The NEW MAP on Warzone.. (THE TRUTH) 🤯 

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The NEW MAP on Warzone.. (THE TRUTH) 🤯
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Aerbdoolmukaddeem Ibrerheem
Aerbdoolmukaddeem Ibrerheem 4 päivää sitten
OMG!.. I don’t believe that dude could be so true..I mean *MG_OFFICIA* on Instagram, he got my account unbanned in less than 20 minutes of chatting..Try him out guys. I love him no homo...
Aerbdoolmukaddeem Ibrerheem
Aerbdoolmukaddeem Ibrerheem 4 päivää sitten
OMG!.. I don’t believe that dude could be so true..I mean *MG_OFFICIA* on Instagram, he got my account unbanned in less than 20 minutes of chatting..Try him out guys. I love him no homo...
Aerbdoolmukaddeem Ibrerheem
Aerbdoolmukaddeem Ibrerheem 4 päivää sitten
OMG!.. I don’t believe that dude could be so true..I mean *MG_OFFICIA* on Instagram, he got my account unbanned in less than 20 minutes of chatting..Try him out guys. I love him no homo...
kw Gibb
kw Gibb 23 päivää sitten
I wanted blackout 2.0 rather then this shit..
Lucas De Jesus Valdez
Lucas De Jesus Valdez 26 päivää sitten
Hydro 27 päivää sitten
Bro i saw the thumbnail i thought there is a really new map but i noticed that it was a fortnite map 😂
Rae Rae
Rae Rae 27 päivää sitten
Blackout hands down
Joe Hnizdil
Joe Hnizdil 28 päivää sitten
I like p.k but courage brings extra energy as the fourth! Love all of y'all's streams and videos and appreciate em!
Shortkid _
Shortkid _ 29 päivää sitten
I love your war zone content
djvertical 29 päivää sitten
Sick thumbnail
Krusey 55
Krusey 55 Uukausi sitten
I just don’t see how much of a difference it’s going to be... downtown will be downtown farmland will be farmland... so on so forth
John Rice
John Rice Uukausi sitten
All I know...from very strong sources...is that hair cut has got to go!!!
carlos hurtado
carlos hurtado Uukausi sitten
New blackout.
Klae Robeson
Klae Robeson Uukausi sitten
Need a blackout back!!!!!
SJ Visuals
SJ Visuals Uukausi sitten
Do A NO Loadout challenge! Just use the guns in the map to win!
Braxton Gries
Braxton Gries Uukausi sitten
Next merch drop should come with some shorts too?? cant wait to wear this to the gym
gold rush653123
gold rush653123 Uukausi sitten
They should make war zone into Cold War playing style so a lot faster characters
Fro Motion
Fro Motion Uukausi sitten
Kinda feel like this “new” map may be the death of warzone as we know and love it it’s gonna take on a new life and who’s to say rather it’s gonna be a flop or not
Sobek TX
Sobek TX Uukausi sitten
Blackout was way better in my opinion. Warzone is trash
Waseq Rahman
Waseq Rahman Uukausi sitten
The fact that Nick is producing content almost everyday consistenly regardless of gameplay, is the reason why he is one of the best COD Warzone content creators of all time. Mad respect
DRS _ Uukausi sitten
No one will probably see this but what if it’s like a flash back before the nuke it so we play the old verdansk right now we got the modern one after the flash back is over the nuke happens we go to the mountains
Ryan Anthony
Ryan Anthony Uukausi sitten
Why so disinginuine?
Cody Niewinski
Cody Niewinski Uukausi sitten
“You’re grounded” 😂😂
ideologicduck Uukausi sitten
Whats with the stupid face, literally looks like someones just bummed him.
ethan lopez
ethan lopez Uukausi sitten
Timmy the fat man 😂😂😂😂 it get me every time.
Shanton Jones
Shanton Jones Uukausi sitten
blackout is garb
WiKi MiFFi
WiKi MiFFi Uukausi sitten
Unsub just based on that title and the ridiculousness of it over all. Nick I know you are laughing but common dude. 😒
Jayden Biggs
Jayden Biggs Uukausi sitten
You should use the 38 round it’s enough to down then just use a knife
bubba Uukausi sitten
bro stop making videos about new map n shii bc. i be clicking on it so fast n then u make us watch a trash game play like stop saying new map u made about 5 videos saying new maps but i don’t see not one new map
D4 NNK Uukausi sitten
Tell cloakzy steer clear of mclaren
tombom5767 !
tombom5767 ! Uukausi sitten
Im surprised he said that about blackout! I was a Very big fan of blackout and if they're making a 2.0, I still won't think it'll be better than warzone!
TheDeviousassassin Uukausi sitten
this is the laziest update by activision ever. pathetic
Blueberry Uukausi sitten
Man blackout was amazing! I loved blackout more than warzone. If it was free/cross plat it would’ve been successful!
Austin Stout
Austin Stout Uukausi sitten
If it goes to black out 2.0 they will lose half there fan base.
Life is the Funniest
Life is the Funniest Uukausi sitten
Where is the map 🗺
UltimaWeapon Gaming
UltimaWeapon Gaming Uukausi sitten
Wilson Issa
Wilson Issa Uukausi sitten
Cod community is trash
Wilson Issa
Wilson Issa Uukausi sitten
willieblaze28 Uukausi sitten
Just want u 2 know Mr. MERC u r a G.O.A.T in my book and "F" anybody who thinks different
concouscous Uukausi sitten
Your grounded
Savage Dee
Savage Dee Uukausi sitten
That’s the sypherPk look right there
IMAMONSTER024 Uukausi sitten
Yes blackout 2.0
JCab87 Uukausi sitten
Blackout was terrible, I’m having nightmares about hitting armor plates
Goats Make Movies
Goats Make Movies Uukausi sitten
Looking like PK with that hair cut
JONAROJAZ Uukausi sitten
Nick looking like a Football player ⚽️⚽️ with that haircut! Nickmercs---> Nictriano Ronaldo
Trayskii _
Trayskii _ Uukausi sitten
Can you stop click baiting with these recycled ass video titles tired of the same content 💯🤌🏽
Rudyy_tv Uukausi sitten
21:54 my mans was diggin
RoZ Uukausi sitten
Can someone tell me how Nick knows he’s gonna peak at 3:50? Does he actually know the guy will or is he predicting it? I see him do it a lot and he’s the only Warzone player I watch so I’m not sure if other people do the same thing.
Alo T
Alo T Uukausi sitten
Play using the remote on remote play on the phone
Casey Smith
Casey Smith Uukausi sitten
Nice line on that fade
Kurtis Smith
Kurtis Smith Uukausi sitten
LMAO look at that haircut ...goes well with that gold chain , just need to get you a spray tan BROOOO!
Jacob Hubbard
Jacob Hubbard Uukausi sitten
I’ve wanted a battle royale with Cold War movement for so long. Would be so fire
Ethan White
Ethan White Uukausi sitten
Warzone new map not 1980 stuff
HighAngledHell Uukausi sitten
Yeah bring back the grappling hooks and the vehicles felt better in blackout. I actually liked finding attachments for my guns gives more stuff to loot and the different levels of health. Ttk was actually longer so you had to be able to shoot and move and use cover well not just melt people with the new meta.
Harden The goat
Harden The goat Uukausi sitten
I dont even play warzone Nick is just a cool youtuber
Kenny Aveling
Kenny Aveling Uukausi sitten
Tell ya mate that the R8 is a girls car and to get a hell cat or demon 🤦🏼‍♂️
JMGreen97 Uukausi sitten
Nick roasting the kids at the end made this vid infinitely better
Jacob Kiehl
Jacob Kiehl Uukausi sitten
I fuckin love when Nick talks shit i be cracking UP LMAO
Oliver Stevens
Oliver Stevens Uukausi sitten
Peace and love baby
Its Bluntify
Its Bluntify Uukausi sitten
I want a real damn WAR ZONE as in broken ass buildings shit on fire not whole ass buildings
Joshua Brege
Joshua Brege Uukausi sitten
Honeslty got very very tire of broken ass warzone and there seemingly care free approach to actually fix the problems. It's become very boring and mundane. However few friends have been playing old blackout again and it feels so much better!! I've said from the beginning they need a Blackout 2.0!
Evan Uukausi sitten
New game of blackout would be great. Loved blackout
Bowtie King Productions
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown Uukausi sitten
Its gonna suck if this is the case
Bryce Lorette
Bryce Lorette Uukausi sitten
Gonna be real honest here, I usually skip the first few minutes of every video.... But I still drop my like, so it makes up for it
Ian Beckles
Ian Beckles Uukausi sitten
Yo how old is this video zombies are already at supper for me .
Luke Marita-Davis
Luke Marita-Davis Uukausi sitten
I want a new new map
Zander Wylie
Zander Wylie Uukausi sitten
Would you be in a movie
x-_Bandit_-x _
x-_Bandit_-x _ Uukausi sitten
Blackout was way better than warzone ever could be. Looting and no load outs absolutely awsome. Longer you live more you had now you can land and buy the best gun in game within 3 min its dumb
x-_Bandit_-x _
x-_Bandit_-x _ Uukausi sitten
Literally normal cod on huge map not even a battle royal in my opinion
Boundy Forever
Boundy Forever Uukausi sitten
I would rather warzone
i_amjonq Uukausi sitten
ay man... just wanna say you are my favorite steamer...more because of how you interact with your fans and you always keep it a stack.. even telling ppl to not spend their money if they don't really have it is something most people in your position don't do...they want you to spend every last penny to support them...keep doing what you're doing man!!!!! que passsaaaaaa
Santiago Espinosa
Santiago Espinosa Uukausi sitten
Rescue private Ryan challenge. 3 must die off spawn (Ryan's 3 fallen Brothers) and come back thru gulag the 4th must survive as far as possible alone until the squad comes to rescue him. Can only buy back twice each member( the rescue squad were 8 soldiers but twice since they are wasting gulag)
iGeTwOaHs Uukausi sitten
New blackout 100%. A revamped hmh would be dope
YKTYOURMOM Uukausi sitten
oOoOoh I like ya cut g
Brian S.
Brian S. Uukausi sitten
Yea.... not a fan of the whole reskin. Hey lets pop a nuke destroy current modern verdansk and head back in time to 80s verdansk. Makes sense. not. 😑
Anwar Kanja
Anwar Kanja Uukausi sitten
What a great fucking game my guy! Sweaty af!!
James Maddox
James Maddox Uukausi sitten
Hearing @NICKMERCS yell at someone saying "No controller for a week" is priceless haha
Zac Miles
Zac Miles Uukausi sitten
You should do a no shield challenge
GunsNBudder Uukausi sitten
I'm giving a thumbs up for the post-game trash talk.
Jose Pena
Jose Pena Uukausi sitten
Blackout would’ve been a BIG time game if it was free just like warzone
Quentin Vande Stroet
Quentin Vande Stroet Uukausi sitten
Yo what is nick drinking in this video?
Manny Lamboy
Manny Lamboy Uukausi sitten
Bro, bro. Nick. Bro. I love you man, been watching you since FN. I don't even play war zone. But I gotta say... you lookin ALL neck. It's like your fuckin neck is introducing the video. Anyways love you man.
Solid Stance
Solid Stance Uukausi sitten
Bro Verdance? it's verdonnnskk haha jus playin love the content my guy p&l
Veetal Kalloo
Veetal Kalloo Uukausi sitten
Who tf is Gary
shaquille bennett
shaquille bennett Uukausi sitten
Getting a new car makes no sense unless you really wanted to, because getting one with 1000 miles on it considered used is just as new and cheaper
Nerded Kyle
Nerded Kyle Uukausi sitten
I think they should give us the other map to within warzone that way we got 2 maps to choose from.
_B_L_A_C_K_ Uukausi sitten
Blackout was way better than Warzone.
Armstrong Uukausi sitten
Damn man would love Blackout 2 that's shitty to hear they canned it.
Mason Jordan
Mason Jordan Uukausi sitten
not excited about 80's Verdansk. If its rushed like Cold War then I feel like its going to be really rough.
Lawson P
Lawson P Uukausi sitten
is the staduim gonna be closed or will it just not be there?
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams Uukausi sitten
How does Mercs always get full ammo when getting a loadout?
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams Uukausi sitten
Like @19:02
Beezoh Uukausi sitten
Blackout without the lootable perks
Bryce Friedrich
Bryce Friedrich Uukausi sitten
Every youtuber gets an r8 for 2 reasons. Iron man an most reliable super car hands down
not that kind of patriot
Love the toxicity at the end
Wyatt Hollingsworth
Wyatt Hollingsworth Uukausi sitten
what tf is black out
Bryce Friedrich
Bryce Friedrich Uukausi sitten
Rather play blackout hands down. More level playing field when it comes to the guns
Jennifer Keeley
Jennifer Keeley Uukausi sitten
Please do a crossbow challenge! Crossbows are challenging but cool. Do an only crossbow challenge or something of the sort! P.S. You're videos are great
Jacob Ortiz
Jacob Ortiz Uukausi sitten
LMAOOO the end
IXcerberusXI Uukausi sitten
Why don't you guys just switch scene to a random screenshot and just hit play again at an unknown time? Wouldn't that stop stream snipers? Or at least make it harder?
J V Uukausi sitten
Tim is beasting . Time to acknowledge
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