Sony Shutting Down PS3/PSP/Vita Stores? And Nintendo Prepares For Mario 35 Removal | News Wave 

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A new report is pointing to Sony actually shutting down the digital stores for PSP, Vita, and the PlayStation 3 leading to concern around overall game preservation for these platforms. In a little over a week the Mario 35th Anniversary will come to an end and Nintendo will discontinue the Mario 3D All Stars Collection. With a new message releasing the other day it looks like Nintendo will also look to completely remove stock from their stores rather than sell through them.
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00:00 - Start
00:42 - Hades Coming To Game Pass?
1:49 - Astro City Mini Coming To North America
2:57 - RE Village Coming To Stadia
4:06 - PS3/PSP/Vita Store Closure Announced
8:23 - Nintendo Removing Mario 35 Merchandise From Some Stores
10:20 - PS1 Softmod Revealed
12:56 - Several New Trademarks Filed In Japan
14:19 - Poll
15:17 - Comment Of The Day
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Sadat 7 päivää sitten
Fast forward to May and yes Lost Judgment is indeed sequel to Judgment. Can't wait for it to come out.
SpaniardNL 26 päivää sitten
press X for doubt on people buying stuff from the PS5 storefront... there are almost no people with a PS5...so...how?? I think there are more people still playing on vita and ps3 than there are people owning a PS5 xD
squidracerX 27 päivää sitten
You say its great for Hades to come to Gamepass "get that check, Supergiant deserves it"; can that game not sell units on its own well enough? it won a game of the year award and was a finalist in most top 10 lists of the year. No speculation - no downhill bike game guy saying Gamepass was good for his game (I think thats a very different game than Hades), do we know how much Microsoft pays these companies yet? Have we seen a deal's info leak? Is Microsoft dropping extra money because they can? Is it way more lucrative than game sales can be? Do we know how well a game sells after being on Gamepass? -- Id like to know all this - it seems like if games sell that poorly on Xbox that no way can they sell as much as a lump fee from Gamepass, that might say more about game sales on Xbox (and why they NEEDED Gamepass). Id love to see some developer let us know what they made off Nintendo sales, Sony sales, and then Microsoft sales with Gamepass (on the MS side Id want to know how many copies it sold even though it was on Gamepass, how many people downloaded it on Gamepass, and how much they were paid to be on there), see how it all filters out.
Christian Stoleski
Christian Stoleski Uukausi sitten
Luminous Uukausi sitten
This is theft plain and simple. We PAID for the ability to download the game in a digital format from the store and also to be able to REDOWNLOAD from the store if we got new hardware or deletion due to space issues, this was to offset the lack of security from owning a hardcopy. YOU ARE THIEVES SONY, YOU ARE DESPICABLE DISHONORABLE THIEVES!!! I despise sony and everything they stand for after their HQ was moved to the US.
Pan Revan
Pan Revan Uukausi sitten
Can Sony replace Jim Ryan with someone more capable?
Raison D'être
Raison D'être Uukausi sitten
Damn. I actually just bought my first ps3 2 years ago with a big hard drive and I'm really hoping to milk the store for all its worth. It's Gonna be tight. Will probably buy a ps4 when I run out of ps3 games so I'll wait to play some of the games that got releases on ps4 as well. Lots of ps1 and 2 classics that I want to buy!
Dooleh Uukausi sitten
Nintendo is batshit crazy... Also, who the fuck goes out and buys a PS5 digital edition after this?!
Davis Connor
Davis Connor Uukausi sitten
From microsoft at least they let you play og xbox, xbox 360, and xbox one games on xbox series X and not only that, but they also let use a paid app call dev mode from microsoft website and download to xbox series X and then download an emulator like retroarch and emulate games like nes, snes, ps1, ps2, gamecube, gba, etc, and this did not make your xbox live account ban or anything like that, and from sony for some reason can't not do the same and the cmos battery on ps3 when it die and it well the games that have been download from psn store will not work anymore after the psn store shut down and yes you can still use the game disc after the psn store shut down, but the ps4 is even worse when the cmos battery die after the psn store shut down not only the digital games will play amymore... but also the game disc will not work anymore at well so yea at this point after all that have been say and done... fuck sony, fuck the ps4, fuck the ps5, fuck the battery that bulid in the systems, fuck the ceo who at sony at this time and fuck this i am done with sony.
Miguel Santana
Miguel Santana Uukausi sitten
We must be prepared for the crazy price increases for physical ps3 and vita games on Ebay Afterwards!
Miguel Santana
Miguel Santana Uukausi sitten
We still can download our games after the shutdown but for how long? The download list will be linked with your psn account or console? What if the ps3 cease to function,can i use another one to download my stuff with my psn account? I received a warning email from Sony but the email didnt answer any of this questions. This can backfire to Sony because gamers will think twice from now on on buying digital for ps4 and ps5. Iam a PS guy but i know that Microsoft at least believe in generations,a friend of mine with XBSX is having a blast buying and playing xbox 360 games,even the console transforms that games into remastered versions,i dont have that on my Playstations,not at that extend!
T0KY0 RED Uukausi sitten
Microsoft buy BETHESDA. Sony shuts down servers it can't afford . The writing's on the wall Sony fans
Christian Vargas
Christian Vargas Uukausi sitten
I wonder if they shut down the ps store on ps3 will the ps3 run faster
LiveDark Virales
LiveDark Virales Uukausi sitten
I literally just play BF3 and BFBC2 and i have them physical and you will be able to download what ur library and games u buy so i really dont care too much i can still playing the BF games and BRs in PS4.
Not a Soy boi
Not a Soy boi Uukausi sitten
Will we be getting refunds for digital ps3,psp,ps vita digital copies if they shut down PS store or will Sony decide to be d!ck heads and keep all the money?
mw2badboy92 Uukausi sitten
Hey Spawnwave do you do repairs for your subscribers? I’m just wondering. Long time subscriber. Been following for quite a while now.
Sébastien Uukausi sitten
THERE'S MORE: when PS4 battery clock dies (and all will), you will not be able to play any physical games you have on them. I will never buy any games in my live now. FUCK SONY and FUCK THIS PROGRAMMED OBSOLETE WORLD
ShadowCarnage Uukausi sitten
I should probably get the mario 3d all stars but the problem is is that I don't have a switch
CBT 2.0
CBT 2.0 Uukausi sitten
@scott stamp: 12:00 am March 31st Nintendo: ITS TIME, Breaks in to target and stuff, *take all of the mario35 games* Employee: just a normal Wednesday
Bayron Uukausi sitten
Will you still be able to download your bought games?
Bo Jangles
Bo Jangles Uukausi sitten
AAWWW, bruh. I just got back on my vita after being out of town for work for a few weeks and trying to look at the vita store via a web browser it doesn't seem to have its same store anymore bc my bookmark takes me to a page w ps4 nonsense on it now... i guess im not gonna legitimately buy any of these anymore?? Why wont they just let me have this shit on my ps4 or a ps5 if i could find one on the shelf bc scaplers are scum, at this point theyre literally encouraging ppl to just pirate anything below a current gen console when id happily pay sony for it and im sure plenty of others would too... nintendo as well, im about to just hack my handhelds just so i can play what i want at the cost of a system and thats it.
Bo Jangles
Bo Jangles Uukausi sitten
Well I just got my vita, guess il just stop buying and start stealing, I mean modifying..
JTYourreflection Uukausi sitten
Ps3 store is down they didnt even wait till summer wtf. F*ck sony for this
Superior Snake
Superior Snake Uukausi sitten
Imagine if you hey actually won't allow us to download our purchases. Just imagine ...
Terre Alexander
Terre Alexander Uukausi sitten
"They will own nothing and they will be happy"
Skrub Lynch
Skrub Lynch Uukausi sitten
is thegamer to be trusted we shouldn't just trust this source until sony comes out with an official announcement
Paolo Lombardi
Paolo Lombardi Uukausi sitten
Who want toplay the old gran Turismo? Who want to hire old managers/ceo?
bronze player
bronze player Uukausi sitten
Welp I purchased the jak and Daxter collection, sly Cooper trilogy, persona 4 golden, and Tomba 1 and 2 off the ps vita store prices for physical versions are to expensive
Shorty G
Shorty G Uukausi sitten
Holy fuck gaming is going down the shitter lmao.
Nick Panda
Nick Panda Uukausi sitten
Did it day one got physical and digital never opening it
Jeff Sousa
Jeff Sousa Uukausi sitten
12:01 It is quite easy using a modded PS2 to transfer files over the memory card, there is no need to hunt for "special memory cards"
Michael Guerra
Michael Guerra Uukausi sitten
Nintendo has some unconventional business practices.. Well I decided to get the All Stars cart back when it came out anyways.. 20 bucks a game for these 3 fan favorites didn’t seem entirely unreasonable.. And, I’m the guy who usually doesn’t purchase full priced stuff..
FriKooK Uukausi sitten
sashen667 Uukausi sitten
Just hack it. Why should you miss out on a great experience because Sony doesn't want your money anymore?
shinamouri Uukausi sitten
Maybe Nintendo will use their remaining Super Mario 3d All-Stars copies to help fund their employees retirements in the future.
Chris Toro
Chris Toro Uukausi sitten
My question is, why isn't Metal Gear Solid 4 remastered yet, because after PSN shuts down, MGS4 will be locked away indefinitely. :/
The Xero Link
The Xero Link Uukausi sitten
@9:45 they put it into the warehouse with the ARC from Indiana Jones lol
Hector Santana
Hector Santana Uukausi sitten
Every time I watch one of these (most of them), I can't help but hope the people up top at the companies you report on subscribe to this channel cuz you're always covering super relevant topics! Love your channel!
Pandaoniman Uukausi sitten
Why isn't it all one single store? Are they that incompetent?
Walther Penne
Walther Penne Uukausi sitten
You need POWER to do that (huge databank, Your processor has to handle that). No power? No huge databank. There is a reason databanking is dying! modern processors suck at handling huge databanks!
M.R. Cull
M.R. Cull Uukausi sitten
I have a question, if anyone knows the answer. If Sony does shut off the PS3 storefront, this is not the end of the world, but my larger concern is, I have a large ps3 game collection, and not all of them have game data and patches downloaded onto my current PS3 (I recently had to pick up another one due to the PHAT YLOD'ing on me). So while I suspect you can still dump the game data onto the HDD, what about Patches? With the storefront gone, will you still be able to download Patches for PS3 games you physically own?
Bart Uukausi sitten
*Why Sony will not do $1 each digital PS3 / Vita game - or like - but any 20 games for $10 - they (and producers) would made BILLIONS $$$$$*
Walther Penne
Walther Penne Uukausi sitten
running servers costs LOTS of $$$$$! You wouldn´t make Billions when you only get 1$ per game idiot...
Mezziah777 Uukausi sitten
I'm not to bummed if they close down the store as I prefer physical games, but if they shut down all online services I'm gonna be pissed. I have over 130 games on PS3 and I still haven't played a lot of them. Would totally suck if updates and the like won't work anymore as certain games can range from a bit buggy to almost unplayable.
Howie Uukausi sitten
Anyone else having trouble buying games on the PS3 store, the on system one that is? It keeps saying error on the checkout
Boghman22 Uukausi sitten
LostSoulNo301281 Uukausi sitten
Just got to congratulate you on being the only person so far that I’ve heard refer to the new Xbox’s and simply the Xbox Series consoles rather than saying Xbox Series X/S.
Dan Solo
Dan Solo Uukausi sitten
get ready to buy some PlayStation classics on a PS5 near you
D. Uukausi sitten
PS3 titles will be useless if Sony shuts down access to the patches. Imagine playing Killzone 2 Day 1 version.... Gross.
NickTheGolden Uukausi sitten
This is so messed up.🤬 So many classic JRPGs are gonna be very difficult to play without ps3 and vita store
Jonay2006 Koggel
Jonay2006 Koggel Uukausi sitten
Rip ps3 i never had one but i will miss the store and later the online nomore rdr online than you only have rdr2 online and that sucks because rdr online is soo much better than rdr2 online
Dustin Nunn
Dustin Nunn Uukausi sitten
Sony are jerks. It would be pointless to get a PS3, PSP and PS Vita because of the PlayStation Store shutting down. And if Sony shuts down the PS4's PlayStation Store, then I will switch from Sony to Microsoft and stick with Microsoft's Xbox series. I never owned any Xboxes back when I was growing up. All I had growing up were the Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Sony PS1, Sony PS2, Nintendo GameCube, the Nintendo Game Boy Advance series and the Nintendo DS Lite.
Walther Penne
Walther Penne Uukausi sitten
Sooner or later Microsoft will also be forced to shut down their old X360-store dude ; It´s a matter of POWER. And we all know MIcrosoft´s servers don´t have POWER. Same problem why STEAM (which is from world´s biggest Server-users = Valve) is constantly being downgraded in functions.
MetalJesusRocks Uukausi sitten
Nintendo of North America has an internal employee store in their lobby. I suspect that will be the last place that those games are sold, sadly. Once that stock is gone it’s probably gone forever....
149-AR Uukausi sitten
You know what? after they closed PS Store many people will pirate PS 3 game then Sony will sue people who uploads PS 3 pirated game unlike Xbox, Xbox 360 store and service is still there. $ony can't be more dumb than they already are.
TheGoldNShadow Uukausi sitten
If you’re in the UK, there’s a shop full of 2nd-hand consoles and games called CeX.
Uneducated Gamer
Uneducated Gamer Uukausi sitten
That's ok for they are perfect. Nintendo can do no wrong.
Kyle Hill
Kyle Hill Uukausi sitten
New World Order/Great Reset speeding up!
Khairi Nazir
Khairi Nazir Uukausi sitten
Cool spec bro
Angelo Mendez
Angelo Mendez Uukausi sitten
Not gonna lie i kinda want stadia to survive
Randy Tharp
Randy Tharp Uukausi sitten
The PS3 store has been shut down for a while now. Idk why it’s just now being talked about
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas Uukausi sitten
It's not though, I literally just went on the PS3 store today.
REX MUNDI Uukausi sitten
i still cant get my stupid psp to even connect to wifi so i don't think that will affect me. Hope they dont shut down ps4 store anytime soon.
Rowan Tritton
Rowan Tritton Uukausi sitten
Just grabbed the Resident Evil bundle on PS3 for the ports of Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles and I’ve got a list of titles I’m gonna work through purchasing for both PS3 and the PS(T)V if the shutdown is confirmed by Sony :(
MISTERIOSO Uukausi sitten
Ps3, and psp? !!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I have a psp, ps3, and a ps4. To be honest psp and ps3 are 100 times better than ps4 or ps5. They focused more on games. Ps4 and ps5 has more apps for movies than games. They are game consoles.
savagemadman Uukausi sitten
The possible closure of Sony's older platform stores isn't a big deal to me anymore since the last overhaul that killed desktop browser access - the stores are extremely frustrating to use in the console UI. I'm concerned that they may kill access to patches and previously purchased addon content however. I already go out of my way to buy game titles in physical form. Also concerned as to the future support for the PS3 as a media streaming platform - to this day my PS3s see far more use than my PS4 because of it's far nicer UI and remote. PS5 (if I could get one) looks like a step backwards with even more busy advertising spam and useless social clutter. Also own a modern Sony Bluray player and 4th gen Apple TV, still pick the PS3 over them thanks to UI and remote.
punkydudester3 Uukausi sitten
As far as I am concerned any company that doesn't support their retro original games that helped their system become successful is stupid! There is only one company that doesn't celebrate that is Sony. Eventually there will be an uproar if they don't figure their crap out. Get with it Sony, your rein won't last forever if you don't get your shit together.
eddy chelsea
eddy chelsea Uukausi sitten
If they shut down the PS3 store omI will cancel my PS plus membership. I have a PS4 but my PS3 is my most played Sony console still in 2021
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez Uukausi sitten
Thank you microsoft 🙏
Lucario_ Gamer
Lucario_ Gamer Uukausi sitten
Has anyone been able to log into the PS3 store? I've been trying on my own PS3 since I read that Sony will be shutting them down. Wanted to get digital devil saga before it's gone.
demonfox560 Uukausi sitten
This is why I'm going back to buying games on disc again.
Pockyt Uukausi sitten
Things that have turned me into a PC & Mobile gamer
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly Uukausi sitten
Kind of difficult to knock Stadia when they are still supporting the service and Sony is about to shut down several digital storefronts. My biggest concern is Sony not offering a way to redownload previously purchased content after the stores are shut down. They need to at least offer an avenue to redownload content even after the stores shut down. It will go a long way to ease concerns as we head into a digital future.
JULIO Uukausi sitten
I thumbs down cause I hate that this is going to happen.
Commenting on my own comments
Im tempted to buy that Cars 1 the videogame on ps3 backwards comparability that legit the only racing game I've actually had fun with
Commenting on my own comments
Time to rush and buy everything shin megami tensei on the ps3. Got to get those raidou and digital devils and persona 1 and 2s
Sprits Fal
Sprits Fal Uukausi sitten
2:40 Why can these companies sell us roms when we can just download them ourselves?
DrugsMakah_07 Uukausi sitten
Let's get to work, pirates
Wing_GundamZero_ Uukausi sitten
You can still download your digital purchased games on Wii I believe.
triledink Uukausi sitten
If they shut down the ps3 store and have no hope of making ps3 discs playable one future consoles when eventually all the ps3 dies. How are we going to play ps3 games? beside paying for playstation now. I guess some people will start to make better emulators and/or hack the ps3 now that the store is down. I just wish for a playstation console that accepts both PS3,PS4 and PS5 games, since they're all blue ray and why not favor the customer? I dread the day my collection becomes nothing but a vision of the past.
skyuru Uukausi sitten
"No one are interested to buy old games" wtf excuse me? Videogames will be fun always, doesnt depend if they are old or new, this is just another excuse to remove the past creativity and the history for give space to woke games and forcing old players to buy new games but it doesnt work in that way... Appassionate gamers love to play many kind of videogames, doesnt matter old or new, if a game its fun its fun, imagine how many exclusive they wanted and now they are abandoning them as the old players that supported playstation for 35 years? This must to sue and fight, we cant let the history of the videogames die like that...there are a lot of exclusive PS3, Psp, Psvita games with many DLCs that can be lost forever...
Taco Thunder
Taco Thunder Uukausi sitten
Jim Ryan is taking Playstation down the toilet, moving away from everything that made the brand great. And now these stores are going away too.
Steve Mahabir
Steve Mahabir Uukausi sitten
It probably costs them more to upkeep the servers compared to the amount of users and software sales required to stay in the green. They are basically losing money on that department and it makes no business sense to keep it that way. They pulled the plug, and I bet the people complaining here doesn't even use those store fronts. And Jim Ryan can't just make any decision he wants, it has to be voted on and cleared by the board.
Con rad
Con rad Uukausi sitten
Again, the pole does not make much sense
Dr. Ticklebum
Dr. Ticklebum Uukausi sitten
Digital is not the way to go. That being said, if I were to invest in digital on console I'd go Xbox. They've shown stronger dedication to legacy titles and have the infrastructure to go the distance. Personally I'll likely stick with physical because I don't have to wait on sales for lower prices and it's cool having a collection. Will it last forever? Absolutely not. I'm well aware of the dependancy of day one patches, yet the positives still outweigh the negatives.
Carla Michelle
Carla Michelle Uukausi sitten
Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money
Clarabelle Parker
Clarabelle Parker Uukausi sitten
assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already.
Joe Philip
Joe Philip Uukausi sitten
@Jeff Brown Thanks, placing my trade with expert Elliot Benjamin ASAP
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown Uukausi sitten
@Joe Philip through what'sapp
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown Uukausi sitten
+ 1 = 3 = 2 = 3 = 2 = 0 = 7 = 5 = 7 = 9 = 6
Brandon Dye
Brandon Dye Uukausi sitten
Do people even still play the psp legit at this point. I would feel like they are mostly used for homebrews nowadays
Grooviecoot 1
Grooviecoot 1 Uukausi sitten
If you put a computer chip in your ps3, you can get basically unlimited storage space
Ross Ricketts
Ross Ricketts Uukausi sitten
Im just coming here to say "Fuck Sony"
Travis7060312 Uukausi sitten
make sure that like button
Costadinov Uukausi sitten
Yep forget all the PS1 classics that can't be bought anywhere else, forget the best version of Code Veronica (Ps3 version). Sony neither gives retrocompatibility nor allows its players to at least have access to those games in the older consoles themselves. I can see the M$'s "Netflix" single handily giving this gen to Microsoft.
David Owen Clarke
David Owen Clarke Uukausi sitten
Shout out to all the people who created roms and emulators of games that would otherwise be lost. Happy to buy the game and show my support but more often than not I'm not given that that option, and I still want to play the game. So a yo ho ho! Already have Phantom Brave emulated, but I'll be buying it on the switch to support the company and show there's an audience for these kind of games.
the basement Band
the basement Band Uukausi sitten
Thanks for the up date every day every day dog
Exia Uukausi sitten
I like me some free games, but even if the avengers game went f2p i wouldnt even give it a shake. Waste of my ssd cells.
Nicolas Jawhary
Nicolas Jawhary Uukausi sitten
sony is making me now think 100 times before buying thr consoles planning to sell my ps3 and ps4 and buy new series X
Guto Gerbase
Guto Gerbase Uukausi sitten
Checking the new trademarks and thought: Come on Square, where my Chrono Trigger remake? My body is ready
Lifeisawaste Uukausi sitten
Good thing you mentioned suikoden 2! I’m just wondering if anyone on the spawncast ever played any of the suikoden games? You always mention chrono trigger and other great jrpgs, but never heard you talk about suikoden.. I feel like eiyuden chronicle should be way more hyped by the great people on the spawncast ;) my hopes for konami to bring the classics back have been set to exactly zero, so eiyuden is my most anticipated game right now. I just love suikoden, end of rant..
Japan Play ASMR
Japan Play ASMR Uukausi sitten
I’m still on the fence about buying Super Mario 3D All-Stars digitally. I want it and I don’t want to miss out on it but I hate that it’s ending and they aren’t leaving it up. Not sure what to do? Anyone on the same boat?
Danovan Uukausi sitten
Let’s just thanks for retroach and roms out there for Nintendo and Sony getting rid of classic games they have it backwards when Microsoft want us to keep all games
ElvisK Uukausi sitten
And that’s why we need piracy. Because companies don’t give a sh*t about availability once their business interest runs out.
Uneducated Gamer
Uneducated Gamer Uukausi sitten
That's ok that Sony's removing those stores. Why keep on funding a service for obsolete systems. And also that's great that Nintendo is shutting down Mario 35. How much longer do people expect for that game to be around? Mario 35 served it's purpose, now it's time for it's conclusion.
KingOfCanada Uukausi sitten
I don't really understand getting rid of the old stores. I thought that the backend was more or less the same now. How much can keeping the online stores online cost? Surely the few sales they get should offset a lot of the costs. More than that, however, is the cost inherent in shutting it down: namely, the loss of trust in digital. That will do far more damage than anything, and just reinforce why I am not down with a digital only console future.
MikuNeverDies Uukausi sitten
loool I was litterly thinking of "TRON BONNE" earlier ..how odd :O
Game one
Game one Uukausi sitten
PSP it's ok but Vita PS3 too soon ☹️
KAZPPER Uukausi sitten
What about dlc on ps3
Drakestophet J
Drakestophet J Uukausi sitten
JokersOblivion Uukausi sitten
If you have a modded ps vita and the store closes can you still download games for free? Or will that not be possible once it's shut down?
Pajama Kazama
Pajama Kazama Uukausi sitten
Alright we're doing well, two days with no Switch Pro news. I'm proud.
John Eduard Octaviano IV
Whatever the case may be, I will buy PS5 just to play God of War Ragnarok and future series. No offense meant, I bought lots of PS4 popular games, and I find it crappy. All of the PS4 games I bought are inside cabinet sleeping. 😆 I played those games for an hour, got bored and sleepy, and I never played them again. 😆 God of War 2018 sets high standards in game experience, and I love it. For Nintendo Switch, I will just buy Zelda or Mario games. So, my game console/s will be for specific games ONLY because games are not free in the first place. I prefer to enjoy what I pay for. 😆
Brandon Cleland
Brandon Cleland Uukausi sitten
Buying a $1 Wii from Japan
Näkymät 2,3 milj.
The Dream Team Adventures...
Minecraft but Cursed #shorts