My First Drive In The Praga R1 Race Car 

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Dj Porsche
Dj Porsche Päivä sitten
wtf is facial team
Paulie W
Paulie W 5 päivää sitten
much noisier than a sim haha, livin the dream jimmy livin the dream! its a wicked lil car !
andrew hamilton
andrew hamilton 7 päivää sitten
Awesome stuff man
Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood 8 päivää sitten
What a brilliant story Jimmy is, well done that man 👏
Hard Knox
Hard Knox 9 päivää sitten
How the hell can you get bored of that soundtrack??! It sound absolutely gorgeous! Top Job Praga! Top job!
Hard Knox
Hard Knox 9 päivää sitten
Ooooooshhhhhhhhh!! What a engine!!!!
peter nicholls
peter nicholls 9 päivää sitten
Awesome cobber... JB you da man...
0B ZEN 11 päivää sitten
I see, .... Upgraded to a carbon fiber shed.
Mikko Rantalainen
Mikko Rantalainen 13 päivää sitten
Interesting to see that the real car has so limited FOV that a single monitor setup should be able to accurately simulate it.
D D 13 päivää sitten
This guy ascended like crazy thru COVID.
Luke Daniel Galon
Luke Daniel Galon 13 päivää sitten
Just started watching his SIM stuff to this fulfilling someone just rewarding.
Brad S
Brad S 14 päivää sitten
This is really exciting Jimmy! What does your heart rate get up to when driving? Have you had to, or will you have to, work on an exercise program to manage the racing stresses?
J Ty
J Ty 15 päivää sitten
I feel a bit tense when you start pushing more-- hoping you keep this going, get some more opportunities to keep driving race cars :) You're a symbol of hope for gamers.
ezanchi 15 päivää sitten
Awesome. Please add CC, record in 4K60 and use OIS. Keep up the good work!
QuinnGT3 17 päivää sitten
Congrats on achieving your dreams! You earned it! 👊
Gregory van der Hoeven
Gregory van der Hoeven 17 päivää sitten
Our lad has become a real racingdriver! I dropped a tear to the first time I saw you on track. Thanks for the inspiration Jimmer!
Super Brit
Super Brit 17 päivää sitten
Wouldn't it be an amazing story if Jimmy made it from being broke and living in his Mum's shed playing Online Gaming to F1..........
Lucas Kook
Lucas Kook 17 päivää sitten
my boiiiiiiiii
Rahman Hakim
Rahman Hakim 18 päivää sitten
Can we just appreciate the heavenly sound that engine makes
Les Grossman
Les Grossman 18 päivää sitten
Get some zip in ya
Da Edgeman Sim Racing
Da Edgeman Sim Racing 18 päivää sitten
I agree. Never met him but mega happy that he’s living the dream. This has inspired many I’m sure. Great job Jimmer!
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia 18 päivää sitten
Takdashark 19 päivää sitten
As many others have said, I am genuinely happy for you, and have never met, and likely never will. Nonetheless, your humbleness, honesty, and relatability are the things that have made your life turn out how it has! Keep it up brother!! Much love and respect from Boston, Ma USA!!
geovas77 19 päivää sitten
Congrats Jimmy, living the dream !!!
Josh .Laidler
Josh .Laidler 19 päivää sitten
I can't imagine how incredible that must feel
maxbomb101 19 päivää sitten
good luck son and be safe
Auntie Venim
Auntie Venim 20 päivää sitten
woah jimmy really out here sim racing in real life
Cal Megpascal
Cal Megpascal 20 päivää sitten
Little Max: I bin driving zince I vas four Jimmer:
92Cuky 20 päivää sitten
Congrats Jimmy on you ride. You really deserve this. That is also one sexy car to make your debut in. Btw. I really like the design of your helmet. Nice and simple, just as it should be :)
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 20 päivää sitten
I am so happy for you, and me because I get to watch!
Sean Flaherty
Sean Flaherty 20 päivää sitten
The Man, The Shed, The Legend.
Daniel 20 päivää sitten
If anyone deserves being a racing driver, it's jimmy
Tipsy Kangaroo
Tipsy Kangaroo 20 päivää sitten
Remember Jimmer no punterino
Fenwick Norton
Fenwick Norton 20 päivää sitten
What circuit is this ?
TheThirdMan 20 päivää sitten
That track looks a lot like Phillip Island.
Helder Araujo Carneiro
Helder Araujo Carneiro 20 päivää sitten
Better than Direct Drive huh? 😄 Have fun!!!
Dylan Nix
Dylan Nix 21 päivä sitten
8:38 Jem looks like a momma bird watching her young leave the nest for the first time when Jimmer rolls out
Anxious Mind Music
Anxious Mind Music 21 päivä sitten
The cockpit footage through good headphones was enough to make my hands sweat... noise in there is incredible
DanZambe 21 päivä sitten
Daniel Bellis
Daniel Bellis 21 päivä sitten
Live the dream. Well done Jimmy so happy this is all happening for you.
Matthew 22 päivää sitten
Looks intense in the cab
Knallert k
Knallert k 22 päivää sitten
WHAT ... ! The last time i watched this channel you where living in a shed in your mothers backyard. Gratz man. This must feel awesome :-)
LTV. niks
LTV. niks 22 päivää sitten
cant tell but is jimmy short shifting at the start of the video.
Andres A. Ruiz V.
Andres A. Ruiz V. 22 päivää sitten
Tractor boy here living the dream! :) NIce one man! much love and keep been awesome!
Apex 22 päivää sitten
Can someone please tell me the name of the racing series he will be competing in and when does it start?
Phillip King
Phillip King 22 päivää sitten
Congrats Jimmy!! That is awesome mate your dream has come true!
J MB 22 päivää sitten
Been watching for years, 3:35 i almost teared up.
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson 22 päivää sitten
@Jimmy(shortshift)Broadbent, Definetly need to try and smash Jem.
d3Rm0Nk 22 päivää sitten
a cutie
Jure Boc
Jure Boc 22 päivää sitten
All good Jimmy, have a blast! God speed!
[WAR] Moura
[WAR] Moura 22 päivää sitten
so happy for you Jimmy, you made it :)
Feku13 22 päivää sitten
I feel like a proud dad even tho I dont watch ur vids on everyday basis
Reedman07 22 päivää sitten
This is where boys become men, and where fictional cars seperate from reality
John Smith9867
John Smith9867 23 päivää sitten
I don’t usually cuss but Win that fucking race Shedboi
King J2S
King J2S 23 päivää sitten
never been so happy for someone i've never met on the opposite side of the world. but man watching this coming from watching you forever ago just getting set up in the shed
Mixios 23 päivää sitten
We did it we starped jimmer in a giand carbon fiber bullet
Bailey Watling
Bailey Watling 23 päivää sitten
I feel like you could hear your foot shaking when you first went out. Nobody else deserves this more than you
Xeno Tone
Xeno Tone 23 päivää sitten
Neil Clements
Neil Clements 23 päivää sitten
You deserve every second of this Jimmers! Soak up every last drop of this experience and most of all, enjoy it. Can’t wait to follow your adventures 😍
Joe Michael
Joe Michael 23 päivää sitten
No one deserves this opportunity more
Blaise Darmaga
Blaise Darmaga 23 päivää sitten
Man this makes me happy. Dont forget if you do bad look good doing it😄
U4EA -
U4EA - 23 päivää sitten
Awesome journey mate! Really great to see how everything unfolds behind the scenes. Also, that last line couldn't have been timed better lol
R4M Gavski
R4M Gavski 23 päivää sitten
That start button above the head ftw
howster34 23 päivää sitten
So happy for you Jimmy well done :) best of luck at Silverstone!
Unsqeakable8989 23 päivää sitten
I had no idea that Praga would still be making cars! It used to make trucks and now they make sports cars. Nice.
chris hughes
chris hughes 23 päivää sitten
Hi, been watching and following for a while. I'm a sim racer and I race for real, it's a difficult transition but nothing beats the real thing although sim racing is a very close second. The worst part is the fact its someone else's car.... but to get good you have to get over it and get the hammer down. I have a clio cup car most fun ever 🤜😎
The Moore Clan
The Moore Clan 23 päivää sitten
Plot twist, Jimmy was the Stig all along.
Ruben Carballo
Ruben Carballo 23 päivää sitten
5:12 Where is my apex?? aaa the second one.... ;) In my experience as rally driver, i´m missing some "grip tests" that i don´t see: I think you need to "check" the grip in the first lap. For example, testing the front grip forcing some masive understeer in the middle of a curve. Another good test is testing the brakes. Braking as hard a you can without block, with clunch and without. In straight line and in the middle of a slow corner. For me, when i start to test a car, i´m doing this kind of easy test in order to "feel" the car in the very first meters. The hard part of this is testing the "Rear grip in acceleration". This need more experience in order to avoid mistakes... .
Richard Foley
Richard Foley 23 päivää sitten
Obscene Machine, great phrase Jimmy.
Richard Foley
Richard Foley 23 päivää sitten
F1 cars should look like this. These look a lot better than F1 cars.
cXn John
cXn John 23 päivää sitten
So nice to see you finally get to do some real world driving, i knew you would be good because you have the technical knowledge you have gained from sim racing. So happy for you brother!
xC4N4D14NB4C0Nx 24 päivää sitten
Jimmerbob no punterinos in the real car okeh.
Andreas Knoben
Andreas Knoben 24 päivää sitten
You can be really proud of yourself, congratulations 👏
George Pastorok
George Pastorok 24 päivää sitten
Living the absolute dream. Congrats man
Geoff McWiggan
Geoff McWiggan 24 päivää sitten
Jimmy..... get ya arse into a division 1 superkart. ! It will make everything you have driven slow . 😜
TheZDog 24 päivää sitten
fucking hell jimmy the sims getting hella realistic these days
Andrew Polcyn
Andrew Polcyn 24 päivää sitten
Found you throw one of your beamng videos years ago now you are a literal race car driver, congrats.
Esté Marco
Esté Marco 24 päivää sitten
the last assetto open i did was on this circuit and i never saw it in video x)
Too Ape
Too Ape 24 päivää sitten
Ummmmm bruh simply amazing jimmer
Kevin Peralta
Kevin Peralta 24 päivää sitten
where's the 1/4 of the screen N O R D V P N advertisement?
scaleop4 24 päivää sitten
I think you did really well dude...well done
Nick Clyne
Nick Clyne 24 päivää sitten
Absolutely awesome! Stoked for you mate.. Nobody deserves this more than you Jimmer!
JMP Korky
JMP Korky 24 päivää sitten
iRacing 2 looks so realistic!
Taffaf 24 päivää sitten
yo wtf the praga has a greddytype-s BOV?
Alex Bend
Alex Bend 24 päivää sitten
Nice one Jimmy, really pleased for you.
Rob Reckless
Rob Reckless 24 päivää sitten
Love this Jimmer! Anglesey circuit is fun. the blind left at the top of the hill tricks me every time!
Joe Holewski
Joe Holewski 24 päivää sitten
So freakin awesome. You're living the dream mate. Good job.
ekik 24 päivää sitten
My streamer :') proud of you
Kobe Huard
Kobe Huard 24 päivää sitten
Where can i watch this live? If it is streamed
Erik Nilsen Aamot
Erik Nilsen Aamot 24 päivää sitten
So richly deserved! Such a joy to follow you Jimmy 👍👍👍
RechargingBatteries 24 päivää sitten
Scotty63 24 päivää sitten
@Jimmy Broadbent Proud of you mate, You deserve this opportunity, Your content brings a lot of joy to so many people, I suffer with mental illness so it's great to see how you have turned your life around and it's an inspiration to us all, Good luck and Kudos to you.
Vogel Motorsport UK
Vogel Motorsport UK 24 päivää sitten
Good to see you enjoying yourself Jimmy and I'm made up that you are where you are. Give em hell fella! One question, does your mechanic actually smile and does he have any banter in him?
DeepHorizon 24 päivää sitten
This is so cool!!!
Brand 24 päivää sitten
this will be the day we've been waiting for
Fiontan Reed
Fiontan Reed 24 päivää sitten
Krampus 24 päivää sitten
So proud of you Jimmy
Kermit L
Kermit L 24 päivää sitten
What game is this?
RingRentalTester 24 päivää sitten
Thats crazy mate ! Enjoy your time you rock 💪🏻 you deserved this after all hard work doing sim stuff
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