Zdeno Chara Drops The Gloves With Matt Martin, Both Teams Won't Stop Chirping By The Benches 

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John Alex
John Alex 5 päivää sitten
And Ranger fans demand Chara gets a ten game suspension…..
Андрей Барсук
Андрей Барсук 7 päivää sitten
Кто нибудь знает, что здесь произошло?
Lucas Figueroa
Lucas Figueroa 8 päivää sitten
No point in fighting the slenderman .... nothing connects on ice
Jonathan Yeager
Jonathan Yeager 16 päivää sitten
With the enforcer roster spot being removed from NHL rosters basically back in 2013 there has almost been quite a few bench clearing brawls. Florida and Vancouver, Calgary and Detroit and now this. Mark my words that there will be a full scaled melee in the next few years if teams don't start having designated fighters to settle there team's score with the other team's fighter and lower the temperature of the situation. Yes, that is a big part and a huge reason why enforcers would fight back when they were around, not the only reason (of course) but a big one. Also, I know there are tough guys in the league (the 2 here plus Reaves, Lucic, Wilson, Simmonds, Kassian, Deslauriers to name a few) still but there is no one in the league anymore who only plays a few minutes a game and is there just to fight.
Marc Victor
Marc Victor 18 päivää sitten
WHAT FANS? I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BAD VIDEO GAME....fuck, viva la fraud pandemic...
bhobo09 29 päivää sitten
I don't care how old Big Zee is never, ever try to take him on! He will still kick your ass! Bruins fan here.. always will remember and respect Big Zee!! Fan for life!
TS13F Uukausi sitten
Nice to hear an honest commentator about no punches landing. Imagine how Jack Edwards would have sounded.
hannover5551 28 päivää sitten
After Chara retires, his opponents will say Big Z let me get a draw, or a few in. If Chara wanted too over his career, he could of really hurt some players. He follows a code. Likes Martin.
marlin ahenakew
marlin ahenakew Uukausi sitten
It's funny how Chara makes Martin 6'4" look like a small man
Andre V
Andre V Uukausi sitten
Chara- super !
Retired MGTOW
Retired MGTOW Uukausi sitten
How come we never see some 3rd degree black belt trip and flip shit
innovation63 Uukausi sitten
Don't fight with chara..
Patrick_Doh Uukausi sitten
One walked away as a man, the other didn't know what to think! So many people don't know how to fight, it's not even funny....
D Storm
D Storm Uukausi sitten
Isn't hockey also doing the Political Correctness stuff?
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson Uukausi sitten
that was not a fight
Hinkson7 Uukausi sitten
Wouldn’t players know by now not to fight Chara
Phil V
Phil V Uukausi sitten
Hey man 😆 Props to Matt Martin. Seriously.
Алексей Кравченко
Харе таки надо было дать по харе!
David Arabian
David Arabian Uukausi sitten
classic Patrick Division stuff right here
Michal Piskorski
Michal Piskorski Uukausi sitten
guys I wannna ask about second goalies. I can see Islanders second goalie at the bench but Capitals goalie is sitting near entrance. Why ?
DJ REAG Uukausi sitten
Kadrov13 ///
Kadrov13 /// Uukausi sitten
А че равного по силам не нашел?
Tim Gibson
Tim Gibson Uukausi sitten
hat off to Martin for sscrapping the big man and to the big man for the show of sportsmanship
Peter Janicik
Peter Janicik Uukausi sitten
chara is a wanker
Tristan Rhymes
Tristan Rhymes Uukausi sitten
that’s how it’s done
aaron breeds
aaron breeds Uukausi sitten
was gonna say props to martin for droppin em, but he just hid behind his shoulder for a few seconds and then pretended to fall down lmao
Kevin Watkins
Kevin Watkins Uukausi sitten
Well that was anti-climactic.
GokouZWAR Uukausi sitten
“Willing combatants” that wasn’t combat, it was Disney on ice NHL version.
Brian Terry
Brian Terry Uukausi sitten
Has anyone actually ever owned Chara? Or come close?
jay andrusiak
jay andrusiak Uukausi sitten
You have to love hockey. Chara knows he’s a giant and gives respect for someone agreeing to drop the gloves, even goes a little easy on him. Wouldn’t see this in any other sport
FSSfan1 Uukausi sitten
Capitals, classless as always
John Doe
John Doe Uukausi sitten
Me Chara, me fight and do nothing
johnh23z Uukausi sitten
garbage hockey
Dark Thought
Dark Thought Uukausi sitten
Lol martin...when he was with us he loved fighting. I c nothing changed. Still a goon.
Thomas Schoenstein
Thomas Schoenstein Uukausi sitten
As we head to the playoffs its just gets so fun. 🏒
Крат Крат
Крат Крат Uukausi sitten
MegaFrostySnowman Uukausi sitten
I was thinking wtf is Chara not the captain....than I noticed Ovechkin lmfao
friendly video's with travis basso
1st off they both look like pussys scared to fight 2nd of all that guy is a giant
Ray L
Ray L Uukausi sitten
Washington dosent need that crap isles still can’t win in the playoffs
smokejblow66 Uukausi sitten
The Caps suck!!!
Кот Базилио
Кот Базилио Uukausi sitten
Warren Gauthier
Warren Gauthier Uukausi sitten
I would love to see someone dummy either Wilson or Oshie. Effing idiots.
Electric Eagle
Electric Eagle Uukausi sitten
44 years old and still hasn't landed a punch
poksi360 Uukausi sitten
Washington Cry Babies.
Gold Country Trapping
Gold Country Trapping Uukausi sitten
Soccer and hockey. So much in common..
d m
d m Uukausi sitten
Hockey - a man's sport. Where discrepancies are dealt with on the ice, and at the end of the altercation the dispute is settled. No modern day snowflake crying and whining like babies in the game of hockey.
Steven E Murphy
Steven E Murphy Uukausi sitten
Awesome!!! Martin is a VERY brave man. Chara gave him his respect.
Average Josh
Average Josh Uukausi sitten
Yeah... this rivalry is heating back up. The fan bases HATE each other, and the players themselves seem to not like the players on the other team too much either.
Mike Hawksteel
Mike Hawksteel Uukausi sitten
You call that a fight .
mark 621000
mark 621000 Uukausi sitten
sin curse on you romans 5
Stewart Low
Stewart Low Uukausi sitten
Chara is smart enough to be polyglot. You would think he is smart enough not to get in a fight during a pandemic.
Picax8398 Uukausi sitten
Fighting with chara? Yikes
spencer brown
spencer brown Uukausi sitten
Stop talking about Pittsburgh!
spencer brown
spencer brown Uukausi sitten
Chara would have ?
Craig Donaldson
Craig Donaldson Uukausi sitten
It's not everyday you see Martin ragdolled like that crazy
Sam Thibert
Sam Thibert Uukausi sitten
It’s stupid how Boston announcers get mad when big guys go after little guys, but every time chara gets in a fight they cheer 😂
raprock 4 päivää sitten
That the only time they win 🤣🤣
Cyber Colossus
Cyber Colossus Uukausi sitten
That's because Boston is a bunch of try-hards who wanna act tougher than anyone else, when it's obvious they are psychologically the same as anyone else alive EVER.
Amad Mak
Amad Mak Uukausi sitten
The obeisant barometer semiannually rush because daniel especially touch like a heavenly heavy hellish drop. powerful, laughable bacon
Daniel Mullock
Daniel Mullock Uukausi sitten
You know whats awesome. Fighting is allowed in hockey but even in this situation they don't just all run and try to pummel each other like those cunts in the MLB. This is why hockey is superior.
NAPALM22rus Uukausi sitten
Танцоры диско
Medium double double
Medium double double Uukausi sitten
Martin has some respect for big Z I think haha
Raymond Rocco
Raymond Rocco Uukausi sitten
Girls fight better !!! LOL
Дима Балакший
Чара сила
chop 362
chop 362 Uukausi sitten
Even the fights aren’t the same👎🏻
Fil Pereira
Fil Pereira Uukausi sitten
Nice to see Brad Pitt in his other career..
Ар Тем
Ар Тем Uukausi sitten
Здено 40 лет в жопу свети, а он все с молодняком пытается драться, ну как драться, возней занимается, с его то габаритами. Позорище.
MegaSkinnybuddha Uukausi sitten
Matt Martin doesn’t give a fuck, guy will scrap with anyone
Boomer Covers
Boomer Covers Uukausi sitten
Chara's still a goon
Jonathan Hefets
Jonathan Hefets Uukausi sitten
Martin fought Chara last year I think. These two have some blood in it I think.
Billy Bob Mirango
Billy Bob Mirango Uukausi sitten
WOW....Matt Martin pulls a Chara.....on Chara! He knew he was not going to win so he made sure things ended up on the ice (just like Chara does when he fights someone that is any sort of a threat)
Jeremy Hubsher
Jeremy Hubsher Uukausi sitten
It's like a lion playing with It's food.
Rocky Raccoon
Rocky Raccoon Uukausi sitten
Anyone remember Chara ragdolling Brian McCabe?
Capez Uukausi sitten
Giavani smith could take charra any day
Josh Leibowitz
Josh Leibowitz Uukausi sitten
So weird seeing trotz and varley on the same team out if a caps uni
Jan Lajcak
Jan Lajcak Uukausi sitten
ano, on je nas :)
shaun defeo
shaun defeo Uukausi sitten
Martin is the man, Chara knows he has the advantage, Martin knows Chara is a monster, but Martin fights him anyways, that’s man shit right there...lol..
J T Uukausi sitten
Sean Barrett
Sean Barrett Uukausi sitten
Good to see the Islanders doing well post Tavares. As a B's fan, it sucked to see Chara go to Washington. Hoped he Retire a Bruin But seeing the how the caps are built right now i hope he gets one more cup win before he calls it. Bruins certainly are not winning anything the way they are.
ProPaks Uukausi sitten
can someone explain to me why hockey players fight then tap each other as a sportsmanship type of thing lmfao. That has to be awkward
Long Unstrung
Long Unstrung Uukausi sitten
I have never tried fighting on skates myself, thats why im asking this, why is the guy in blue bending forward? Generally when fighting its really important to make yourself tall, especially when you are the shorter guy.
Lincoln Nazarchuk
Lincoln Nazarchuk Uukausi sitten
The refs like nope not breaking that up
yesmayi haveanother
yesmayi haveanother Uukausi sitten
hunkey monkey
hunkey monkey Uukausi sitten
I don't want Chara fighting, to easy to get injured by a freak accident, broken knuckle, or sprained wrist I want Chara on the ice, earning his salary. Not nursing a broken hand, from punching someone in the helmet 10 times.
hunkey monkey
hunkey monkey Uukausi sitten
Boston wanted to reduce Chara's ice time. That would have been humiliating for Chara. Now Chara is getting his ice time, & made the Cap's a better team, while Boston is struggling, looking for an identity they lost when they dumped Chara. I hope Washington/Bost meet in the playoffs. I will put a month's salary on Washington to win the series.
Chip Webb
Chip Webb Uukausi sitten
It's like a giant fighting an ant.
Aberama Gold
Aberama Gold Uukausi sitten
Not much of a fight but good on Martin for doing what 95% of the players in the NHL, very smartly, won't do and that's standing up to the big man. Chara's a beast if a man just ask old ugly face Bryan McCabe. I don't know why his former teammates call him that, I only know about it because that's what I've heard the guys on Overdrive (TSN Radio 4-7pm weekdays) call him.
hunkey monkey
hunkey monkey Uukausi sitten
Go Chara go!!
zero stoneman
zero stoneman Uukausi sitten
Joey Da Silva
Joey Da Silva Uukausi sitten
Did I just heard the islanders use the leafs victory song?
c w3377
c w3377 Uukausi sitten
DS Uukausi sitten
Anybody else think Matt Martin looks like Brad Pitt?
Ibra Chaka
Ibra Chaka Uukausi sitten
This fight culture in nhl is not healthy. Spontaneous burst of emotion ok, but referee signalling "ok go", not ok.
Michael Canney
Michael Canney Uukausi sitten
Chara is just an old man, retire st this point
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey Uukausi sitten
I will never get used to this guy in a capitals jersey
HandyLotion Uukausi sitten
J Wim
J Wim Uukausi sitten
Why didn’t chara take on Ross the Boss?
Laury-Ann Drolet
Laury-Ann Drolet Uukausi sitten
Evan Saltis
Evan Saltis Uukausi sitten
Last fight of chara's career..? getting close now
Dkyguy1995 Uukausi sitten
Literally no one cared that the game ended 15 seconds early it was a 4 point game
Jack Tapley
Jack Tapley Uukausi sitten
That wasn’t a fight
J G Uukausi sitten
Kocur would rock Chara
hunkey monkey
hunkey monkey Uukausi sitten
Chara is not a fighter. There is no room for goons on today's roster. Kocur would never make the NHL these days. Chara is an excellent defenceman. Joey was a very tuff guy, perhaps the tuffest. Joey only fought tuff guy's Joey would laugh at Chara, not fight Chara.
Daniel Salar-Arefi
Daniel Salar-Arefi Uukausi sitten
That’s why I fuck with these 2 guys
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