Should Manchester City prioritise Jack Grealish over Harry Kane? | ESPN FC 

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ESPN FC's Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Stewart Robson react to reports Manchester City is lining up a move for Aston Villa playmaker Jack Grealish.
0:00 Nicol says Grealish is "not a Man City player."
1:20 Burley explains how Pep Guardiola could improve Jack Grealish.
3:00 Robson argues why Grealish would be a great addition to Man City's attack.

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Ave Jaly
Ave Jaly 22 päivää sitten
Daniel Ibanez
Daniel Ibanez Uukausi sitten
Great talk! I love the differing opinions
Dajied Kharmon
Dajied Kharmon Uukausi sitten
Man City needs to Find a striker instead
Mark Hirons
Mark Hirons Uukausi sitten
Definitely need kane over him we need a striker and a cdm ready for when fernandhino finally leaves and I’d say get rid of mendy and get a new lb aswell
Michael Uukausi sitten
I agree with Steve & Craig. Grealish's style of play doesn't really suit city. And I think him & Foden would get in each other's way at times
Michael Uukausi sitten
Numbers wise, Grealish isn't very impressive. Sterling had a poor season but still got the same amount of goals. Sterling usually gets upward of 15 goals. Grealish isn't really an upgrade on Sterling
david jay
david jay Uukausi sitten
Pep knows Grealish takes more touches because of the quality of team he plays in , in a City side he would have more options to pass and move . Pep loves the Grealish type of player and just cant resist going for every one available !
Raheem Uukausi sitten
If they pay for the like of him they are done...
Pragash Ganason
Pragash Ganason Uukausi sitten
6:19 - Dan Thomas, you're beyond GOAT ;)
Kronik Maths debater
Kronik Maths debater Uukausi sitten
As a Manchester United fan i don’t rate Grealish, i will be fuming if we buy him for $60 million. Most English players are severely overrated.
Abiel 2020
Abiel 2020 Uukausi sitten
He can ofcourse win you games but he wants to be always with the ball unlike Pep Guardiolas style of play
Abiel 2020
Abiel 2020 Uukausi sitten
But overall Steve Nicole is right that Grealish is not a kind of Guardiola player
Abiel 2020
Abiel 2020 Uukausi sitten
If Man city are going to sign Grealish,it means that they are going to plan to sell either Bernardo Silva or Mahrez,but Stewart Robson is mentioning those players as they are going to play alongside Grealish.
greg y
greg y Uukausi sitten
DUH. put them in bikinis and see who's better. Grealish!
Rohan Pereira
Rohan Pereira Uukausi sitten
With that ugly hairstyle, he is now Jack Squeamish..
Damian Baugh
Damian Baugh Uukausi sitten
Waste of a conversation, Jack is not for sale.
Barnabas Simon
Barnabas Simon Uukausi sitten
Stevie and Craig spot on!!
Sara Elmi
Sara Elmi Uukausi sitten
Man city are going to sell sterling, gundogan, mendy, larpote and maybe Jesus and Bernardo.
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts Uukausi sitten
john carman
john carman Uukausi sitten
To me Grealish is constantly looking for the foul . He spends as much time on his backside as he does on his feet.
Evan L
Evan L Uukausi sitten
Grealish is stuck at Aston Villa because he signed a 5 year deal last year. nobody is going to pay 100 million for him. especially when Chelsea, United, and City all already have plenty of star players in his position.
huey ho
huey ho Uukausi sitten
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Kd Roofing
Kd Roofing Uukausi sitten
Jack Grealish to Arsenal makes sense talking about
Denis Richu
Denis Richu Uukausi sitten
City does not need a Midfielder...They need a strong leftback and a striker...So Kane should be their priority
Micah Mc Clatchie
Micah Mc Clatchie Uukausi sitten
Stevie taking a deep breath before he starts talking is so weird 😖
Rodycaz II
Rodycaz II Uukausi sitten
mrmaxpowers2 Uukausi sitten
How about neither? City should be going full force for Haaland. Break the bank, surely they can outbid Chelsea.
Dipthong thathongthongthong
100mil plus Sterling or Silva. End of. Villa don't need to sell. Grealish, Buendia, Traore (or a better upgrade) with Watkins up front? Villa are building around the home town lad.
alan t
alan t Uukausi sitten
Big stan 268🇦🇬
Big stan 268🇦🇬 Uukausi sitten
Craig burley spot on because at l iverpool Sterling didn't look like a goal scorer but pep improved his game and turned him into a top goal scorer
Max Brose
Max Brose Uukausi sitten
nicol has no footballknowledge
Zahid Khan
Zahid Khan Uukausi sitten
Harry Kane the biggest flop going
Marc Van der Bilt
Marc Van der Bilt Uukausi sitten
guardiola wants to play without a centre forward. that is why he didn’t win that many international prizes.
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
Grealish is a quality player... Is he worth £100 million? That's arguable but he's worth what a club's prepared to pay I suppose. But their squad is full of talented playmakers, do they need another?
Mathaba Nelson
Mathaba Nelson Uukausi sitten
This guy is only good for Aston villa. He is not a quality for city. Pep cannot improve this guy, he fall every minutes to gain advantage that is not what a coach can improve.
Sumesh Potdar
Sumesh Potdar Uukausi sitten
Its easy why did they want grealish..coz sterling fumbles in one on one situations and in imp ucl matches..its that easy😏
bopia cigiu
bopia cigiu Uukausi sitten
The afraid division contextually introduce because server internationally tie circa a incompetent perch. cultured, spotty antelope
Sabr صبر
Sabr صبر Uukausi sitten
Grealish will be a perfect fit for manchester city. Pep plan is to Place grealish along side Kevin de bruyne.. (more center role not a winger like in aston villa). Grealish has some same quality same like kevin has. If both this players play in center for man city it would be deadly compination. These pundits dont know
Ronny Ron
Ronny Ron Uukausi sitten
Man city should be focus on Morgan Rogers than Kane or Grealish cos it always better to focus on your own player than other's Players.
racegod09 Uukausi sitten
Jack improves any squad he joins. Jack is different to the players on the current city squad. His movement and playmaking is unique. The squad at city are effective role players. They play the tactics and find success. Jack reads the game and makes adjustments beyond the tactics.
peterhaslund Uukausi sitten
Of course they want Kane but at what price tag from Levy?
Davydee Uukausi sitten
Germain Stanislaus
Germain Stanislaus Uukausi sitten
His not worth 100millon
DCI Gene Hunt
DCI Gene Hunt Uukausi sitten
nobody can afford harry kane YAY! he is gonna be a tottenham player for life now 😁
Kingpee Prints
Kingpee Prints Uukausi sitten
That is exactly what I thought, I agree with the first journalist, Grealish holds the ball too much but City don't play like that. Hence; he's doesn't befit the squad.
Eduardo Tovar
Eduardo Tovar Uukausi sitten
You guys aren’t pundits
Rocky Uukausi sitten
I am sure pep wishes suarez played for him at some point
Russell ward
Russell ward Uukausi sitten
Steve has been on the sauce again. Of course he takes a lot of touches at Villa. Who else is gonna take them? He takes a ton of touches because they need him to. If he goes to City, which he won't he'll 100% fit in. He'll the less touches.
Peter Walsh Gallagher
Peter Walsh Gallagher Uukausi sitten
Phil Uukausi sitten
Rihad Marez can go past players in his sleep.. sorry Robson
Brian Seaton
Brian Seaton Uukausi sitten
Grealish prefers Utd have u been living under a rock
Muhammad Saleem
Muhammad Saleem Uukausi sitten
Whether Grealish or Kane, first Guardiola should get himself a brain.
Tim Bolton
Tim Bolton Uukausi sitten
May aswell buy both. After all, "competition is important". Guardiola said so the hypocrite. 🙄
Eric Rerrud11
Eric Rerrud11 Uukausi sitten
Pep doesn’t want a big superstar like Kane or even Haaland. He wants to be the main man
DonLife **
DonLife ** Uukausi sitten
Not 100 mil. Besides City doesn't need Grealish. Kane is priority
Jason Hayman
Jason Hayman Uukausi sitten
Agree 100% with Craig, I'm a city fan and we need to be able to play with a striker sometimes, false 9 doesn't always work
Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock Uukausi sitten
Man City won’t sign him 🤣
Robin LaBouche
Robin LaBouche Uukausi sitten
I agree with Robbo...the other two are biased Scots !!!!!!!
Kawrte glover
Kawrte glover Uukausi sitten
Lol so what robo is saying pep needs grealish to face tuchel
Andrew Hylton
Andrew Hylton Uukausi sitten
Grealish is an overhyped bang average player with a few good touches that's it. The media are just going crazy over him because his English
R. James
R. James Uukausi sitten
That's why he created the 2nd most goalscoring opportunities in the top 5 leagues in Europe in the 2019-20 season playing for a bang average Aston villa team that finished 17th in the Premier league and only just avoided relegation, grealish carried that team and the would have been relegated without him! The only other English players on his level are sancho, foden and kane, although they are different types of players to grealish.
Andrew Hylton
Andrew Hylton Uukausi sitten
@R. James Yawn!!!! Grealish is just a "flash Harry" footballer who does a few step overs and all of a sudden you start creaming your pants like he is Ronaldinho. Grealish would never get into the Dutch, Spanish, Belgium, or French squad because he's not good enough. However, in England, once you popular with the media that makes you a football genius. This is why England will never win anything except for that one world cup in 1966
Peter Walsh Gallagher
Peter Walsh Gallagher Uukausi sitten
"Bang average " 😭😂😂😂😂
R. James
R. James Uukausi sitten
You’re wrong, I’m a Manchester United fan, and I can tell you that he is a far better footballer than Marcus Rashford, he’s an exceptional footballer, just do the eye test, he is one England player that is underrated not overrated!
Cee Why
Cee Why Uukausi sitten
City need another box to box midfielder. Someone like wijnaldum or Saul. Not a attacking cam. And they need a striker. That’s all they need, if they wanna spend more, then maybe another left back would do.
chukwuma Eze
chukwuma Eze Uukausi sitten
Let them get Grealish cuz I want to hear city fans excuse again lol 😂. Cuz we will still slap city next season. Pep will run out of England with no UCL.
Pablo Uukausi sitten
Riyad Mahrez is way better at beating players than Grealish.
Tarang Lath
Tarang Lath Uukausi sitten
I don't think grealish would fit our style they need to focus on getting a real 9 and a cdm
Charles Bryant
Charles Bryant Uukausi sitten
Jack Grealish won't be at city....he can't play ticki-tacka
Charles Bryant
Charles Bryant Uukausi sitten
Stevie is bang on....plus Jack isn't that great either. He just doesn't score as much
Michael James
Michael James Uukausi sitten
Grealish is worth not less than 80M! The amount of chances he creates is unbelievable and he makes it look very easy. He can play in any big team in Europe and outshine almost every one on that team. He’s England best player right now.
Darren Redden
Darren Redden Uukausi sitten
I like grealish but Stevie is 100% spot on .. grealish is incredibly talented but he takes too long on the ball, tries to do everything himself and always looks for the foul... Look at Xavi or Iniesta..they were brilliant because they did the simple things quickly, hardly got fouled because it would be pass and pass move pass and move in a split second
Don Ellis
Don Ellis Uukausi sitten
Man City are just straight up trying to buy the Champions league. Man City don't need Jack Grealish..If there were a price on class they would try to buy that too.
Ana Ta
Ana Ta Uukausi sitten
Jack can do jack s*** around box. Oh well, he can dive.
Ana Ta
Ana Ta Uukausi sitten
Steve shhhh! He is media darling and people in England regard him super gifted player. Let’s he goes to ManC for random.
Nash Uukausi sitten
Stevie is absolutely right...
Thabang Mponye
Thabang Mponye Uukausi sitten
Do City need Grealish? No.
astrofiger Uukausi sitten
Kane > Grealish
Tilak R
Tilak R Uukausi sitten
He will gradually replace gundo. Sterling is going,perhaps.
Charles Apana
Charles Apana Uukausi sitten
Pep is mistaking they need a quality player such as Kane more than Grealish, besides Mahrez and Foden, Sterling and Ferran are all there
Charles Apana
Charles Apana Uukausi sitten
Pep is mistaking they need a quality player such as Kane more than Grealish, besides Mahrez and Foden, Sterling and Ferran are all there
VogonyoTV Uukausi sitten
Sell sterling and buy grealish, buy kane and theo hernandez... Fill those spaces that are not in the pfa team of the season
Iron Bridge
Iron Bridge Uukausi sitten
Lol 😂. Robbo arguing that Grealish is better than De Bruyne, Silva and Mahrez for getting past opposition players. 😂😂
The Objective Truth
The Objective Truth Uukausi sitten
If Jack Grealish was playing for a top tier team he would be one of the most decorated midfielders in football history. He's that good of a player. The issue is he's being judged by his playing style in a team where there is no option but to play that way because how else would Aston Villa still be in the Premier League??? Pep knows why he wants him and I trust Pep.
Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore Uukausi sitten
You plonka
poolfans Uukausi sitten
3:25 Jack Grealish can go pass ppl around the box????? He is always looking for contact and happily falling down for free kick. He will slow down city attack
Garry Galloway
Garry Galloway Uukausi sitten
Isn't that ironic that Levy refused to pay £25 million three years ago. He could had been a great replacement for Eriksen.
Mufta Party
Mufta Party Uukausi sitten
Man United should buy Grealish
Official rozay
Official rozay Uukausi sitten
Nah Grealish only fall all over the pitch like a drunk lad
Bheki Mkhize
Bheki Mkhize Uukausi sitten
I hope Pep is watching this
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
Kane & Grealish if to City Pep shapes English Base for WC
mel b
mel b Uukausi sitten
kane not even close
Tay Zk
Tay Zk Uukausi sitten
Did we not just see Grealish go past players and get a penalty..? Grealish goes past people around the box all the time
Tay Zk
Tay Zk Uukausi sitten
I'd trust Pep over these guys any day Grealish is a beast
renzel khamacho
renzel khamacho Uukausi sitten
Grealish to City is all paper talk. Man City have never spend more than 65M on a player, they probably will break that record this summer should they go for Kane, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they went for a signing no one expects, someone cheaper, just like last season when everyone was talking about Koulibaly they went and got Dias instead, so don't be surprised if it turns out they're not even in for Kane as the papers are reporting, as for Grealish, why would they spend 100M(a figure they never even once came close to spending) on a player they don't even need? like I said, paper talk.
kevin Uukausi sitten
if grealish is 100m kane is 300mil
Anurag Dandekar
Anurag Dandekar Uukausi sitten
Grealish looks best fit for chelsea
R S Uukausi sitten
Stevie such a City 🏙 hater 🤣 If Jack was linked w/Liverpool, he would be, oh signing of the season - best player in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😉
Dale Dan-Irabor
Dale Dan-Irabor Uukausi sitten
Okay, I’m not comparing players, but I mean Pep had Messi! I think Pep prepares a player like Grealish.
SambaFC Uukausi sitten
Overrated English player. The English media is all over this Grealish shorts
Centrum Dominic
Centrum Dominic Uukausi sitten
His history of injuries Is not worth £100m on this 🌍
Sonam Lama
Sonam Lama Uukausi sitten
Steve is anti mancity
Akhilesh Kalase
Akhilesh Kalase Uukausi sitten
Recency Bias Radio
Recency Bias Radio Uukausi sitten
Too many players jumping on City's bandwagon smh
Jake Manning
Jake Manning Uukausi sitten
@R G City dont even have the highest wage bill😂, players wanna go to City cuz City are an ambitious club
R G Uukausi sitten
Cant blame them. Its raining money there.
Quang Minh
Quang Minh Uukausi sitten
Man City midfield is stacked, they don’t need another midfielder
Brennan W
Brennan W Uukausi sitten
@edthe2nd you mean aston villa? A few reasons! City have two midfielders winding their careers down as they are in their 30s. Gundo and fernandinho. Within the next few seasons they will be gone. Bernardo silva has desires to play elsewhere so he's not a sure thing. That's three midfielders that will likely go soon. For city to continue to win they will have to buy a young cdm and a versatile mid imo. Obviously they need a striker and a lb wouldn't be a bad idea either. Tbh city have quite a few areas to address.
edthe2nd Uukausi sitten
@Brennan W But why have all these talented midfielders sitting in the bench. West Ham being good made the top 4 race interesting. Why take their best player just cause?
Brennan W
Brennan W Uukausi sitten
There are a few city midfielders who may move on so if that's the case they will need to fill the void. I still believe there's room for a new, dynamic midfielder even if nobody leaves.
edthe2nd Uukausi sitten
And they don't need a ball holding midfielder. Which he's very good at
bitegoatie Uukausi sitten
Why do they want either? Grealish is better, but leave him alone at Villa. Kane is just a no.
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