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oliknow 6 tuntia sitten
this is why I take care of my vehicle myself. old shitty EU Ford Focus, but it runs
aLqUi 84
aLqUi 84 Päivä sitten
2:38 🤣😭😂😅
Erik Hernandezzz
Erik Hernandezzz Päivä sitten
How do some of these cars still manage to work 😂😂
trackerrrr 2 päivää sitten
Props to all you techs that put up with this shit every day. I'd lose my shit at customers for most of that stuff.
Greg Dent
Greg Dent 2 päivää sitten
People really are this stupid? Wow. How the hell do they manage to eat anything?
LuckyRobP 2 päivää sitten
For gods sake TURN YOUR CAMERA SIDEWAYS its hard to see what the issue is otherwise
Carl L. Freeman Jr.
Carl L. Freeman Jr. 2 päivää sitten
Some people shouldn't be allowed to own cars...
Gaff Shotz
Gaff Shotz 3 päivää sitten
7:00 must he Bobby Lee's car. The booger king!
Mike Sensei
Mike Sensei 3 päivää sitten
Honestly...are people really this dumb? Actually, let me answer that: Yes.
eac 123
eac 123 3 päivää sitten
People are so stupid.
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon 3 päivää sitten
Some customers need to go back to horse and cart.
Zibingo Taeam
Zibingo Taeam 3 päivää sitten
You know, I always wanted to do a motorcycle trip through the US I've reconsidered I think I'll stay in Europe
Nept Tune
Nept Tune Päivä sitten
Ya everything sucks here. Very boring. You should definitely stay on your side of the pond.
B Gray
B Gray 4 päivää sitten
If it’s your job to fix these problems, don’t complain and talk shit about the person that’s paying your bills.
Daniel Matheny
Daniel Matheny 4 päivää sitten
Some of these things that are "obvious" are not going to be obvious to a customer. Most people don't have lifts to put their car on, and many noises a car can make that aren't normal, are going to be somewhat suppressed by the interior layout of a vehicle. Just food for thought.
Tazfast7 5 päivää sitten
4:15..... caster controls pull you numb nut, toe is just crooked steering wheel.... some mechanics are just as bad as these customers
Isaiah Anderson
Isaiah Anderson 5 päivää sitten
8:13 say bye to your turbocharger
Isaiah Anderson
Isaiah Anderson 5 päivää sitten
7:39 that’s normal the tire just had to pee.
Heavy Duty Judy
Heavy Duty Judy 5 päivää sitten
My girlfriend in 1987 decided she was going to the liquor store to by a bottle of grenadine in my 1970 Plymouth GTX. I gave her the keys (she drove it before) and she left. About three days later I had what looked like transmission fluid on the garage floor, but the dipstick showed otherwise. I had it taken (I was not going to drive it, I actually cared about the car) to a mechanic I knew that would be able put it on a lift. The sweetest transmission fluid in the world was dripping from under the passenger seat.
Stephano Papadimitriou
Stephano Papadimitriou 5 päivää sitten
Some people shouldn't be allowed to own a car
x 6 päivää sitten
Just some of the things we put time in and not gain even a penny because customer complains us of wanting to charge her. Us commision guys don't work for free.
x 6 päivää sitten
Had a customer cut driveshaft in half and added a device to engage and disengage for towing. Comes in for vibration at Hwy speeds. Come on. You gotta be kidding me. And another lady had a high frequency electric insect repeller. She comes in complained of high pitch noise. My hearing is bad so shop foreman and I start looking around in the car. He finds it in lf door panel pocket. We looked at each other, shook our heads, and said nothing to each other and walked off
The Duder
The Duder 6 päivää sitten
There's a few people in this video who do not deserve customers. They come to you because they do not possess the education in auto repair. It's not an invitation to belittle their description of symptoms nor their service request. But by all means continue belittling your very paycheck. Garages like mine will gladly take your customers from you all day everyday. Make fun of the damage. Make fun of shoddy attempts to self repair. But never insult your ENTIRE SOURCE of income as the few in this video have. I hold no pity towards those who sabotage their own livelihood. I'll treat the fleeing customers with respect while I watch you enter the unemployment line.
Lash LaRue
Lash LaRue 6 päivää sitten
😂😂 “Guys I can’t do this today.” 🤣
Charlie The Tired
Charlie The Tired 7 päivää sitten
I'd like to see sequels to this, where these mechanics go to the dentist and the dentist makes a video "Patient states" he has a little pain and the there's a gaping hole in a molar. Or, these mechanics go to their accountant, and the account makes a video "Customer states" He'd like to deduct the cost of his phone because he makes "customer states" videos. Or, these mechanics calls an IT guy about their PC, and the IT guy makes a video "Customer states" It has no power. IT guy: please verify the cables are plugged in and the power is on. Mechanic: Of course I've done that, I'm not stup...hey wait, it fixed itself.
James Mcguire
James Mcguire 7 päivää sitten
Hidden 10 mil was the best by far 🤣🤣
Patsfan11 8 päivää sitten
That's Massachusetts for ya... Lotta dense morons there
Marc Ryan
Marc Ryan 8 päivää sitten
How do some of these even happen
Phoenix Ledbetter
Phoenix Ledbetter 8 päivää sitten
Some Pumps have a GREEN handle for Pump gas.
HighAway 8 päivää sitten
wtf goin on with 1:23?? brake fluid?
CAmmed Chevy92
CAmmed Chevy92 9 päivää sitten
And for the ppl who aren’t mechanics yes this shits true 😂 shit happens a lot
Sean F.
Sean F. 9 päivää sitten
1:01 he doesn't know how the "customer states" game works
Connor James
Connor James 9 päivää sitten
Had a old couple say they had a crackling sound guy went on a test drive found out it was the radio static 😂
Carlos Cuevas
Carlos Cuevas 9 päivää sitten
the cottier pin is supposed to go through the castle nut
FavelaMovies 9 päivää sitten
This is why you have to get your car checked every year in the Netherlands, illegal to drive without a yearly inspection, and if somethings wrong you can't drive it and you have to fix it in 14 days, if not, the car won't get approved to drive on public roads.
3X73RM 9 päivää sitten
What was the thing with the binding 4x4?
vAruq -
vAruq - 10 päivää sitten
the boogers guy differently tried moving the chair up.
James Brown
James Brown 10 päivää sitten
The maxima at the end had me dying! "If the cars a rocking don't come a knockin"!!!!!!
Marcus Jackson
Marcus Jackson 10 päivää sitten
I don't believe it, thats gotta be some witchcraft right there. 10mm in a place you remember..I doubt that sir.
NOTACAB 10 päivää sitten
Love angry grandpa in the end lol
Jake L.
Jake L. 10 päivää sitten
The last video, ur girl bends over in front of you
1994 Toyota Supra
1994 Toyota Supra 10 päivää sitten
2:59 if it’s not the first time check the tires you stupid fuck your supposed to do that before you go on the road smh
Wal Fer
Wal Fer 10 päivää sitten
Lost tools in seconds it's worst thing
ᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰᵉʳ
Why do i get that tiktok shit in my feed....
Isaiah Alvarado
Isaiah Alvarado 10 päivää sitten
Mexico bound 🤣🤣
Gracie Marie
Gracie Marie 11 päivää sitten
That last clip is like my truck I named him rodney because he threw a rod at my husband on the highway and cracked his headlight and windshield.
John Svensson
John Svensson 11 päivää sitten
I have no words....How...
big body BURBAN
big body BURBAN 11 päivää sitten
1:30 those aren't kids that's a caribou call so u can hunt From the comfort of your car
Jimmy McNamara
Jimmy McNamara 11 päivää sitten
@1:10 get that stick some viagra!
Clake 11 päivää sitten
0:43 I felt so bad for her
Ready Set Fix
Ready Set Fix 12 päivää sitten
I love when mechanics act like they’re perfect. 1- mechanics are sometimes a holes. 2- you can always make a mistake. Own up to it
Justin Bowen
Justin Bowen 12 päivää sitten
Did that guy not realize that you have to tighten bolts down? Ever notice that you can't ever loosen bolts with your hands? 🙁
Frank Angermann
Frank Angermann 12 päivää sitten
I got the idea of a limp stick in a BMW earlier......
Q'whyatt 12 päivää sitten
Pretty sure I've been one of those and i gotta say... I was too busy learning how to pass tests in school, no one ever taught me about cars and their super complicated so i really dont care. It's your fucking job. I have to deal with morons too quit complaining. Oh and maybe the education system, maybe could teach kids, ya know, things they'll actually need, maybe? Idk
Facts Over Opinions
Facts Over Opinions 12 päivää sitten
The boogers one hurts my soul
Daniel G
Daniel G 13 päivää sitten
Oops, my heart went FUCK!!!!
Dippin Thots
Dippin Thots 13 päivää sitten
FedEx trucks look like spaceships with all the toggle switch fixes
Alain Martel
Alain Martel 13 päivää sitten
Most of those should have been serviced AT LEAST a year ago, if not three or four !
nfultonviolins 13 päivää sitten
God I hate the split screen
HiThereI'mJack 13 päivää sitten
Bro how the fuck do people even get these into the shop
Dave Olson
Dave Olson 13 päivää sitten
4:44 All she needs is a little "percussive maintenance".
0TransAtlantic0 13 päivää sitten
Why do so many videos use vertical filters? It is the 21st century, a wonderful point in human history, where every form of video display has evolved into wide format. Having grown up with nothing but 4:3 or 1.33:1 aspect ratio televisions & computer monitors, I fail to understand why vertical filters are so prevalent. Especially when every form of video recording available today is in wide format by default. Somebody, anybody, please let me know if I'm missing something.
Jack Vance
Jack Vance 13 päivää sitten
I wish some of these were explained so I know how to avoid them
Chris 13 päivää sitten
Im happy I live in a country with mandatory car inspections, so cheap skates like this dont kill me and my family one day...
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop 13 päivää sitten
Did you just troll the same page for all these? 90% of them are the same guy.
thatguy6214 14 päivää sitten
I had a stupid ass lady come in with a honda civic saying her car is not working right after she added oil, that she needed an oil change with better oil. She added oil because the car told her too. You see, the car said she had 10% oil life left, so she freaked out! Oh my god what do I do! Oh yeah! Gas stations sell oil! But how much oil does it need? Okay... im gonna google what the capacity is. Okay. 5 quarts. So 10 percent of 5 quarts is half a quart. OH MY GOD I ONLY HAVE HALF A QUART IN MY ENGINE. So she buys 5 quarts of basic cheap oil from the gas station, and pours in 4.5 quarts. If you havent caught on by now (youre dumb if you havent) this stupid lady now has 9.5 quarts in her 4 cylinder engine, with a 5 quart capacity. We brought it in and were about to drain it, and she complained that we didnt have a 10 minute oil change special like jiffy lube. We told her we arent jiffy lube, they are a bunch of idiots who over tighten your drain plugs. She sais fuck you. The price is to high and your saying 1 hour?! Well yes. We are gonna give you a free inspection, and put together what it would cost for you to keep your vehicle maintained, top off all fluids, and put tire shine on your tires. All included in the oil change. She kept cussing, and we told her to gtfo and go to jiffy lube. We started that car back up and it sounded terrible. I was so glad to hear she was gonna drive it more and cause more damage, if not blow it up before she gets to jiffy lube hah!
Gabriel Haas
Gabriel Haas 14 päivää sitten
1:00 What if you had to stroke the stick shift to make it hard so you could use it
arctan 14 päivää sitten
Never forget with these people driving around with cars like that, they endager not only theirselves but also everyone else on the road.
John R. Timmers
John R. Timmers 14 päivää sitten
I'm so glad my father taught me how to work on cars from a young age. Redid my own ball joints on my truck for a fraction of the price of having the shop do it, and unlike other nightmares I did it right and they've been fantastic
Dave Olson
Dave Olson 14 päivää sitten
4:35 "You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel."
Dave Olson
Dave Olson 14 päivää sitten
1:24 That's nothing that a little "percussive maintenance" can't fix.
Sam Cobb
Sam Cobb 14 päivää sitten
0:58 when she wants round 5 😂😂
NoFace 14 päivää sitten
I’m seeing a lot of welded diffs. I can only guess for drifters. But a wrench?
KrisK666 14 päivää sitten
The one of the car won’t start, but no gas in the tank is a classic in our shop bro
hooligan Ebike's
hooligan Ebike's 15 päivää sitten
I liked the agp clip
Francois D Van der Westhuizen
Francois D Van der Westhuizen 15 päivää sitten
7:11, Ain't that supposed to be checked on the PDI, I always did...
Brandon Hayduke
Brandon Hayduke 15 päivää sitten
That oil pan with what pure sludge....yikes...it's not hard to add seafoam to your oil and do your own oil change
mONEy 15 päivää sitten
These videos are funny, but also kind of annoying. They kinda make it seem like everyone should just know everything about their car and what's wrong and how to fix it. That's why these mechanics have jobs. They know more then most and how to fix it. So these videos come out where they make the customer sounds like a dumbass because some how they didn't know that they have a leaky spark tube and their flux master chamber didn't have enough grease. Buddy just fix my damn car.
Zibingo Taeam
Zibingo Taeam 3 päivää sitten
That's not the point. The point is people bringing in cars that are WAY beyond "something is wrong with it." None of these brakes showed would feel anything like they do in a well serviced car. All of these parts are so far beyond their service life it isn't even funny anymore. These are SERIOUS safety defects. Same goes for that last car, the one that jumped up and down? That means that the load on the tires changes, and tires can only break with the amount of force/load that's pushing down on them. Those shocks aren't just done, they are so far past done that it really is not funny anymore in terms of safety. The fact that someone doesn't know this and is still allowed to operate a car is deeply worrying, because that car on a bumpy road will not stop for miles. But just like doctors, mechanics gain a morbid fascination for cars like these and a sort of dark humor about them. You can only deal with the abyss of how many people these things could have killed out on the road by making fun about it. Besides, to the mechanically minded, bringing in a car with three tons of dust caked in the rim and saying "it vibrates" is like failing to compute 1+1 as a grown adult. To a mechanic, its mind boggling that you wouldn't know this, because its the equivalent of cutting yourself with a knife and being surprised it bleeds. Of course, some of these are just really weird. Like the tire that got ground down just at a small strip of the inside tread. That's just morbid curiosity. None of these cars would have passed the regular road worthiness inspections you get all over europe. Except the 4x4 guy, but that's just because he doesn't know what 4x4 actually does on his vehicle. Finally, some of these clearly don't make fun of the customer, but rather the vehicle itself. Parts not plugged in from factory etc. This is content for mechanics by mechanics, just like VetTV is content for veterans by veterans and in no form politically correct or intended to be. If you don't know, you're gonna feel weird watching it.
Mike Donahoe
Mike Donahoe 15 päivää sitten
1:48 Thank me later
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 15 päivää sitten
Did he say the battery should have a fuse
Philip Squire
Philip Squire 15 päivää sitten
Aren't there yearly compulsory inspections of vehicles in the US? Like if you don't have a cert for a vehicle over 3 years old you can't insure it etc?
Inverse Universe
Inverse Universe 11 päivää sitten
Not in California , some states do .