Minecraft, But You Earn Every Block You Step On... 

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This is Minecraft, But You Earn Every Block You Step On... this was messy.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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Ai Yang
Ai Yang 38 minuuttia sitten
Gamer22MINECRAFT Tunti sitten
Sorry i'm Indonesia
Alexi XCB 0
Alexi XCB 0 2 tuntia sitten
summa syaqqaqnal arda syaqqa
isha shikrani
isha shikrani 3 tuntia sitten
Walk on The Like Button.
Abu Taqi
Abu Taqi 4 tuntia sitten
Fun fact : There's a youtuber in indonesia name nightd play this data pack and credit tapL...
Mikail El Islamy
Mikail El Islamy 3 tuntia sitten
Gw udh nonton video ini duluan seblom ke NightD
ZulfianOfficial 4 tuntia sitten
Nandang Komaludin
Nandang Komaludin 5 tuntia sitten
Kesini Gara gara nightd satu server
Anime_. Edit
Anime_. Edit 3 tuntia sitten
Aku nonton ini dah lama :V
LightD144P 3 tuntia sitten
@Mikail El Islamy sama cok
Mikail El Islamy
Mikail El Islamy 3 tuntia sitten
Gw udh nonton video ini duluan tapi dari dulu
LightD144P 4 tuntia sitten
Cormac Cousino
Cormac Cousino 11 tuntia sitten
Wait… what if he walks in lava and water?
Ervin George Mariano
Ervin George Mariano 11 tuntia sitten
can u get water
Jade Yang
Jade Yang 15 tuntia sitten
Next video: Minecraft but you break every block you look at
Nevahn Jhaveri
Nevahn Jhaveri 15 tuntia sitten
flexing with netherite blocks
Nevahn Jhaveri
Nevahn Jhaveri 16 tuntia sitten
Can u get bedrock?
jhillon 18 tuntia sitten
What about the egg
Himanish S
Himanish S 20 tuntia sitten
you are killing techno blade's freinds :C
Alptekin Ekiz
Alptekin Ekiz 22 tuntia sitten
Die if you take a item from place, you can just take items from chests, barrels esc.
Alptekin Ekiz
Alptekin Ekiz 22 tuntia sitten
From furnaces, crafting tables... hoopers...
GOLD TOAST 23 tuntia sitten
Ladies and Gentleman we got him 7:06
Daniel Berzinskas
Daniel Berzinskas 23 tuntia sitten
>>Start PXE over IPv4
bag frig
bag frig 23 tuntia sitten
hes so rich he just builds up with netherite blocks
UnknownNoob_YT Päivä sitten
tapl kinda sounds like unspeakable gaming
Tony Leon
Tony Leon Päivä sitten
Assasin Redstone
Assasin Redstone Päivä sitten
Trick while you are getting items you should place some aka infinite bridge than when ur done u just run
Syed Arhaan
Syed Arhaan Päivä sitten
Everybody body gangster until he fell on bedrock
Guillian Camina
Guillian Camina Päivä sitten
God Bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MøønStārz Päivä sitten
*We’re all gangster till the dirt comes into the inventory as “grass block” instead of dirt...*
Irwin Lee
Irwin Lee Päivä sitten
Is it me or does it feel like he’s in creative mode
Paladin Wilson
Paladin Wilson Päivä sitten
Eat water-someone in twitch chat
Emerald Gaming
Emerald Gaming Päivä sitten
He said one bedrock but all he did was get one cobble
Ceci Martinez
Ceci Martinez Päivä sitten
Make a block of netherit
Jamie Crofts
Jamie Crofts Päivä sitten
Does it work with chest and multiplies the loot inside
Mantycoo Päivä sitten
Imagine stepping on a skulker box with stuff in it
Niamh Cosgrove
Niamh Cosgrove Päivä sitten
In your next video can you please do Minecraft but you play in creative mode?
Bradedede boi
Bradedede boi Päivä sitten
Morgz in minecraft
John Jacobs
John Jacobs Päivä sitten
When he was placing that bedrock, I had serious anxiety that he would trap himself
John Jacobs
John Jacobs Päivä sitten
Man, bedrock players have the best duplication glitches Java players:
Sharker EXE
Sharker EXE Päivä sitten
22:45 that must’ve been the best and coolest kill of my life!
I got New frog
I got New frog Päivä sitten
did i only hear TapL call cobblestone ,,BedRock"
Brett Van Der Hoorn
Brett Van Der Hoorn Päivä sitten
TapL:using netherite blocks for bilding Blocks Me:hE riCh
Nik Pik
Nik Pik Päivä sitten
tapL: im blue eiffel 65: IM BLUE DA BA DEE DABU DYE
Lackツ Päivä sitten
Gomm Jintanan
Gomm Jintanan Päivä sitten
Went he got dimais he did not evevn build a house yet and i aways get wood or dirt and build a house
MrRahul6108 Päivä sitten
Me waiting for if he walks average the ender egg
Toxic Ace Gamers
Toxic Ace Gamers Päivä sitten
why he says boom boomboom .. 😂😂🤣🤣😂😅😆
Gamer avec Jack et Eliott
Gamer avec Jack et Eliott 2 päivää sitten
im a fan
richard payne
richard payne 2 päivää sitten
Wavy Gaiming
Wavy Gaiming 2 päivää sitten
how do i get this mod/data pack
1337_ NorthWind
1337_ NorthWind 2 päivää sitten
U scream so loud😂
vishruth reddy
vishruth reddy 2 päivää sitten
go tapl
jeanette angeles
jeanette angeles 2 päivää sitten
Alex Saucedo
Alex Saucedo 2 päivää sitten
He can just jump on the block
Ethan KAIN
Ethan KAIN 2 päivää sitten
What seed is this
Rory Nelson
Rory Nelson 2 päivää sitten
When he walk’s on anything rare: *S T* *O* *N* *K* S
Cakey Cat
Cakey Cat 2 päivää sitten
Villager Prime
Soma Town
Soma Town 2 päivää sitten
Woter dogo Gang
Woter dogo Gang 2 päivää sitten
Grian when he sees the amount of diamond blocks you have: pathetic
S Harris
S Harris 2 päivää sitten
TapL: ima just casually build a bridge out of pig spawners
Mahesh Jain
Mahesh Jain 2 päivää sitten
The piglins be like:- we are the richest in the nether.
Giovanni Hernandez
Giovanni Hernandez 2 päivää sitten
So what is your more damage then an axe
Giovanni Hernandez
Giovanni Hernandez 2 päivää sitten
Actually a sword does more damage than an axe
Giovanni Hernandez
Giovanni Hernandez 2 päivää sitten
Actually meant a sore does more damage than an axe
Popcoolboi 2 päivää sitten
Hung vo ngoc
Hung vo ngoc 2 päivää sitten
You can make a bedrock Armor
Ashley Hudson
Ashley Hudson 2 päivää sitten
wok on the waster?
Griffin Engle
Griffin Engle 2 päivää sitten
why, why did he not make netherite boots
stevensun74 2 päivää sitten
Chuck's Cool Reviews
Chuck's Cool Reviews 2 päivää sitten
15:54: Bastion Remnant, more like Ghast-ion Remnant! :)
Rocket Middlebrook
Rocket Middlebrook 3 päivää sitten
What f you stand on the dragon
Kenzie Jibril
Kenzie Jibril 3 päivää sitten
I want the datapacks plsss
Lewis Butler
Lewis Butler 3 päivää sitten
That is so pog
UnknownGaza Gaming
UnknownGaza Gaming 3 päivää sitten
Throughout the ender dragon, he sounds like its his first time beating Minecraft hard core
CatDanie 3 päivää sitten
U said bedrock but is COBBLESTONe
John Rolcon Holgado
John Rolcon Holgado 3 päivää sitten
what if you shift
Ana Banuelos
Ana Banuelos 3 päivää sitten
Pls in the next video show the descripción of the mod
Ana Banuelos
Ana Banuelos 3 päivää sitten
I love the mods
Gloria Ludolph
Gloria Ludolph 3 päivää sitten
Hi TapL
diamondblaster 3 päivää sitten
Just forget about SILK TOUCH we have TOE TOUCH
jobro yo
jobro yo 3 päivää sitten
This is like a lesser vershon of creative like i think if creative was god this would be demigod
Floony 3 päivää sitten
This video gives me a question. Should you build out of bedrock or netherite blocks?
Fire blazer
Fire blazer 3 päivää sitten
Everyone about this vid was cursed
Harmony Suniga
Harmony Suniga 3 päivää sitten
Is TapL replacing ranboo?
Bree 3 päivää sitten
You missed DIAMONDS at 7:56
TheInfinityNightmare 3 päivää sitten
This is how the dream smp gets their netherite
I'M BRUTAL BG 3 päivää sitten
Man i didn't know you we both nearly have the same skin so i saw someone at hive murder mystery so i said him why you steal my skin sub and like for the trouble we nearly have the same skin no the exact ok ;-)
Andrea Eaton
Andrea Eaton 3 päivää sitten
ilknur ozcan
ilknur ozcan 3 päivää sitten
Animekage 3 päivää sitten
The cross bow is fast becaus of the enchantment quick charge
Indre Sinusiene
Indre Sinusiene 3 päivää sitten
Make 50x by 50x donut and do it with diamond block
Irina Wang
Irina Wang 3 päivää sitten
I love your vids
Arnhild Duås
Arnhild Duås 3 päivää sitten
Craft the Block you dum
The Black Sheep
The Black Sheep 3 päivää sitten
KingCheese99 4 päivää sitten
My toes are yoinking the gold - TapL 2021
MudarZtrikes191 4 päivää sitten
Zander Bynsdorp
Zander Bynsdorp 4 päivää sitten
What is a furnai
EggyXD 4 päivää sitten
0:02 n i c e .
RWQFSFASXC Cipher 4 päivää sitten
Who also saw that guy in the chat at 18:20 saying: JUST KILLED TECHNOBLADE, FEELING GOOD? XD
CLL387 3 päivää sitten
Felaade Adesanya
Felaade Adesanya 4 päivää sitten
He do be stacked tho.
Simon Zhao
Simon Zhao 4 päivää sitten
Hi tapl
Kirby Quartz
Kirby Quartz 4 päivää sitten
I just realized in the intro his level is 68 instead of 69
Unknown Glitch
Unknown Glitch 4 päivää sitten
Can you comment the seeds on your vids? It would really help! And the links for the mods?
dracob79 the youtube channel e
Mathis Bellavance
Mathis Bellavance 4 päivää sitten
Woow, the 360 at the end is so cool
Shelley Belly
Shelley Belly 4 päivää sitten
If you step on diamond does it mean you have more diamonds ? :/
MADARA UCHIHA 4 päivää sitten
I love how people says "Hi FIplace" in the twitch chat
Sunlit 05
Sunlit 05 5 päivää sitten
rip strider 2021-2021 (a good nether uber)
The Black Sheep
The Black Sheep 3 päivää sitten
Enes Ayhan
Enes Ayhan 5 päivää sitten
Minecraft, But Enchants Are OP...
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