YouTubers have to declare ads. Why doesn't anyone else? 

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Around the world, there are regulations for "influencers". Those regulations make sure that if someone is paid to endorse a product, they have to declare that payment to the people watching. But why does no-one on TV, or film, or anywhere else have to do that?
Written and performed by TOM SCOTT www.tomscott.com/
Script assistant ANDREA MARKS
Animation BILLY CRINION BillyCrinion and WILLIAM MARLER wmad.co.uk
"Does the Spearmint Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight" by Rose/Broom/Breuer (1924), arranged for orchestra by BENJAMIN SQUIRES www.benjaminsquires.co.uk/
Filmed safely: www.tomscott.com/safe/
© Pad 26 Limited MMXXI
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00:00 Intro
00:58 1. Payment and Control
05:47 2. You Have To Declare It
09:17 3. No-One Else Has To Declare It
18:03 4. We're Going To Disney World
24:47 5. The Land Of The Free
31:15 Outro








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Tom Scott
Tom Scott 15 päivää sitten
"Influencers have to declare sponsorships clearly and up-front. Why doesn't that apply to any other medium?" would have been a much more accurate title, but alas, FIplace titles have to be short and catchy!
Alex Darvos
Alex Darvos 2 tuntia sitten
@Bonjour jn BBQ brn brer. We uv w tun
Royal Doggo
Royal Doggo 3 tuntia sitten
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans 10 tuntia sitten
It's TheirTube, youtube died when google took over... It once was a platform for equality, free speech, to give everyone the same access as cable companies, and iTunes, the BBC / CNN / NBC / ABC / CBS Closed private club... But now the Cancel Culture and Socialist Censorship limits free speech on line, for Some... Anytime the corporation can decide what you say - it's no longer a true neutral 'platform', it's a publisher and editor.
MrKnocik 21 tunti sitten
Tom says let's play Is this an advert. YT starts playing an ad. Me thinking is it or not.
MrKnocik 21 tunti sitten
I think it depends of the country. In Poland tv shows, films need to declare sponsorship or product placement within it. So not social media.
Nimlot 3 minuuttia sitten
Incredible work Tom!
Imperfect Swift
Imperfect Swift 4 minuuttia sitten
"This is a sponsored video, just to let you know"
Jared Begg
Jared Begg 8 minuuttia sitten
Wayne’s world was 30 years ago???? How dare you sir!
Aaron d'Amar Atelier
Aaron d'Amar Atelier 23 minuuttia sitten
Tom: Lets play, is this an advert? FIplace: **plays ad**
themardybum08 23 minuuttia sitten
Joe Rogan is a terrible abuser of this. Every other Instagram post is an undeclared ad.
Jared Begg
Jared Begg 32 minuuttia sitten
That Mobil game ad at the beginning was a little too close to home. Oof. I don’t spend money on Mobil games, but I could still relate a little too much.
Loggue 56 minuuttia sitten
tom really do be hittin a fatty 11 mins in sheesh
Robert Drake
Robert Drake Tunti sitten
I went to public school, I was advertised all day about the benefits of government and their policies. They didn't give me any disclaimer.
FPV Shadow
FPV Shadow Tunti sitten
So if I got a discount on a product but I don't have many subs so not an influencer, then did a video about that product then it would be a paid promotion?
Nepafarius Tunti sitten
I'll save you half an hour. You didn't pay not to. Thank you for coming to my ted talk
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Tunti sitten
Rules for thee but not for me... Its the same as the wall street bets/gamestop incident, it's ok when they do it but the moment the small guy starts to make money on it they just step in and severely regulate it
Bad Mechanic
Bad Mechanic Tunti sitten
Would be great if the funds filtered thru non profits was easier to follow
goodial 2 tuntia sitten
Movies and products are especially weird when they feel like product placements yet aren't. Corona Beer and the Fast and Furious franchise are such an example. Or Sonic the Hedgehog and Olive Garden, where it was included as a joke, but they received no money from them!
Bill B
Bill B 2 tuntia sitten
Well I just checked the annual budget of the BBC vs the annual revenue of Disney. And Disney probably isnt a bear you want to poke.
Me TU 2 tuntia sitten
Have you seen some of the ads, they get away with doing what you tubers can’t!
[ S o l i t a ]
[ S o l i t a ] 2 tuntia sitten
_a mouth operated fog machine_ 🤣
Guilherme Gigeck
Guilherme Gigeck 2 tuntia sitten
I guess that this is one reason for my preference for children's cartoons, the harsher treatment on product placement.
paimless 2 tuntia sitten
I may be wrong. But my idea of freedom of speech is just you don't have to ask a government censorship department before saying anything. You are still responsible and can be prosecuted afterwards if you break the law. E.g. slander. So it is freedom with responsibility... But you are free to say whatever you want, without asking.
Sarah Blum
Sarah Blum 2 tuntia sitten
The imported lily aditionally challenge because linen complementarily cry out a interesting propane. loving, hallowed space
DevWolf59 3 tuntia sitten
“Is this an advert?” *FIplace ad plays*
Marcus Gabby
Marcus Gabby 3 tuntia sitten
You know Tom, it must be cold out there...
WestCoastBay 3 tuntia sitten
Plot twist: this video was sponsored by all the brand ads appearing in it.
pixelman619 3 tuntia sitten
God I hate pitbull
tangibleblockofwisdom 3 tuntia sitten
“I am morally complicit in this..!”
Gab Diamante
Gab Diamante 3 tuntia sitten
"Time to play 'Is this an advert?'" *ad plays* Very cheeky. Edit: Didn't realize there were other comments on it already. Still very cheeky.
Tor Iver Wilhelmsen
Tor Iver Wilhelmsen 3 tuntia sitten
The Norwegian state broadcasting corporation also had a couple of occurrences of that (they have the same "no marketing" rule* as the BBC). For instance, there was a popular song about _knekkebrød_ (a hard type of bread popular in Scandinavia and nowhere else) turned out to have been paid for by the largest producer, _Wasa_ from Sweden. So the song was banned from broadcasting there. *) Modified in recent years to have sponsors for sports broadcasts.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 3 tuntia sitten
segment and not have to say a word
Radu Cristescu
Radu Cristescu 3 tuntia sitten
1. It looks like the mascara didn't get to you 2. Nice putting an ad right after asking if the next thing is an advert.
LEGO head 27
LEGO head 27 3 tuntia sitten
I love how he’s eating a sandwich right after the subway sandwich product placement example
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 3 tuntia sitten
I won Bitcoin and always tell them how great it is! But I don't get paid but get profit from price going up!
wsurfa 3 tuntia sitten
Nice summary of Ferrari's approach to car tests at the beginning
ryan summerscales
ryan summerscales 4 tuntia sitten
I LOVE the Auntie Maggie skit, I can practically hear George Formby in my ear and it makes me unreasonably happy.
24moneybd 4 tuntia sitten
Matt Whorlow
Matt Whorlow 4 tuntia sitten
"Everyone draws the line of what's acceptable just beneath where they are" - so true and applies to just about everything humans do.
Matthew Sargeant
Matthew Sargeant 4 tuntia sitten
ooof that ending comment was huge, as someone who works in radio in the UK don't get me started on offline media. Great video Tom!
S R 4 tuntia sitten
Designers and all content makers should have professional standards like other industries
redlemonade 4 tuntia sitten
No logo in the foam. - Super Hans
0oSCHMILLENo0 4 tuntia sitten
Everyone should consider every content as an advert by default . There. The problem is solved, we don't need any more regulation.
KittenKatja Neko
KittenKatja Neko 5 tuntia sitten
What if FIplacers copycat television when they show their ads? Put whatever they need at the very end of the video no one watches anyway. (after the end card)
3D Motor Maker
3D Motor Maker 5 tuntia sitten
Best video of 2021 so far - loved it.
Anish 5 tuntia sitten
Waveform sent me here!
Braydon Cotter
Braydon Cotter 5 tuntia sitten
I'd like to hear the rules on mix race couples In every ad
Kat AT
Kat AT 5 tuntia sitten
If possible could you post the sketches like "disguised gambling game" separately? I want to share them with people I don't think are interested in the whole 30 minute subject.
ツYonimon 5 tuntia sitten
The Tom Reacts joke video and this actual video has almost exactly the same amount of views lmao
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson 5 tuntia sitten
I won Bitcoin and always tell them how great it is! But I don't get paid but get profit from price going up!
Jon Trownson
Jon Trownson 5 tuntia sitten
Well it's just a guess, bit I'd say it's because only FIplace charges for a premium ad free service.
Neightrix Prime
Neightrix Prime 6 tuntia sitten
Because the law only applies to those outside the criminal government cabal and their associates. If they had to tell the truth most would face righteous justice. They can lie to you, but you can't lie to them.
Anonymous Persona
Anonymous Persona 6 tuntia sitten
Tom, you are a fuckin' trooper for taking that dank hit so professionally. Watching your eyes *very quickly* widen as it starts to really burn made me laugh my ass off, but I honestly do hope your throat is okay, and the video was fantastic, as per usual!
John Crabtree
John Crabtree 6 tuntia sitten
12:00 Welp, im gonna go buy a vape now. That looks like fun. Thanks.
Bit Stream
Bit Stream 6 tuntia sitten
The watermark should display the words 'advert'
AndrewBuilt 6 tuntia sitten
Scott, something about this is hilarious and amazingly educational!
X 6 tuntia sitten
14:05 I think the distinction though is that you don't watch TV expecting to here someones genuine opinion. where youtubers are generally down to earth, not acting and giving their real opinions or sponsored opinions
Daniel Linden
Daniel Linden 6 tuntia sitten
Someone please make of gif of Tom vaping!! Would be great for the reaction: I thought this was gonna be good/cool, not any more
Haha Fishlegs
Haha Fishlegs 6 tuntia sitten
Thank you Tom for growing my want to move out of America
Elevated Apples
Elevated Apples 6 tuntia sitten
I concur
MrWackyGuy 6 tuntia sitten
What about if you have a stake in a company or product (such as Elon Musk with Bitcoin or whatever), and then promote that product without ever being sponsored or directly paid, but you make money as a result of you telling people it's good?
cncgeneral 6 tuntia sitten
As a British person those SNL clips were really uncomfortable...
Budget Tech
Budget Tech 7 tuntia sitten
Dude mind = blown. I dont know how long this took you to make, but you got me the full 31 min glued to my screen.
Edrich louw
Edrich louw 8 tuntia sitten
I’d rather everyone have to declare adds than have FIplacers not have too.
Danielle 8 tuntia sitten
Damn. I need that doorbell though!
Tijmen Stam
Tijmen Stam 8 tuntia sitten
The Dutch constitution has an article on Freedom of Speech (or actually, on the prohibition of censorship), that explicitly does not apply to trade advertisements.
Derek P
Derek P 8 tuntia sitten
weird, could've sworn BBC had some inherent 'product' they were pushing........even though it says they aren't supposed to. Looking at you "dr who"
Denni Summerton
Denni Summerton 9 tuntia sitten
I don’t know how I landed here but, I’m bloody glad I did.
Joanna Watters
Joanna Watters 9 tuntia sitten
The amusing hedge clearly list because horse operationally afford past a white kendo. kaput, chubby playground
Random Hermit
Random Hermit 9 tuntia sitten
Its comes down to with tv and films they are actors that are seen to do these things for money, online social types are seen as regular people and what they use is more likely what i as a normal non celebrity type may like, you see a celeb use a brand pen you know its most prob a n Ad, but you see a blogger using a brand pen you assume their nan got them it or something and they are using it because its a good pen.
liaminwales 9 tuntia sitten
Good video! Wish the BBC TV was a bit more restricted on incidental brands in TV.
Abdurrahman Çetinkaya
Abdurrahman Çetinkaya 9 tuntia sitten
Weird, our TV shows in Turkey has to say that this is an advertisement on start.But it only shows about like 5 seconds. At least you don't see too much ads.
Markus Eberlein
Markus Eberlein 9 tuntia sitten
What about TV shows like anime with card games and merchandize? Entertainment and/or Advertizement?
[SR] CC 9 tuntia sitten
Tell me more about asbestos land...
TiiaAurora 9 tuntia sitten
I used to do Gadget and Technology Reviews for a bigger magazine here. I was sent one of those fancy hipster headphones and was asked to make a detailed review and I made one and also didn't have a good opinion about it. The sound was bad and overly bass boosted and the company was hiding technical specifications. So I wrote a negative review. Guess what. I was banned by that company to ever review their products again. So I think many reviewers KNOW that "too" honest reviews will lead to being blacklisted by the company or even in the branch they are.
Mythix2 10 tuntia sitten
hmm this is required in belgium. tv shows have a product placement warning.
Frostermos 10 tuntia sitten
Nice timing, got two ads right after you said "IS THIS AN ADVERT?"
Lilstonerelf 10 tuntia sitten
Who cares if you think making videos is a living ypur fault not anyone elses, most content creators , influencers are pure cancer
Niels I
Niels I 10 tuntia sitten
Regulations are always for the little guys.
onionworrier 10 tuntia sitten
I git hit with an ad right after you asked "is this an advert"
Necroticus 10 tuntia sitten
Well, you see, FIplacers are not movie stars. As such, they have not gone through the proper cultural gatekeepers. Thus we've got to keep them in check. can't have plebs making money they aren't deserving of. its not like they are movie stars, psh. *hon hon hon*
Aleister Lavey
Aleister Lavey 11 tuntia sitten
Well, untrue statements in a commercial contract has nothing to do with freedom of speech. I can say all day long how coca cola gives me a supermodel body, I just can't sell it under that premise. If so it is called fraud, which is a slightly kinder Form of Theft. By the Way... we should make Election Promises Contracts, so we get the possibility to sue Politicians for Fraud XD
schmauften 11 tuntia sitten
What happens when so called 'offline' media such as music videos, TV or film is put on FIplace? Why do they not have to follow the same rules as influencers? They are publishing in the same location...
TrogledyWretched 11 tuntia sitten
28:04 is my rallying cry
FRAG aLOT 11 tuntia sitten
26:11 but in other courtiers that also claim freedom of speech have LESS freedom. People in the UK get sued by the GOVERNMENT for saying something can be subjectionally obscene, but that doesn't happen in the USA, but it's getting close to that.
Person 11 tuntia sitten
shameless ad
Shahdo_ 11 tuntia sitten
So it's Europe's fault, because FIplace wants to be there and it's easier this way.
hoon tae
hoon tae 12 tuntia sitten
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Lilia Williams
Lilia Williams 12 tuntia sitten
The puffy lamb intriguingly smell because hacksaw sporadically employ by a blue-eyed chance. eatable, puzzled saudi arabia
Draztiq Meshaz
Draztiq Meshaz 12 tuntia sitten
Thank you for another well researched and relevant video. Irrelevantly, are you using a lens with an unusual focal length in the bedroom shot, or have you lost weight?
Bingo Berra
Bingo Berra 12 tuntia sitten
"Disclosure is *probably* not needed" At least or laws are clear and consise
Sasha Afanasiev
Sasha Afanasiev 12 tuntia sitten
"Is this an advert?" - and a FIplace ad starts playing.
Reflected Miles
Reflected Miles 13 tuntia sitten
26:00 Donald Trump, in concert with most of the Republican Party in the US Senate, just demonstrated that this list isn't quite true. You can do some of those things so long as you have a stacked jury. So it just depends on who you are, in other words.
Kristine Skocpol-Saleh
Kristine Skocpol-Saleh 13 tuntia sitten
Those annoying commercials are the sponsors of the show for that particular time slot on that channel. Typically and television and movie Industries they do not promote any product...that's why you have pear computers....Non labeled soda... Or they turn the cans around
Kristine Skocpol-Saleh
Kristine Skocpol-Saleh 13 tuntia sitten
Please ignore the odd misplaced "and"
TheNice Ashley
TheNice Ashley 14 tuntia sitten
Seriously great case and flow of information
Tetsuo Shizu
Tetsuo Shizu 14 tuntia sitten
Tom Scott vaping - 11:45
BrandonScott RobinsonMusic
Love all the check markers hovering to the top of comment sections lately. I do kinda miss when comment sections were for the fans but it's also nice to see checkmarkers send public nods to their verified friends taking up the top 8 comments.
Richard James
Richard James 15 tuntia sitten
Makes me glad I haven't watched television in 7 years
bugrilyus 15 tuntia sitten
In Turkey television, show have to put a visible writing ın a corner that exactly says “Product Placement” both at the start and the duration of the placement. That is what I remembee anyway, havent watched like years.
Keenan 16 tuntia sitten
It’s time to play: Is This an Advert? *ad plays* “Well the skip in 5 seconds button just popped up, so I’m gonna hazard a guess and say yes”
Sneaky Snakey
Sneaky Snakey 16 tuntia sitten
Who else came here from waveform?
Farid Abdurrahman
Farid Abdurrahman 17 tuntia sitten
Is this an endorsement on how UK has better laws than US
Bosa 17 tuntia sitten
its the choking on the vape for me ! hahaha lmao
Lextech Lighting
Lextech Lighting 17 tuntia sitten
I don’t let anything i see tell me what i like or what to do.who are these sheep??
Gunnar Parment
Gunnar Parment 18 tuntia sitten
Actually, in Sweden, I have now seen the little "P" in tv shows replaced by a real sentence declaring product placements. It seems to have changed just recently? Have anyone else noticed a change elsewhere in the EU?
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