the replacement for Gini. He has something to prove. Jota is already a back up striker and is doing amazing.
Robert Sellers
Robert Sellers Uukausi sitten
Johnny Barnes I idolized him when I was growing up still love him , gave me so much pleasure when I went to practice my football as a kid , I spent hrs and hrs practicing my free kicks ! today’s kids watch the John Barnes story
Rob Atrax
Rob Atrax Uukausi sitten
+1 legend.
kamu albayer
kamu albayer Uukausi sitten
I grew up watching John Barnes plays for Liverpool. He was awesome. But i didn't knew that he can expalin so well. Such a nice interview and explanation.
sham copp
sham copp Uukausi sitten
Barnsey.......a true Liverpool legend, he'll dance a reggae with the ball & with a shake of his butt, he will leave the opposing player behind.
Matthew Semple
Matthew Semple Uukausi sitten
Legend 💯
DS Uukausi sitten
Barnes is a smart dude. I remember him giving a lecture at my uni years ago on racism and he said he didnt want any football related questions in the Q&A section. All the questions I wanted to ask were about his playing days! Re Dembele, I agree he is the type of profile Liverpool tend to look at. He would be a very interesting signing.
I Like Burritos
I Like Burritos Uukausi sitten
Dumbele is at a cut price rn. We have a lot of injury prone players, that's our biggest issue. Keita Ox Gomez Matip Konate I'm guessing we bought Konate to cover for Matip or Gomez incase they get injured. Doubt either will leave this season.
Arthur Chakanyuka
Arthur Chakanyuka Uukausi sitten
I personally think he should have been a lawyer, his reasoning is exceptional
Gaza Balla
Gaza Balla Uukausi sitten
Can listen this guy all day
laithmeister Uukausi sitten
Dembele is injury prone and does not have the right attitude no thx.
Mark Simons
Mark Simons Uukausi sitten
Forget Dembele go for Antony from Ajax star of the future and under Jurgen could turned into a goal machine from the wing!
Tommy - L11
Tommy - L11 Uukausi sitten
Philippe C is all we need in the middle, he’s absolutely brilliant........if we don’t bring him home it will be the worst decision the club has made in a long long time.
David Henderson
David Henderson Uukausi sitten
@Kevin Oliver not to Liverpool but to the bank
Kevin Oliver
Kevin Oliver Uukausi sitten
Barca still owe around 50 mil on that deal
pmas27 Uukausi sitten
@Pushpdant Sharma maybe a loan deal for. Coutinho? Hang on to Nat there will be setbacks to the currently injured, if he wants to go keep until the Jan window to see how the other injured defenders have fared, sell Origi buy Daka , sell Shaqiri, Karius and if a good offer received Keita. Ox just needs game time showed v Burnley what he can do plus he will shoot from 18 yds, something less likely losing Gini so Coutinho on loan too would give that back.
Pushpdant Sharma
Pushpdant Sharma Uukausi sitten
I don’t think coutinho comes back simply because of the manner he left in very disrespectful . Barca are not gonna sell him for cheap .
Christopher Lowry
Christopher Lowry Uukausi sitten
Griezman or Dembele? And you pick dembele, John you need to watch more football.
Vignesh Ravindran
Vignesh Ravindran Uukausi sitten
@Christopher Lowry I agree Bobby needs to be replaced.. But Griezmann is not the answer.. We need someone with Bobby skills with better finishing (young Suarez would be perfect, Torres who tracks may be).. Whoever it is, Griezmann Is not that person. That Barcelona switch was his peak. Now, I would rather go with someone younger. Dembele is a talented kid. He is more Pogba than Balotelli/Drinkwater. Under the right manager, he will succeed. But that said, he could be a baggage and not the type of character that is typical Klopp.. But we are not really discussing buying Dembele/Griezmann for LIverpool.. Rather John is not off the mark with his comments over a "Dembele"-type player over Griezmann for Liverpool..
Kevin Oliver
Kevin Oliver Uukausi sitten
So many fans almost seem brainwashed into thinking a genuine number 9 wouldn't work with salah and mane. Not having the option of one in the squad is ridiculous for a big team going for multiple competions. Since the athletico defeat its been glaringly obvious that position needs filling.For me thats how the team evolves and gives opposition something else to think about. Bissouma is the best midfielder in the prem that would gives us the legs we need. Vlahovic,daka or silva is the names i would pick from. Ramsey is injury prone and not what we need at this time in his career.
PM179 Uukausi sitten
@Vignesh Ravindran i watch every single barcelona and liverpool games and griezmann is definitley more suited for liverpool than dembele
Christopher Lowry
Christopher Lowry Uukausi sitten
@Vignesh Ravindran I understand what you’re saying, but Mane and Salah aren’t going anywhere. Bobby is replaceable, and why not replace him with a player who can do what he does but scores goals aswell. Everyone keeps saying Dembele is a good player but I’m yet to see it. Sitting on Barcelona’s bench for years, tells me he’s happy to pick up his pay cheque and not play. Not a klopp or Liverpool sort of player. We also need a world class striker who can fit straight in to the team and help us win the premier league title back, not a player who needs years of work with klopp and still may not work out.
Vignesh Ravindran
Vignesh Ravindran Uukausi sitten
@Christopher Lowry Griezmann is a 30 year old who plays a role similar to Bobby...I don't see him getting into LIverpool team unless we kick Bobby out.. NOT HAPPENING ever... Dembele on the other hand plays Mane or Salah roles.. He says, if one of the two were to leave, Dembele would suit our direct style more.. Dembele is a class player.. I have to agree Griezmann has been better so far.. But Dembele is still young. If he does move to Liverpool, I am certain he has the potential do better than Griezmann under Klopp and suits our system more..
Richard Lefaive
Richard Lefaive Uukausi sitten
Barnes was an absolute BEAST in his prime. Completely unplayable.
John Newman
John Newman Uukausi sitten
@Beyoncé Windmill a utility player??? Are you joking or just guessing. John Barnes played primarily as a different level left winger and then over 200 games as a classy central midfielder. Playing maybe 15/20 games up front one season at the very end of his career does not make Barnesy a utility player. If that was the case then I'd say maybe 90% of premier league players would be classed as utility players because they've played in other positions than their usual one. Any way don't be dissing Barnes, he's a Liverpool ledge
Suhel Sheth
Suhel Sheth Uukausi sitten
He was the reason why I started watching Liverpool
Ed Dunne
Ed Dunne Uukausi sitten
GAMEBREAKER700 Uukausi sitten
@Beyoncé Windmill He played Left wing and then latterly left sided forward or joint striker in his best years IE Watford and Liverpool. It was only later he drifted back into a midfield role as his fitness failed.
Beyoncé Windmill
Beyoncé Windmill Uukausi sitten
Played ss a utility player too much in he career
Cloudy Uukausi sitten
Martin James Sweeney
Martin James Sweeney Uukausi sitten
I love this guy my all time liverpool legend I've never met him would be a dream come true to meet him became a liverpool fan when he first signed in the 87/88 season and I've never looked backed since
Leonardo Andwelio
Leonardo Andwelio Uukausi sitten
Same mate
Ballakick90 Uukausi sitten
He's a yardman, aka Jamaican
Karl Barry
Karl Barry Uukausi sitten
Well said buddy I loved ray Houghton he never stopped running Ian rush John Aldridge Ronnie whelan
LFC Red Forever Channel LRFC
Well said mate
Mo Salah's Ethics
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