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Kiirettä on pitänyt! Vappu on vietetty ja Vappukuvat otettu, Rouvan poikimista täytyi auttaa, jotta vasikka selvisi. Max kävi hammaslääkärissä, Reesillä on maastoiltu, hiehojen siirtoa, uusi letkulevitin traktoriin, Taivaantulen napatulehdus ja vaikka mitä! Onneksi lehmät ovat olleet terveitä. ...
Kevinin arki MyDay + kyyneleitä :)
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Videossa mm. Kevinin arkipäivän sisältöä, mainoskuvaukset Danskun kanssa, Otto muutti meille kesäksi ja tunteikas sunnuntai :D Kevin on prahanrottakoira 💕 Muualla somessa: TikTok: @lottajakevin IG: @lottaemiliaa @kevinthedogi
I adopted a cat.
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Schlatt adopts a cat. Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/jschlatt twitter.com/schlatt Follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/jschlatt AWW! Schlatt talks about how he adopted Jambo, a 6-month old orange tabby. Jambo, or, as jschlatt's twitch chat calls him, Soup, or, Jcat, or, Andrew Yang�...
Dog tries mango for the first time, and loves it!
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*Subscribe to see more entertaining videos: fiplace.info ► For use of this video, please contact: [email protected] 🔥 Follow us on Insta: instagram.com/bviral 📹 @wackdog_ #funnyanimals #funnydog #adorableanimals #mango ABOUT US: BVIRAL is the global leader in viral entertainm...
Man Stops Charging Elephant
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Links To Sources: Hamster: tinyurl.com/2scuntb7 Elephant: fiplace.info/loft/videot/g3CKh2SHw4XKhXo Excited Dog: fiplace.info/loft/videot/kmd8e3pqpqy9fbA Bird Scream: fiplace.info/loft/videot/bal9aGiwuXi3baQ Fish Surgery: instagram.com/p/CM0nzS6DRCI/?igshid=e5ung11ivowb String: tinyurl.com/...
I LET HER WIN ❤️ #shorts
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Border Collie/Retriever Mix Does A Cute Trick
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Oreo is a new client of mine and she has a great temperament for grooming. Wait until the end to see her cute little trick.
We built a scratcher for our cats
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Thanks to Soundcore for sponsoring our video! Soundcore Life Q35 Noise-cancelling headphones: Buy on Amazon US: soundcore.club/3dMkKbx Buy on Amazon UK: soundcore.club/2S2I1hd Buy on Amazon DE: soundcore.club/3ayJ12U Buy on Amazon CA: soundcore.club/2Pd1872 We built a long-lasting scratch board...
Guy Promises He's Not Going To Keep His Foster Dog... | The Dodo Foster Diaries
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Guy goes to the shelter to meet a 'very aggressive dog'... For more of Hooch and Lee's furry family, you can follow them on Instagram: thedo.do/theasherhouse and Facebook: thedo.do/TheAsherHouse. Introducing Dodo swag! shop.thedodo.com/ Love Animals? Subscribe: thedo.do/2tv6Oc...
Calm Husky Teaches Hyper Puppy And Talks To Her!
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Calm Husky Teaches Hyper Puppy And Talks To Her! Husky Confused By Crazy PUPPY in His GARDEN! Follow Ivy on youtube: fiplace.info/number/X3mfOgcUnFO-mB6MKNA5Gw And instagram: instagram.com/that_cockapoo_ivy/ New Shorts channel: fiplace.info/number/4W-saRyA-RC7KuEKIMPtpA Teespring Merchandise: te...
Saving Kevins Son from Euthanasia (Is Karen cheating on me? 😳) *sus*
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Karen reproduces by budding!? 😳 In today’s vidya we save two baby ratites from euthanasia! I also get an infection from Kevin that goes sceptic! Stay tuned! Love, Uncle Farmer Dad Ben 👨🏻‍🌾🤝❤️ Here’s all our links to how you can find out more, support, volunteer, or get involved! beacons.pag...
Cat Hilarious Reaction to Her First Time Trying Cola
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ViralSnare Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)viralsnare(dot)com #shorts Location: Russia SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: bit.ly/ViralSnare Submit your video here: www.viralsnare.com/submit To License one of our videos: fiplace.info LIKE ...
Golden Retriever Dad Tells Daughter Playtime is Over
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Although this behavior may seem shocking to those that have not spent time around dog parents and their puppies, this is completely normal. Sassa's Dad was always very loving and playful towards his puppies and would often cuddle with them and teach them how to play. However, puppies are HIG...
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Trying Funny TikTok Trends On My Huskies!
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Trying Funny TikTok Trends On My Huskies.. Part 2 Make Sure to Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe!! :) Comment any video recommendations you guys have for future videos! New Videos every Week. Enjoy and Thanks for watching! :) Also Subscribe to our New Family Channel: fiplace.info Don’...
True Facts: Trap Jaw Ants
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SUBSCRIBE TO ANTLAB: fiplace.info True Facts T-shirts: ze-true-store.myshopify.com/ CREDITS: Thank you to Dr. Adrian Smith! Most of the footage in this video is from Dr. Smith's FIplace channel. He has all sorts of wonderful content there, and does a much more thorough job in explaining all...