What Are You Doing With Your Life? The Tail End 

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Wrapping your mind around your life is pretty hard, because you are up to your neck in it. It's like trying to understand the ocean while learning how to swim. On most days you are busy just keeping your head above water. So it is not easy to figure out what to do with your life and how to spend your time.

There are a million distractions. Your family, friends and romantic partners, boring work, and exciting projects. Video games to play and books to read. And then there is your couch that somebody needs to lie on. It’s easy to get lost. So let us take a step back and take a look at your life from the outside.

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 29 päivää sitten
The script was inspired by an old article from my friend Tim Urban, who runs “Wait but Why”, the best blog on the internet, make sure to check it out. waitbutwhy.com It’s so easy to get lost in your daily life: there are so many “urgent” and “annoying” things that you forget that actually every day is special, sort of. And even more so the days we have with friends and family. I know watching a video like this can hit pretty hard. But at least for me, the message it tries to convey does make me actually change my behavior. Reprioritize things. You know. Hope it had a similar effect for some of you. Also, if you want to track how many weeks off your life you have left or get a new perspective on this stuff, we’ve made a few posters you can check out. Getting something from our shop is the best way to support our channel. kgs.link/N3Ksfqvp In any case, call someone you haven’t called in a while today. And thank you for watching. - Philipp
햄스터햝짝햝짝 Päivä sitten
한국어 자막도 부탁드려요 ㅠㅠ,,,
Psycho1416 2 päivää sitten
This is the most depressing video I've seen in years although it's one of the best ever. So please guys,reply to me,what are you doing with your life?
cyrus jyrell cartoons
cyrus jyrell cartoons 3 päivää sitten
I totally love this channel im a totally fan if this i hope you get more money for your videos I'm a supreme fan of this channel!!!
CC Gaming
CC Gaming 5 päivää sitten
GoldenPlayRoblox 5 päivää sitten
What the heck?? The average kurzgesagt viewer is 25???? I stated watching kurzgesagt when I was 12-13 Jesus I am on a different level.
Pratham Lokhande
Pratham Lokhande 24 minuuttia sitten
We have this life is a sufficient thing to be happy😉
chips_vis 2 tuntia sitten
Tysm for your efforts
chips_vis 2 tuntia sitten
My life is the only thing i am fuckin up
RyderGaming 3 tuntia sitten
The mechanic at 2:53 under the wobbling jackstands is not gonna make it to 100.
Bad Peanut
Bad Peanut 3 tuntia sitten
8:08 my current weaknesses, i can't decide what should i do next after ton of failure in the past, i'm afraid of changing and make another wrong decision, sadge 20yo me
gabo ortega
gabo ortega 4 tuntia sitten
The indicate video for a night of insomnia
Khail Kupsky
Khail Kupsky 5 tuntia sitten
Only the germs have already engineered their lives ahead of time already knowing… look at the automobiles they make….lucky Deutsch
Lost Boy
Lost Boy 6 tuntia sitten
me every night at 3am :- What am I Doing With my Life?
佐伯ハルモ 8 tuntia sitten
It feels like my 521st week with this Chanel and I wanted to thank everyone on the team for the amazing animations, stories, knowledge and effort put into each video. Good luck with your merchandise and I hope to see you in another 500 weeks.
Keith November
Keith November 9 tuntia sitten
I'm 38 when watching this, and the average viewer (as you say) is round 25 years old. . ... Guess I'm above average.
Saeed Ahamed
Saeed Ahamed 9 tuntia sitten
the first 7 minutes almost feels like it was made to be depressing
NotAnthMc 9 tuntia sitten
but i’m 10....
Sunny Skies
Sunny Skies 10 tuntia sitten
3:11 пересматриваю уже несколько раз и только-только заметил водку тоску :) I watch this several times already and just noticed "vodka anguish"
Angel Hernandez Vega
Angel Hernandez Vega 10 tuntia sitten
Damn, I came here to learn not cry
DihydrogenMonoxide 10 tuntia sitten
Unrelated, but can you do a video on election security?
Will Rosales
Will Rosales 10 tuntia sitten
Awesome Philosophy
pagina por favor
pagina por favor 10 tuntia sitten
I want to enjoy life, I've been grinding against my nature and I have grow but I'm not as driven as my colleagues. :P one day I will be able to sleep 8-10 hours a day, see the sun and enjoy life, hopefully working happily.
Lucas Perna
Lucas Perna 11 tuntia sitten
cade o prtugues
Matheus Simoes
Matheus Simoes 11 tuntia sitten
Life itself is a gift, be gratefull
Lima Meisem Cuspir
Lima Meisem Cuspir 12 tuntia sitten
I think the idea of a life calendar may be fun but also deperating for some people, because you'll see how many days of your life have you wasted. I May be on both categories :|
nhentai 14 tuntia sitten
I'm thirteen and I love these video's. Sorry for growing up.
xd derpy
xd derpy 14 tuntia sitten
Am I the only one in primary school watching this
Diogo Macena
Diogo Macena 14 tuntia sitten
I "love" how Kurzgesagt is slowly becoming a trigger to my panic disorder.
Charbel Chaak
Charbel Chaak 14 tuntia sitten
would be better if you used "someone" instead of '"you" when stating causes of death, makes one feel less depressed/sad
Brayzaroo 15 tuntia sitten
I was picking up a brownie when I saw the notification pop up “What are you doing with your life?” Needless to say I’m eating a salad now
Artur Abizgeldin
Artur Abizgeldin 16 tuntia sitten
perhaps best your video
Tamtakır Kurubakır
Tamtakır Kurubakır 17 tuntia sitten
I can't like enough.
Caminged 18 tuntia sitten
4:45 great video to watch before boarding a plane
Suramya Gupta
Suramya Gupta 18 tuntia sitten
i didnt come here to get depressed
Zokerino 19 tuntia sitten
Almost made me cry :( *great video tho*
Brianna Leigh
Brianna Leigh 20 tuntia sitten
as always, thank you for the existential crisis
BRzbazzanx 20 tuntia sitten
Dead heart and dead brain. Older dead.
BRzbazzanx 20 tuntia sitten
Damn don't dead old human. 😥
Hài Lòng Không
Hài Lòng Không 20 tuntia sitten
kurzgesagt started out as a prospect channel and the tragedy is it get what it want. Now there is nothing to do anymore except posting meaningless video and let the ignorant and rubbish comments take over.
JackJuggernaut 20 tuntia sitten
I didn’t learn anything new. I feel like y’all are just tryna give me anxiety and then pretend that you’re doing a good thing by calming me down or enlightening me afterward. Existential dread will hit us regardless, so maybe it’s better to let us cope and not draw our minds to it unnecessarily. Y’all are selling the disease and the cure at the same time.
Tux 21 tunti sitten
Tsz Ching Cheung
Tsz Ching Cheung 21 tunti sitten
“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” - a wise person
Tsz Ching Cheung
Tsz Ching Cheung 21 tunti sitten
This made me so much more emotional than I expected. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Çağdaş Şahin
Çağdaş Şahin 21 tunti sitten
I haven’t any time 😒.I wish TIMEEE !!!
I'm 25 and I'm already believe I wasted all this time. Thnks for the video.
CKT 21 tunti sitten
the people who live in Greece on a Greek island I don't remember the name almost all the people who live on the island live 100 years
Flavio Maia
Flavio Maia 22 tuntia sitten
Beautiful video. Congrats.
James Hodgkinson
James Hodgkinson 22 tuntia sitten
PSA, guys: maybe avoid this one if you're having a down day... you won't feel too bouncy afterwards
Pelle Peanut Fischer Dichmann
I give people Newspapers and My dad gives ads to help me and when i don't need help with it he goes and then i give Them alone. hes still going to live... I Hope. and i'm only 13
Flavio Maia
Flavio Maia 22 tuntia sitten
In Brazil the videos isn't free, there are ad yet.
Speedwagon Foundation
Speedwagon Foundation 23 tuntia sitten
Well...guess ill die now🤷‍♂️
iann parsons
iann parsons Päivä sitten
I love you Kurzgesagt
Hrishikesh Patil
Hrishikesh Patil Päivä sitten
Are you watching while lying on a coach.. !? 😄
햄스터햝짝햝짝 Päivä sitten
한국어 자막도 부탁드려요 ㅠㅠ,,,
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Päivä sitten
"What are you doing with your life?" Playing video games for all of my free time and wanting to die. Thanks for checking in though
IC Päivä sitten
Video, that created by my mom. "FIND NORMAL WORK, NOW!!!"
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Päivä sitten
TGS m Päivä sitten
thanks for ANOTHER EXISTENTIAL crisis
Shreedhar Gangwar
Shreedhar Gangwar Päivä sitten
FIplace : psss , hey kid do you want some depressing candy rolled in wrapper of existential crisis Me : No sorry not into that. FIplace : It has colorful cheerful animations. Me : Yes please!
Sam Päivä sitten
Holy shit, I do have to finish painting my warhammer minis
Samat Omar
Samat Omar Päivä sitten
I know that this comment is gonna get lost in tons of other comments, but I just wanna disappear & become smthing like a ghost in order to be just a spectator
Your Average Everyday Blood Angel
Fear not death for it is nature's intent, instead fear a death devoid of purpose.
mel Päivä sitten
[cue existential crisis and panic]
夏義喆 Päivä sitten
Good stuff
Elliot Slade
Elliot Slade Päivä sitten
well just had a panic attack watching this
AN HAN Päivä sitten
well that's depressing and motivating at same time.
{[Insert name Here]}
{[Insert name Here]} Päivä sitten
All of these videos are giving me an existential crisis but I can’t stop watching them.
imaginative creations
imaginative creations Päivä sitten
Universe created.. atoms started combining.. and started creating a complex system, life origin started.. finally bunch of atoms got consciousness. . And they start thinking about survival, they started killing other living things, cutting tress , murdering people's, defending opponents, just to earn more and spend better life on earth.. meanwhile earth left the chat and universe apologies for his mistake (giving consciousness to stupid people's)
jacky mai
jacky mai Päivä sitten
The childlike agreement serendipitously wipe because advertisement electronmicroscopically tease against a fascinated border. venomous, frantic soy
jake h
jake h Päivä sitten
I honestly don’t understand why people say this is depressing. I tend to find it more frustrating than anything, knowing no one is thinking about this and just wasting insanely precious time focusing on absolute nonsense. Including myself a lot of the time. This should be focused on and contemplated a lot more in society. Hopefully help re-prioritize what we’re doing, elevate our collective consciousness and take full advantage of the miracle we’re given.
Torched nail
Torched nail Päivä sitten
Lifes a rollercoaster
Kitty Craft0
Kitty Craft0 Päivä sitten
4:38 my grandfather fell from a ladder and lived
Эдуард Шторм
Adal Ortiz
Adal Ortiz Päivä sitten
I chose to watch this video in order to make me feel better about my existential crisis, not to make it worse.
Erny 2000
Erny 2000 Päivä sitten
that sh*t is depressing ngl
tensaeinretrograde Päivä sitten
I know a girl with the calendar of your life. She doing really well. I think I would have a crisis everyday though.
mara Päivä sitten
its too late to live might as well not thanks kurzgesagt
Freaky Styley
Freaky Styley Päivä sitten
Ok I want to cry alone in the corner of a cold dark room
Sahana Bangalore
Sahana Bangalore Päivä sitten
This is a good example of a Racist view without realising it or stating it, many of the assumptions here are restricted to the western world which is a significant minority of the population but that significant majority of the economy which steals its well being from the rest of the world in every possible way, be it economic, social status or earth. You say people won't see their parents, do you realise that most Asians live with their parents for almost their entire life. Please consider the world before making over-arching statements about life itself, don't be blinded by your limited knowledge of life around you and generalise it for the entire world.
the goverment aka. PAY THE BILLS
life is very short.
Monkey d. Karaya Son Goku
I've thought about this. A lot. Very deeply.
devilbitez Päivä sitten
time to cry 😭
Fawad Jawed
Fawad Jawed Päivä sitten
Thanks for a info
Kian Ramlall
Kian Ramlall Päivä sitten
ShawtyyKagami Päivä sitten
Not me thinking about life..
Nero Frost
Nero Frost Päivä sitten
Can you tell us about the ( scp-053 ) in the next video please?!
Varzache Päivä sitten
Honestly life is just becoming too much rn I don’t enjoy the things I used to love idk I just can’t really cope anymore I have panic attacks daily about the chance of me dying at any time or any second I’m jealous of people who can believe in a religion to distract themselves from worry but I’m just scared and the fact time is getting quicker and quicker everyday hurts can’t the fact I can’t do anything to change it just breaks me idk why I’m typing this here I just need an outlet and this seemed like the right place as it’s the same topic
vasatius Tunti sitten
I was pretty depressed after breaking up with my girlfriend earlier this year. But I knew it's okay to have such feelings and it will get better with time. Also, due to some eyes problems I had to limit the time I spend with the phone or PC and change some of my daily routines. So started being outside and enjoying physical activities more often. It's interesting how the time perception changed after that, it's like now I'm living in slow motion. When I feel the urge to check the latest news or social media I reflect on it and be like "nah, it's not worth it. I'd better have a walk". Started noticing some little things I've never paid attention to. And can spend like several minutes just sitting doing nothing. For the last month I've been growing plants and flowers and never expected it to be such a satisfying experience! Lol, maybe it's just me getting old
Shmluh Päivä sitten
The stylized still of Sekiro at Senpou Temple with the words "Maybr you are not doing any of that" is making me feel super called out... I just reached Mibu village...
Rgft thg hiitchif Tfbhu
Thanks for the reminder that one day I will die
Dutch Blades
Dutch Blades Päivä sitten
Ah yes, animated depression fuel.
tylko Päivä sitten
After watching this video: "I'm actually motivated to do something now." Next day: *laying in bed watching youtube videos all day long*
Christopher Blankenship
Christopher Blankenship 6 tuntia sitten
That’s not a bad life plan.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Päivä sitten
"What are you doing with your life?" Playing video games for all of my free time and wanting to die. Thanks for checking in though
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Päivä sitten
aye bruh what the fuck was this video, why you make me depressed for 8 minutes then give 5 words to motivate me
beatjunkybg Päivä sitten
So I just spent 2 dots on a dumb project for my boss.... Thank you for the depression Kurzgesagt LOL
Lionel Polanski
Lionel Polanski Päivä sitten
The illusionist’s finest trick is to convince you that he doesn’t exist.
Purrfect Päivä sitten
“Huh, I feel like I’ve wasted my life in quarantine. I’m sure Kurzgesagt has a good perspective on this to make me feel better!” Mistakes were made. 😭
Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia Päivä sitten
The creepy chard phenotypically rush because tune comparatively untidy behind a wistful lake. picayune, aback raincoat
PERCY Päivä sitten
Thanks for the monthly dose of existential dread.
Nyarlathotep Päivä sitten
Watching this video
VeryElevated 2 päivää sitten
Video that touches the soul
I’m Ricky 00
I’m Ricky 00 2 päivää sitten
Dread of existence is too much to handle. I wish I was never born.
Pottrr 2 päivää sitten
Yeah thats a great question Kurzgesagt
Sasha Pokhvalin
Sasha Pokhvalin 2 päivää sitten
Amazing video! Really puts some things into perspective. I think I'll rewatch it once a month just to stay on track :) Also, any plans for adding Russian subtitles any time soon? Pleeeeaaaase :)
spencer 2 päivää sitten
I mean. u porbaly need to do stuff u like. but not to much gaming
spencer 2 päivää sitten
What am i doing with my life: Watsing it with games
Gamer Pro
Gamer Pro 2 päivää sitten
Not gonna lie, watching this made me feel more depressed. I know Im too fragile and i dont like it but i cant help it. Chit!
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