Legendary 1970 Plymouth Duster "Crop Duster" Rebuilt! | Roadkill Garage | MotorTrend 

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The Crop Duster is Roadkill's back-to-basics street and strip machine with big-block power. And after years of paint and body work, it's finally time to piece the Crop Duster back to life. Freiburger and Dulcich get the engine and trans back in the freshly-painted beauty after adding some extra cubic inches. The 383 has been stroked to 440ci and finally fires up, and then it's time for some burnouts! #RoadkillGarage #Roadkill #MotorTrend

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Christopher Roberts
Christopher Roberts 2 päivää sitten
sick Duster
Gator_02 2 päivää sitten
The more I see these swaps with the Dusters and Darts etc. makes me wanna do one myself but with a modern hemi instead haha, great work on the car guys!
strongy77 4 päivää sitten
Someone get dulcich a T-shirt
Anthony Rettaliata
Anthony Rettaliata 5 päivää sitten
Love your show keep it up 👍🍺
Jay Martin
Jay Martin 10 päivää sitten
I had a 71 Duster,340 threespeed in the floor. If you launched out of the hole the passenger door would come open. Sold it when I rolled Granny across the highway.
Boomer ole bean Williams
Boomer ole bean Williams 11 päivää sitten
Bad a$$ 👊🤣 Samokin 💯🤙🇺🇸
SolamenteVees 16 päivää sitten
Another reason to use a B-engine in an A-body, vs an RB-engine. Don't need fender exit headers...
guyina4x4 19 päivää sitten
Anybody else think James may when they watch Steve Dulcich?
LDN Wholesale
LDN Wholesale 20 päivää sitten
BUT typical the interior is junk and probably will never get done.
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson 21 päivä sitten
Great job. Looks amazing. Y'all 2 are the best. 🤙😎
Jeremy Breinig
Jeremy Breinig 21 päivä sitten
Can't bore a 383 .65 over walls would be to thin, risking a blowout in your cylinder wall running your motor
supersevenn 21 päivä sitten
i always get nervous when i see Dulcich with a torch
TOPS SKUG 27 päivää sitten
Now do the same with the mustang !!! :D
Rueben Skedgwell
Rueben Skedgwell 28 päivää sitten
What a beast awesome work guys
Koi Captain
Koi Captain 28 päivää sitten
Why does Frieburger Hates GMG so much? i mean dude your too old for any drama anyways. plus it's so petty.
Larissa Tashjian
Larissa Tashjian 28 päivää sitten
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Vincent Enk
Vincent Enk 29 päivää sitten
I'd like to see Dulcich build another tunnel rammed W/2 408" motor & put it in the Bar'Bacuda! 😁
William Don
William Don Uukausi sitten
Gotta love those virgin tight fits huh 🤣
Carter Lee
Carter Lee Uukausi sitten
Now we know why they call him Friburger. How do you like that Steve?
David Raful
David Raful Uukausi sitten
Uhhh, welding isn't that difficult. Learn it a bit more.
Bart Palulis
Bart Palulis Uukausi sitten
I challenge you guys to come to Florida and get my Silverado running with more horse power it's a 2000 3 dr 4.8 small block then I can daily drive it
Spartan110 301Gaming
Spartan110 301Gaming Uukausi sitten
I need a 70's duster. They are definitely one of my favorites of all time
claysmell Uukausi sitten
Dulcich is a great character. I saw that episode when we got to meet him and immediately thought this guy needs to be part of this permanently.
claysmell Uukausi sitten
Probably the best burnout I've seen, that was epic
Mike Preciado
Mike Preciado Uukausi sitten
Its always a good build when yur own car scares you 😂 duster an big motor =💀
Mark M
Mark M Uukausi sitten
That was awesome!....What an episode!...EPIC!...Dulcich RULES
Mozez Cen-Valley
Mozez Cen-Valley Uukausi sitten
The ending was so great that man was cruising and he just let the throttle rip and acting started burning out and he went for a long burn out that's how I wanted my 86 SS Monte Carlos to be but it only did that in the rain not a powerful engine stock man I would love a duster with that type of speed
Miles Dean
Miles Dean Uukausi sitten
That gmg burn lol
thumperpaul Uukausi sitten
I’m used to them just keeping the “patina” on the vehicle. Strange to see a Roadkill car having bodywork and a proper paint job done. Looks good!
ramon ramirez
ramon ramirez Uukausi sitten
Thomas Anthony
Thomas Anthony 2 kuukautta sitten
Sarah Steinert
Sarah Steinert 2 kuukautta sitten
Kaushik Sivaprasad
Kaushik Sivaprasad 2 kuukautta sitten
Jeff Ebinger
Jeff Ebinger 2 kuukautta sitten
Lynn Mason
Lynn Mason 2 kuukautta sitten
Saw the first half on Motortrend on Direct TV. Had to hunt down the finish of the Crop Duster, thank you for posting it here or the duster would have been conclusion-less.
farnarkleboy 2 kuukautta sitten
Wow , this is a blast from the past. Lots of respect for these guys but hate seeing them caught in a demographic cut de sac. The world is moving on M/T give these guys some creative headroom
D4RKHOUND 2 kuukautta sitten
See this is what i hope roadkill would be, a bunch of friends buying cheap cars that are deemed too far gone that are brought back to life and eventually restored to a somewhat good state.
Harry Jones
Harry Jones 2 kuukautta sitten
how did you clear the power steering with the headers? My hedmans had number 1 pipe slide into the header, so it ticked
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne 2 kuukautta sitten
Hey polishing chrome molding or edging is the same process as polishing Jewelry. I learned something today. Yay!
theoriginalmungaman 2 kuukautta sitten
The black on Mopars is textured Organisol, not “flat black”
J Mark
J Mark 2 kuukautta sitten
Steve did not like David's burnout!
Michael Mccormack
Michael Mccormack 2 kuukautta sitten
wow first time these boys rebuilt and painted a car,love it
[ c e n s o r e d ]
[ c e n s o r e d ] 2 kuukautta sitten
Mans cannot weld
Cole Watson
Cole Watson 2 kuukautta sitten
Cub cadet is a good kid and I love the way it is my mind and my love for me I don’t mind it is a great game but I am not the only person
Mr Hoon
Mr Hoon 2 kuukautta sitten
Half a mile burnout in a duster.... respect
gym shoe
gym shoe 2 kuukautta sitten
Dulsich is the last old-school hot rodder on TV. If he ever gets screwed up like Mike Finnegan I will be very sad. Mike has befriended cleetus mcFarland and now talks like cleetus, does stupid stunts like cleetus--he became a real fan-boy. I'm worried Freiberger is headed the same way.
Bubba Cox
Bubba Cox 2 kuukautta sitten
freiburger taking after Finnegan and being a douche
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 2 kuukautta sitten
Body work and repair takes a tremendous amount of forethought, discipline and patience. Rust, mould and rodent pellets gets old after some time. Glad to see something clean on Roadkill for a change.
Marco A Gonzalez
Marco A Gonzalez 2 kuukautta sitten
That is great job . Awesome
Fano Boss
Fano Boss 2 kuukautta sitten
cheveefarmers 2 kuukautta sitten
al bundy would be proud
Gabriela Carbajal
Gabriela Carbajal 2 kuukautta sitten
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Lance Langdon
Lance Langdon 3 kuukautta sitten
Rupert Smedley
Rupert Smedley 3 kuukautta sitten
I just love watching these guys - remind me of me????
JReed's Love of Cars
JReed's Love of Cars 3 kuukautta sitten
Roadkill will always be one of my favorite shows!
Ken Johnson
Ken Johnson 3 kuukautta sitten
it looked much better with the Cragars.....
Rick Arra
Rick Arra 3 kuukautta sitten
Loons great
the hammah
the hammah 3 kuukautta sitten
Now lets see some work on the Merc! Give her the same treatment Mr Crop Duster got.
QMAN 1 3 kuukautta sitten
All of my stuff is together too! I'm just not sure where together is.
randy thompson
randy thompson 3 kuukautta sitten
In the start of this video, there was a convertible late 60's dodge. What was it????
randy thompson
randy thompson 3 kuukautta sitten
Might of been AMC???
JoSe EsKoBaR
JoSe EsKoBaR 3 kuukautta sitten
John Behneman
John Behneman 3 kuukautta sitten
One of my favorite episodes !!!! So inspirational!!!! It gives me hope for my Edsel!!! Thank you so much.
man bearpig
man bearpig 3 kuukautta sitten
I love this car
jess dontcare
jess dontcare 3 kuukautta sitten
Hey Dulcich..you ever get around to foolin with the dont hit the 70 340 dart? if not...come buy my just finished ground up black on black on black 70 Dodge Dart Swinger for sale here on youtube posted last month..I know you like the shiny paint...Selling to start a new youtube channel.
Thomas K Dennis Jr.
Thomas K Dennis Jr. 3 kuukautta sitten
Beautiful car
J Laski
J Laski 3 kuukautta sitten
That burnout at the end
oldsguy49 3 kuukautta sitten
You did an awesome job, something I think a person in your position should have been doing.
64 dodge 330
64 dodge 330 3 kuukautta sitten
i do not like the black out t would look better without it. just my opinion.
Kevin 747
Kevin 747 3 kuukautta sitten
Ha! That driving scene at the end was a re-creation of Two Lane Blacktop.
martin vaccaro
martin vaccaro 3 kuukautta sitten
What a beautiful car.
Good Grinds Welding
Good Grinds Welding 3 kuukautta sitten
Center Line Auto Drag wheels look good on most of the old muscle cars. The go to wheel for street machine Mopar guys for sure.
Jesse Shelby
Jesse Shelby 3 kuukautta sitten
Is it just me or dose anyone else cringe when dulcich always makes weird faces when he is on camera? After I noticed it I couldn't stop pointing it out.
Tonny 3 kuukautta sitten
I swear to god Dulcich is just an alternative universe Duchovny 0:22
BEN AUSMAN 3 kuukautta sitten
Duster looks good!!!!!!!👍
Papa reti Aotearoa 40
Papa reti Aotearoa 40 4 kuukautta sitten
I downloaded the original back in the day. Knew I couldn't trust them to leave them up
David Sawyer
David Sawyer 4 kuukautta sitten
Okay David. This is off topic. You say you read the comments. These are my questions. Why are there time classes in NHRA and IHRA? 8:90, 9:90, 10:90. What purpose does it serve? Isn't the whole premise of a race that there is a winner? The point of not going as fast as one can is pointless in my view. To me it's similar to a participant trophy.
Chris McCourt
Chris McCourt 4 kuukautta sitten
Im sad yall left youtube but i would of to money is money and im happy for yall
TheEZGZ 4 kuukautta sitten
The Duster / 2021 Power Tour if Freiburger don't break it before then. Ducich should at least Co/drive so Freiburger and do his MC act. I'd like to see a grudge match against the Crusher Camaro on U Tube.
smilsmff 4 kuukautta sitten
weird motor trend is all that is left
tunercars3 4 kuukautta sitten
i stopped when they left youtube
Brandon Harvey
Brandon Harvey 4 kuukautta sitten
Thats badass y'all are given me inspiration to build one of these got a duster sitting in my back yard been there 15 years covered up. when I get done restoring my dads 69 Plymouth Satellite 4speed 383 H.P that my wife not to happy about because she says im spending to much time and money on the car she really isn't going to be happy when I tell her what my next project going to be. But she will be happy in the end because it's going to be her car to go race and enjoy but im going to wait to tell her until its done
Mr Tailwind
Mr Tailwind 4 kuukautta sitten
I love all of the roadkill spin offs🙌🏼 But dulcich and Freiburger in roadkill garage is my fav... Especially when they are doing half mile burnouts in the crop duster 😜 SD can lay that paint down too...
Jo momma Jokes
Jo momma Jokes 4 kuukautta sitten
Free roadkill crumbs for Xmas!
Sam Scrapla
Sam Scrapla 4 kuukautta sitten
Watching these gives me the warm fuzzies inside.
Mykle Bust
Mykle Bust 4 kuukautta sitten
MrSageflyfisher 4 kuukautta sitten
Steves the best
Wusstig Ohana
Wusstig Ohana 4 kuukautta sitten
The combination between all guys that's on the episodes plus the great cars and info makes roadkill & roadkill garage one of the most watch car shows around. The not so serious attitudes and joking around really makes working cars seem fun again. Always looking forward to a new episode and more so going back to a previous just for laughs. Keep up the great work.
Thunder Dick
Thunder Dick 4 kuukautta sitten
I need to make friends with Steve so he can build a car with me
Andy Rivas
Andy Rivas 4 kuukautta sitten
John Weaver
John Weaver 4 kuukautta sitten
So since you guys are Moheads maybe you can help out a disucssion on a Mopar board and it's in regards to the headers. You are running power steering. How did you get the headers to fit? What did you modify?
slant6guy 4 kuukautta sitten
Hey! The trunk lid isn't a 1970 Duster version as it isn't damaged in the middle! Mopar's 1st model year mistake was having no middle reinforcement crease in the middle of the trunk and a lot of 1970 Dusters are bent / warped there.
David Barker
David Barker 4 kuukautta sitten
You reused the old bolts and lockwashers on the rear u-ie? Dry? That's gonna come back to haunt you....
Todd Clark
Todd Clark 4 kuukautta sitten
Cool cool cool 😎love what you guys did to it
Donald Tuveson
Donald Tuveson 4 kuukautta sitten
Martin750hp name
Martin750hp name 4 kuukautta sitten
Please sell me this little Hot Rod.........
Martin750hp name
Martin750hp name 4 kuukautta sitten
Freiburger if you can weld patches like you do i wont mind you patching my lower side window on my 1990 s-10 ext. cab it has a hole almost halfway across the lower part of the window..........
Hot Rod Dave
Hot Rod Dave 4 kuukautta sitten
Duster is Bitchin
THROTTLE POWER 4 kuukautta sitten
Great video!!!!!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Remi Cossette
Remi Cossette 4 kuukautta sitten
I liked it better with the rusted roof lol
Crap Hitting The Fan
Crap Hitting The Fan 4 kuukautta sitten
Where does Dulcich live, Bakersfield?
Antonio Lau
Antonio Lau 4 kuukautta sitten
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